Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I want him in my arms!!!!

Over the course of the 9 months I have felt an increase in my head going to baby land. It’s funny how quickly talks of wedding plans, marriage, and moving vanish and are replaced everything baby. For the life of me, I really don’t want to be THAT girl who can’t see outside the box of her own life. Uh, the thought of it drives me crazy!! On top of that I really did not want to be the pregnant lady who looks like she got slapped by the devil and left with a sour attitude and disgruntled face. Today, I’m just there. It is what it is. After tossing and turning all night in my bed, uncomfortable and hungry, I gave way and ate some cherrios and surfed the Internet around 3:45 AM. Thankfully, I managed to get a little more sleep, but heavens isn’t it too early for all this nonsense?! Granted, I could possibly be only 34 weeks!!! I officially no longer feel like the baby momma, but BIG momma!

So here I am on that side of misery and the other side of me is trying frantically to thank God for the blessing of pregnancy and savoring the time left with _ _ _ _ _ in my belly. It is such a privilege, but I’m ready for him to be here and not becoming one with my ribs and aching back. He belongs in my arms where I can kiss and snuggle him. I promise, I’d much rather a crying baby that I love more than life keeping me up at night than feeling like a dying whale washed ashore on the beach! Peeps I’m on the countdown of work being over and my baby coming out. Please feel free to pray for these next weeks to fly by and for this child to not be stubborn like his parents. 38 weeks sounds great to me!!

After talking to my sister, Joy, who takes the cake on compassion (sigh)…I feel better. She seriously is one of the most compassionate people I know who will validate your every complaint. She also loves being a mom more than life, but isn’t that into being prego. She had a way of encouraging me to keep my eyes on the goal of that baby being here. Thanks sis!

P.S. The mother in CA who had 8 babies is totally my new hero… wow is all I can say.

P.P.S. My awesome swollen feet have returned. My only thoughts on this one is perhaps all the walking this weekend caught up with me, or maybe my feet/ankles have plotted against me. My doctor said to take it easy and lay down on my left side. At least my toes look pretty thanks to the pedicure!

And finally, I just checked Kelly's blog and was so encouraged by the sweet pictures of that baby girl in her arms... ahh... that totally just turned my entire attitude around! Me dramatic? Maybe? :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 random things..

here it is peeps...

1. When I was little I put an “e” on the end of my middle name, Ann, because I wanted to be like Anne Shirley from the movie Anne of Green Gables.
2. My sisters called me Bugger Ann when I was little.. lovely.
3. I am a girly girl…. I shave my legs every morning (even this prego), straighten my hair daily and love shopping.
4. I have always wanted to become a wife and mother ever since I was little.
5. When I was in 6th grade this boy kissed me on the lips and I promptly told him I didn’t want to “go out” with him anymore and I then proceeded to call the teen hotline that night because I felt so bad. I was known as “prude” after that, which in hindsight I guess is a good thing!
6. My husband likes to call me Jessker to be funny and I call him RyRy. We really aren’t cheesy people… we just get a good laugh from it!
7. I cry at awkward and in-opportune times. Like when everyone is crying I feel insensitive because I’m not shedding one tear, then when NO ONE is emotional I’m bawling like a baby.
8. I am the proud owner (or not really proud at all) of 2 wedding dresses! I was engaged once before. Broken engagements seem to run in my family, but hey I’d do it a million times over to have the husband I do today.
9. I do a total house cleaning every week…my own clutter and mess give me anxiety. If it’s in someone else’s house I could live in it.. it’s just my own that makes me crazy!
10. I do not go in the computer room at our house because of all the stacked papers in there. My husband is a stacker and since I haven’t had the time to go through and file, I try to avoid it all together!
11. Some days I want to be everything but an astronaut (as Ryan would say).
12. A perfect day would be spending it at the beach with my mom, sisters, and the kiddos then going home with a slight burn/tan and heading downtown for delicious Charleston seafood with my man.
13. I really miss the food in the South. Ryan and I both do. The South may be overweight as a whole, but let’s be honest, they have the whole food thing down at more user friendly price point. Things taste more bland and “organic” here to us, but we’re still open to giving it more time!
14. I color code my closet.
15. I am terrible at being on time, which drives my husband crrrrrazzzy! Military man doesn’t like that much!
16. Change is hard for me, and I’ve learned to just give myself time.
17. I think about exercising way more than I do!
18. I played soccer for 8 years growing up and my team won state in high school…. Even though I didn’t really contribute a ton to that!
19. No one in my Moore side of the family has ever gone to the same undergrad college all 4 years except for my brother-in-law, Chad.
20. I have always hated my pointy nose until I met my husband. For some reason he told me it was a model nose and I actually believed him… now I love it. God knew I needed a man who loved what I was most insecure about!
21. I still wear my retainer religiously even 9 years after getting my braces off. I’ve had 3-4 different ones and I clean it in a denture bath after wearing it each time!
22. I’m really not an animal person, but some manage to capture my cold heart.
23. My husband and I said “I love you” for the first time when he was proposing.
24. I’m really bad about keeping my own secrets. I can keep others, but for some reason I’m terrible at my own.
25. I got my belly button pierced (it sicks me out now and is no longer there) after my freshman year of college and I knew my parents wouldn’t like it, butI intended to keep it a secret. After a few agonizing hours, I could not hold it in any longer and told them the same day. Like I said.. I can't keep my own secrets well.

