Monday, May 19, 2008

a few pics

Just a few recent pics with my new camera. Its been fun but I have tons to learn.
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2nd Month

Well this may be just a little short of the 3 month mark, but since we're still in the 2 month bracket.. i'll count it!! I'm trying to be consistent.

This is my 2nd month of marriage learning... much more learning going on but my mom did remind me blogs are public.. so for the heaven's sake I'll keep some things sacred!

I'm learning how fearlessly passionate and independent people come together as one and thrive in marriage. We're just kinda "learning one another" I guess. Its actually one of my favorite qualities in Ryan. We are similar in that way... possibly just in varying degrees. We are both strong personalities (some people seem suprised when I say that I am... in years of hearing and knowing I am I have tried to lace it with grace and compassion.. which is easier said than done). But ask my family.. or Ryan.. they would say I am. SO yes, I'd say we're learning just how we gel. Marriage is unique in that each one is different. I love it though. I love us together in marriage.

I guess the next thing I have come to value is that Ryan is my best friend. I just love being his friend. Its really a joy to get to wake up every morning with him... text or talk to him throughout the day, and get excited about seeing him in the evening. As life happens, I pray we will continue to put the work into being one another's best friends and guard it.....passionatly! :)

As much as we love one another.. and just plain like each other, he will never be my Savior or compare to the initmacy I find in my Creator. If anything, marriage is a constant reminder of how screwed up I am and how much I daily need Christ to be above all and in all. But I'm enjoying the ride :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life and Such

I'm finding it hard to get inspired on this blog. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to feel like I'm writing in a 6th grade diary (guessing not) or just giving little blurbs about our life.. what we're learning etc (guessing so).

Ryan is in his 2nd week of intercession and rocking each test so far! He's such a smartie. Seriously, I'm not sure when he really studies (here and there) but bam every he does great on. Maybe this theological thinker is not so bad at Science after all (that's always what he has said!) Please keep him in your prayers and he plows through taking classes, working, being in the military, and a husband (which may be a full time job with me!) :)

I am continuing to work in Summerville. Ahh the gas prices kill driving from JI to Sville each day!! Who would have thought my little Camry would take $60 to fill up! Bless the SUV's out there .. we have one... I feel that pain too! I am continuing to work on thank yous, be a wife.......

educate myself on the features of my new DSLR camera. I'm excited about what the future holds in the camera world for me. I love artsy things and people, so hopefully photography will be a fun side job one day. I'm not trying to build Rome in a day... just trying to learn and take lots of pictures to build my skills.

Next weekend, I have the honor of being in one of my dear friend's wedding. Hannah Plexico and Jeremy Buzhardt are getting married!! woo hooo! I had the privlege of being Hannah's roomate while I was at Harding. She was the best roomate anyone could ask for.. seriously!! We also went in Greece together and backpacked Europe together. Jeremy was our fearless leader! They are getting married here in Charleston. It will be a BEAUTIFUL evening wedding!!! I am also looking forward to seeing college friends I haven't see in forever!! This "Steel Magnolia" wedding will be a treat! All of us bridesmaids are in pink which is so Hannah it makes me laugh. I can hear her now saying (in her Southern draw), "Pink is my SIGNATURE color!" The dresses are beautiful and it truly is such a honor! Good times to be had! Praise God for faithful friendships where you can pick up no matter the distance on time RIGHT where you left off!!!