Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boxes....... Oh the joy!

Greetings from a house 1/3 empty, 1/3 in boxes, and 1/3 waiting to be packed and cleaned. As I sit down for a break my mind is circling with all the things I have to do in the next few days. Things are just BUSY!!

Ryan and I are currently moving in with my parents until our big move. Ryan leaves in the next couple weeks for airborne school in Georgia. He will be there for 3 weeks so obviously I'm not staying alone, therefore explaining our move number 1. My parents have been so GRACIOUS to let prego and her sidekick stay for the next month and a half. I am SO looking forward to lots of hot water, cable t.v., and simply "going home." Just saying it brings comfort to my soul! It will be SOOO nice to spend time with family before moving so far away. It may make things a little harder to leave, yet I wouldn't trade the time for anything.

Moving out and getting married somehow has invoked this new belief that my old home is like the new "grandma's" house. Ya know, grandma always has the best snacks, coke, and new measures of spoiling you don't get at your own place. (Don't worry mom, I'll help cook and clean and pull my own weight) So after we move there (stop number 1) we will then fly out to Portland with our meager worldly goods following in shipping containers. Next, we will be staying with Ryan's parents while we find jobs and a place to live. (Seriously, I am SO blessed with amazing in-laws) Next, we will hopefully find a place and settle as we prepare for this baby!

Ah yes, the sweet baby. That brings me my next point. I am still feeling pretty good, although the nausea still comes. It usually hits after dinner. The sea bands are continuing to help. I wear them EVERYWHERE! I'm wayyy more tired than usual and find myself taking evening naps after a day of work. I have my first appointment around week 10-11. We are really looking forward to seeing an ultrasound picture. I think it will make it more real to me. My sense of smell has greatly increased and find myself getting sicked out with random things.

During this "season" of pregnancy I currently can't STAND the thought of....
Grilled or raw chicken, stir fry (i bought a bag and blaaaaahh), tomatoes, onions or peppers, and soggy bread.

Things I love to think about...
hot showers, chick-fil-a chicken biscuits (i limit those though), potato soup, ice cream (limited as well), and a realllly fresh salad! Gee its mostly food.. eeek!

As life continues to be busy busy we rejoice with the completion of Ryan's college! HALLELUJAH! The next 3 of 4 weekends we will be out of town in some form or fashion. I am sad that this will mean we can't be at our church for our last Sundays. Riverbluff will always have a special place in my heart knowing its where the Moore/Epp story began!

Next weekend we are taking a mini vaca to Myrtle Beach. It will be nice to get away together and spend some much needed quality time. This past week I have done 4 photography shoots, and I have my first wedding this Saturday! So amidst the boxes, camera gear, and pregnancy swings we choose to just be still... although somedays its more of a choice than others!

Just as soon as I posted that we have names, Ryan informed me he's just not "sold" on them.. ugh! We like unique and different names, however Ryan sometimes takes different to a new level! ha! It will be fun to continue to brainstorm together, and HOPEFULLY this child will eventually have a name! You'd think we could agree on one since I've clearly been writing down baby names in the church bulletin during sermons since I could write my own name!! In time!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sea Bands and Life Lessons!!!

I want to introduce you to two of my newly found friends. They are called Sea Bands. They are good at what they do.

They work in the field of different types of nausea (cruise, plane, or morning sickness). In my case they are REALLY helping my pregnancy nausea.

I started wearing these oh so cool bands Friday evening. I woke up in the middle of the night Friday-Saturday morning feeling sick again (uggghhh). I reached down to feel my wrist to make sure they were still there and to my surprise they were gone. I got up, turned on the light and searched my bed. Don't worry, I was not being inconsiderate by turning on the light because Ryan was at drill. I found them, put them back on, and by morning I was Jessica again! If I could only drink lots of caffeine to help with the tiredness, I'd be in great shape. Overall, I am really feeling great physically!

On another note, we are still waiting and hoping for jobs. Both of us have some irons in the fire, yet nothing for sure. Ryan is hoping to get an phone interview today, so we'll see. My mind constantly goes to the job situation and prays for God's peace and provision. With a baby on the way it definitely puts more pressure on us as a family to get this situated.

While I was in college, a 4 year relationship ended that was 2 months away from a planned wedding. Its kinda funny (on this side) to think I have had 2 wedding dresses! One that needs to be sold on eBay and then my wedding dress. Such is life. All that to say, that season of life was really hard, unpredictable, and a growing time for me. I wondered what now... these were not my plans and now I'm moving home with my parents to go to a college I was trying to avoid in the first place (funny how opinions change... and sorry CSU)!

But through the brokenness of changing "my plans" one of the most precious thing I've ever been given came into my life. If I had not gone through that, I would have not moved back to Charleston, looked for a church and friends for that matter, and landed myself into a friendship with my future husband.

God was so faithful during that time in my life. Things came together, although it did take time. More than anything I felt like during those 6 months of healing I became completely secure in who Christ has made me to be. God did come through. He knew and fulfilled the desires of my heart. Sidebar- Ryan's story of how we got together would not have happened without a big move and a broken relationship....

So here I am again...

no... here WE are again...

Wondering what his plans tangibly look like and on what kind of time frame. Above all, we know HE IS FAITHFUL!!

So whether I'm wearing Sea Bands today, throwing up tomorrow, and moving 3000 miles in 2 months, he is near and will be with us every step of the way!!


P.S. I think we finally have a boy and girl name picked out that we both agree on!! Although I'm AWFUL at keeping my own secrets, (I can keep others) this is one we're keeping!! Stay tuned for March 18, 2009 (if it comes on my due date and Bec's b-day)!

1 hint.. its not on any kind of top baby names for the year...

Monday, July 14, 2008

My ego is PREGO

With great joy, and utter shock (still) Ryan and I announce that we are EXPECTING!

I guess I don't have to mention why we are still in such shock!

Wow, we said it! (sigh of relief). As much as we did not "plan" for this we know that God did and that we are in his hands. We find rest in that. We are truly grateful for the privilege of being parents. This is a honor we don't take lightly and are look forward to meeting and getting to know our first "baby Epp."

As far as how far along I am.. I'm not 100% sure for 2 reasons... obviously I got pregnant in some major irregularity in my body and #2 pregnancy calculations are different than how I might calculate (from conception). But, I think I am around 4-6 weeks.

We are planning to move forward with moving plans. I don't think I've mention this before, but anyone that is reading this most likely already knows we are moving to Portland on September 24th. Please keep up in your prayers as CHANGE CHANGE and more CHANGE is happening.

Please pray specifically that God will provide good jobs, place to live, friends, settling in Portland, a healthy baby, well being, that Ryan and I will stay close to one another and Christ during transition... the list really could go on. Thanks in advance for the prayers.

Can I just tell you that this past year has been a fun adventure? I mean last year at this time we were DATING.. just beginning the Jessica and Ryan part of our story. I was a pool inspector living at home soaking up summer. Now here I am married, prego and moving 3,000 miles away! God is so good and I wouldn't miss a minute. Praise him for his unfailing love, faithfulness and peace.

I'm looking forward to motherhood. I've always wanted to be a mom (not sure about the time frame) but its always been a desire in my heart. I feel a certain tenderness now that I haven't felt before. I've often heard that I cannot even imagine how much I will love this child. I'm sure its true and I'm looking forward to fully understanding a mother's love.

I'll keep you posted on the prego progress! Until next time.. here's a quote I like...

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
Agatha Christie