Wow.. I’m feeling more weird and high maintenance by the minute!! Oh well.. I am who I am!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Babymoon Weekend!

This weekend has been a total treat. Waking up this morning I couldn't help but stop and thank God for fun times of relaxation and sweet people in my life!

Here's a little re-cap of our weekend! Friday afternoon I sat at work with my my back killing me. Between my ribs feeling bruised and this place on my side that feels like a constant crick, I wanted to cry! Sweet baby boy is nestled deep on the right side of my body. All movement/kicks have always come from that side... not sure why he has made his mark so strongly there, but he hasn't budged one bit! Long story short I called Ryan and he told me to call and go get a prenatal massage that evening! I didn't question it one bit and started calling right away! This one place had a deal going for first timers and were able to see me at 5 PM.. just enough time to get there from work and still meet some friends at Red Robbin for dinner! Sweeeeeeet! The massage was honestly not the best one ever... and I could probably write an entire post on it, but 2 days later I don't feel as sore and a lot of my back tension has lessened. My man masseuse was very respectful, awkward and successfully got all the knots out of my back while I tried to breathe deep! He was certified in pre-natal massages (whatever that means) and I really didn't question it that much!

After my massage I scooted over to Red Robin and enjoyed the great company of Ry, his old roommate from Iraq, and his little boy! We called it an earlier night and got to sleep just in time to wake up at 5AM and hit the road for Seattle, WA.

Ryan drove and I slept the 2 hr. 45 min it took to get to Seattle. We have some awesome friends from our small group who are living there for 6 months while the husband trains for a new job. Their fun company and exploring a new city was the perfect combination for a great day! Halfway there I realized I had forgotten my camera... ughh! Thankfully, Tiffany was sweet to take pics of us throughout the day.. so yes.. pics to come! Once we got to their house they told us we were going to have some girl and guy time! Ryan headed with Josh to shoot skeet and Tiffany and I headed out for pedicures!! woooo hooo! SUCH a treat! It was my first pedicure ever and I loved every minute of it! After that we got lunch and headed to Pike's Market in downtown Seattle. We explored the city and got some great exercise! Thankfully it was a cold, but rain free day! Seattle is a beautiful city complete with lots of flavor! That evening we went out for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and then headed back home. I'm a high maintenance sleeper these days, therefore we didn't want to subject our sweet friends to me getting up using their bathroom all night and tossing and turning every 5 min. Again, my awesome husband drove while I slept all the way back to Portland.

This morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow... ehhhhhhhh is what I thought (sorry SC-ers.. I know you would pay money for this... and I would freely give). Thankfully, it should melt sometime today.. whew! Ryan and I are going to evening church tonight and are soaking in the morning together. It truly has been a wonderful weekend together celebrating our last weeks of married life without a baby.

Sweet baby _ _ _ _ _ we love you and can't wait for you to be in our arms and apart of our everyday lives! You are loved, treasured, and the best suprise we could ever receive!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Defender of the weak!

Yesterday I had yet another doctor’s appointment! I have never been to the doctor more in my entire life than in the past 32 weeks! After waiting an eternity, I finally saw my lady, but she was so sweet and genuine how could I mind the wait?! I almost took a little nap on the table, but managed to keep my eyes open! I was thankful to hear everything looked good. She did mention that there is a chance the baby could be traverse based on where the heartbeat was, yet she also said “if she was a betting woman” she would guess he is head down because she thought she could feel the head placed low. I’m assuming that eventually I will have another ultrasound that will tell us more. I would obviously rather not have a c-section, but heavens I just want a healthy baby so whatever they have to do to get that child out safe and sound by all means, do it!

My heart has been burdened recently for these sweet “baby mommas” I don’t know (but feel like I do) who have babies in the NICU fighting for their lives. Their names’ are Kelly and Jenna. You can find one of their blogs via the button on the right. I find myself checking their blogs a million times a day and praying constantly for their situations. I can’t imagine the raw pain they must be feeling. Their stories are such a reminders of how blessed people are to have healthy babies….I can only hope my faith would be strong, but honestly I pray I never have to walk down their same path. Bless their faithful hearts. I am humbled by the gift of a healthy pregnancy so far, and will continue to pray that our baby will be healthy.

One thing that breaks my heart in particular is that these parents can’t hold their little babies…uhhh that is torturous. When I pray I imagine angels rocking these babies and God singing over them. Oh how I love God’s tenderness towards children! This past Sunday was “Sanctity of Life Day” at church. During the song “Everlasting God” one of the lines stuck out in my brain… Well actually I’ll just leave you with the entire song and I’ll bold the line that stuck out….

Happy Tuesday!

Everlasting God
Chris Tomlin

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our Strong Deliverer
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won't grow weary

You're the defender of the weak
You comfort those in need
You lift us up on wings like eagles

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've been tagged and I obeyed

So I got tagged... The rules were to go in your picture files and select the 4th file and 4th picture.... and post it for the world to see (thanks, Julie). This picture brought back an embarrassing memory of an evening I was hoping to forget.
After a hard semester at Harding and a transfer home to start a new college, my girlfriend Carly and I decided to have a Best Friends Christmas Party. In our single days, a typical evening hanging out would be going out to eat, a movie or shopping. We wanted to do something "out of the box" this time around. Heaven only knows what we were thinking. So here's the deal.... we went to Goodwill and got to pick out for one another a "fun" dress to wear out for the evening (see above). Then we had to actually wear it to a REAL restaurant and act totally serious while others looked at us like we had lost our minds... and they did. We went to a really delicious and BUSY Japanese steakhouse called Myabi's. The worst thing about Myabi's is that you sit with strangers while your chef cooks for everyone... so yes NO HIDING the scary outfits.
We literally sat in the car for at least 10 minutes wondering why we would punish ourselves like this all the while trying to contain our bladders while dying laughing!!! Once we could contain ourselves we ventured inside. Carly tried to turn down her puff sleeves some, but I gently poofed them out for her. There was no hiding my 2000 plus sequin dress! We had a good laugh, but promised one another WE WOULD NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!! People were too stinkin' funny! The men stared and gave looks of puzzlement, while their wives tried to distract them and (what I assume) tell them not to stare!
We had a fun time and it was an evening to remember. Did I mention I never want to do this again? Did I also mention that I am ready to try to get down to that size again.. maybe I should let my first goal be to see my toes again when standing straight! Not sure if I'm inspired or depressed :)
Ok, so peeps... I am tagging my sister, Sarah, Erin and Alli!!

