Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our First Month of Marriage

In the past month of our FIRST month of marriage Ryan and I have learned many lessons.. some funny.. some not so funny!! We've had a blast adjusting to married life and rejoice in the blessing it is to share in this awesome covenant ordained by God!

So... here's the list of what we've learned this month.......

1. Hot Water is not a necessarily a necessity. (our hot water lasts about 3.234 seconds)

2. Everyone wakes up with bad breath.

3. Nightly devotions and praying together strengthens our union.

4. Laundry and dishes are more fun to do together!!!

5. A dishwasher will be like heaven one day!

6. We like to brainstorm (mostly Jessica) baby names and think we may never agree.. Jessica likes hippie-ish names and Ryan likes to veto!

7. Kind words lift up, encourage, and can and will bless a marriage!

8. Every day is a treasure!

9. We like our house to be clean.. but its easier said than done!! (same goes for laundry).

10. Marriage ushers in adjustments, laughter, and a tremendous amount of joy! We praise God for the blessings he has given to us!