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Growing up with two older sisters (each just as girly as the one in before) I was “predestined” to be a girl’s girl! I always enjoyed friendship with guys, but loved time with my girlfriends. I was absolutely shocked when I moved in with a boy for the first time (this would be when I changed my hitched) and learned that guys don’t have 50 million particulars on their favorite list. I remember going shopping for one of the first times after getting married and asking Ryan what kind of shampoo he liked. He looked at me like I had lost my mind and conveniently said he would use whatever was in the shower. Of course, I had lived with a man my entire life (dear old dad) but not once had I ever shared a bathroom/bedroom with a guy/man/THE OPPOSITE SEX! Now granted, my husband does love his special hair glue and a toothbrush that works, but let’s just say in a time sense he takes 10 minutes to get ready and I take a little tiny bit longer….yea right! I wouldn’t classify myself as high maintenance, but there of some things in life I really appreciate. This year has been a reminder to hold things loosely, however, THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.. and if someone would have told me about them earlier, my cool factor would have rocketed in middle school! Well maybe not cool factor, but never-the-less.. enjoy the things in life you only have to try once and you’re hooked!

Do you know what this is..yes... life ring would be correct, or a CHI straightener. Ladies, please put down your Revlon straightener and just try it once. If you have naturally frizzy/curly hair, you will understand the difference immediately! It saves me countless bad hair days and time in the morning! Worth every penny. However, I will also save the key is to straighten in sections and pull it down slowly. Your hair will thank you!

Mac brow tint. If you have light eyebrows and are sick of feeling slightly albino (like me), this will give your brows color like the rainbow! I go with a light brown. It doesn't make much sense if my lases show up but not my brows eh?!

If you have ever spent extensive time with a original Moore girl, you know what this is and how to use it! When I went to college I would use this about once a week and eventually my entire suite started to join me. It's an upper lip hair removal cream. Let's face it, even if your mustache is light some things are better just gone (in my opinion.. sorry if i'm offending you and you like yours)! My husband appreciates it and gets a great laugh each time! It's easy as pie.. just apply with a q-tip and watch the clock. Key-- watch the clock..I've def burned myself before by keeping it on too long! Then, wipe off and enjoy the goodness!

A tummy pillow... or at least this is what I use it for. This has been wonderful during my pregnancy and has helped me get my zzz's in! I have more of a mesh type one with little tiny foamy balls in inside. I found mine at Ross for $2.50. The only downer of mine is that it has a big Jeff Gordon 24 design thing on it. In case you're wondering I'm not really the NASCAR type!
These are great!! I like to stock up the day after thanksgiving and during their semi-annual sale when they are $5! I love to go with the seasons and plug in one that will make my entire house smell like winter, spring, summer, or fall! :)

This is none other than a Vera Bradly zip up wallet. While home over Christmas I noticed my sister, Julie, with this exact wallet. I loved it and she raved at how convenient it was to have a planner, cell phone, money, etc fit inside. I agonized over buying one bc it was a little more than I was wanting to spend, however, my old vera wallet had seen it's better day and so I decided to use some Christmas money from my rents on it. I LOVE IT! I'm excited about it's convenience in slipping it right into a diaper bag! Def. worth it! Thanks Jules for letting me copy you on yet another thing!

Need I say more? Seriously, this is my favorite store ever... clothes, accessories, shoes, decor...they have it all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not me Monday!

I have about 5 things in life that I dread.. put off.. and/or prolong. In no random order they are Winco, Wal-mart, Educational teacher stores of any kind (I have no idea why I hate those so much…needless to say I doubt I’ll ever be the homeschool mom), rain (I’ve always not really been a fan of rain, but maybe I’ll eventually love it living here), and the worst in my opinion is….Mondays. I dread and agonize over hearing that alarm clock go off and a busy week starting momentarily. It always seems like no matter how much rest I get during the weekend, Mondays always bring the same tiredness and dread. I often wonder if I loved my job, would I feel the same?! Quite possibly. I’m not sure I ever was or will be thrilled and excited for work of any kind...the paycheck is a different story though! Today, I felt the “Monday fever” more than ever. In my college days of using every single absence allowable, I would have stayed in bed until 10 and then hit the mall!

This morning is leaving me to believe that my golden days of pregnancy might be coming to an end. I really felt like my 2nd trimester was a fun period of having the return of energy and starting to look prego for the first time…now I’m kind of getting to the “I’m over it” phase, but not entirely. Just yesterday night I sat on the couch and thought to myself “I can so do this easily for another trimester.” Granted, I only have 7-8 weeks left, but that was what was going through my mind. Yesterday I felt rested, comfortable and not entirely huge in my black shirt and stretchy black lounge pants. Black does wonders for a prego girl! I was also completely content with baby boy resting peacefully inside me… no needs or cries… just happy taebo kicks!

Today, the reality that I am sick of wearing the same thing and ready to see my toes again is all I can think about! Just in case you are wondering I can see my toes if I lean over a little, just not if I stand completely straight. On top of that, I am just ready for him to be here and get on with our little life! I’m ready to see him, snuggle him in warm blankets and touch his soft skin. Oh the difference a day makes in the life of my attitude! Perhaps this evening will redeem the day with a new episode of the Bachelor and ………oh wait.. I have to go to Winconoooo!

In other news.. my feet/cankles have returned to almost normal conditions.. PTL!

Without any further rambling here’s to
…Not me Mondays….
(thanks Mckmama…. you just remove the did not part for a Monday confession.)

1. I did not ask my extremely kind husband to go to an all organic grocery store in the middle of liberal America in his Army uniform only to receive a sea of weird looks.
2. I did not blow 2 fuses yesterday blow drying my hair, which ended up being connected to all but 3 plug-ins in our entire house. By the time I found the 3 plugs that worked and got the power back on I was not too late for church to even show up.
3. I did not go to IKEA Saturday mainly because I really just wanted a hotdog.
4. I did not cut a sliver of brownie to eat 15 minutes after I woke up this morning…no never.. I am far too healthy for that!
5. I did not put all my clothes on this morning and realize I didn’t match all that well. No worries, I did not just to roll my eyes, say oh well and add a necklace that would “hopefully tie it all together.”

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Insert cute little title here!

This morning I woke up debating with myself on if it is really Thursday or not. Where on earth has this week gone? It seems like a blur to me! I feel like we are running around in circles trying to get back to normal life while recovering from jet lag and awesome airplane swelling (for me). Flying to Charleston I was able to take a couple of days and get off my feet, which helped immensely and my feet/cankles were back to normal in no time. With laundry to do, groceries to buy, and Christmas to take down it has been hard for me to take my doctor’s advice and relax. The type A personality in me in consumed with making things orderly so that I CAN relax. This week I’m doing everything I can to let Ryan take over. He is awesome to help and clean, but eeeek sometimes I just like things done my own way. We differentiate some on “what means clean and organized.” I’m learning to let this one go at my own house. Honestly, other people’s messes don’t bother me a bit, just my own at my own house!

I have about 3-4 weeks left (hopefully) of work and I will begin my journey as a stay at home wife/mom. This is an area that makes me really nervous, but we both feel this is what is best for us and we are trusting God to take care of us. I am constantly having my faith stretched in the area of letting go, and wow… it’s been fun to see how God has perceived our needs and answered our prayers. I started a “praise journal” this past summer just to write down the date and thanks to God. I thought this could be a way our family could “set up stones” for generations to come like the children of Israel. This past summer felt like we were stepping out into an unknown desert and I wanted a way to remember God’s faithfulness to us! No jobs, no set housing, and a baby on the way sometimes made me think, “God I really hope we are making the best decision, because there is some great potential for crash and burn!” At the same time, I knew in my heart we were walking with the Lord and he would continue to be our God whether in SC or OR…. we just wanted to be sensitive to his voice and leading. There’s my theological soap box for the day. Anyways, I feel like we are still in an unknown land and God is asking us to step out a little farther. Once again I hear him saying, “Jessica, rest in me, I SO have this one….AGAIN!”

I hope that one day when our son is grown and he hears God asking him to journey down a similar (or even completely different) path, he will be encouraged to see how God has taken care of our family from before his birth. I know Ry and I have heard stories from our own parent’s journeys and have been greatly encouraged! I went to my dr. appointment Tuesday and things are continuing to look good and progress. I am still measuring 2 weeks ahead, which makes sense due to discrepancy on timing and our earliest ultrasound. I am trying to mentally prepare to go until our due date, yet I want to be ready and feel prepared a few weeks out…… just in case!!

As soon as I got home, I could hardly wait to wash all his new clothes in Dreft and put them away. Can you say hello nesting! I kept thinking….I sure hope that ultrasound was right when we saw a boy! The thoughts of a 1 yr. anniversary baby girl seem a little too fitting!! We’ll praise God either way and add a white bow to all the little boy outfits. :) I’m just praying for a healthy baby and delivery.

p.s. we have a name…. yes, it’s still on the DL, but we bought letters for the room and Ry is painting circles for them to go in above the crib. I think the deal was sealed when Ry was reading a surfer magazine and this surfer dude’s son had the same name! Hallelujah!

Happy Thursday! I saw the sun today for like 15 minutes outside my window at work and it was HEAVENLY!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

without a hitch

Well we made it back to OR without a hitch. Praise the Lord!! Once we landed, my darling husband informed me that IT WAS SNOWING. I patiently waited for a “April Fool’s” line to follow or even a j/k, but nothing came. Yes, snow again last night. What about El Nino Mr. Gore?! Thankfully, it was gone by morning and we were both able to work today.

Ry is now sitting in his first seminary class ever. I thought about writing a note on a napkin and packing a little snack for him, but we’re out of everything….including napkins! Ha! Grocery time for me!

Today at work I got a good laugh when once again I decided to take an ole look at my feet to see how the plane ride swelling looked a day after. I had an out of body experience when I saw those babies. Not sure if I had morphed into an 80 year old women or’s still up for debate. Yesterday, in the middle of the airport before our first flight I decided to put on my old lady support socks on to help with the airplane swelling. I was serenaded by my husband’s own version of “Go Granny Go.” We laughed until we cried and also provided interesting entertainment to the 200 other crazy travelers. Those socks are TIGHT! Too bad they didn’t really work a whole lot! My cankles have cankles right now! I had the whole swelling thing on the way to SC and by Christmas night I called my midwife just to make sure it wasn’t some type of blood clot…. Merry Christmas to her for answering my questions! A few days later they were back to normal and I actually felt strangely skinny! Granted, it’s all relative these days!

One of my goals during this pregnancy was to not weigh more than my lean-mean-fighting-machine husband. Let’s just say after his 8 lb. virus weight loss the numbers are getting close. Thanks, mr. buck 150! I have possibly 9 weeks and the window is closing in…. Eeeeekk is all I can say! Oh well, it’s not even that serious… more of a good laugh than anything!

I'm happy and rejuvenated from time with family. What a blessing that was to have. Today at work I heard quite a few stories about holiday travel that simply did not happen due to the weather. I was reminded of how blessed we were to make it and get back so easily!

Tuesday.. the cankles are better! What goes up can come down! I have a doctor's appointment today and will start going every 2 weeks until the 36 week mark. Wow, time flies!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to reality...

Tomorrow morning we’ll fly back from our little vacation and jump into reality Monday morning. I can’t say I’m necessarily ready to leave, but I know God will continue to be with us there like he was before we came home for a visit. Living away from home truly makes me appreciate it more than I ever have before. Simple things like going to Target or lunch with my mom and sisters have turned into the finest luxuries. I can easily think of many times I have taken it for granted, but not now. I’ve soaked in the time with my family and it is so fulfilling for me. My nieces and nephews have grown like weeds. They are so fun and hilarious. It’s awesome to see how their little hearts and minds are flourishing.

Ryan and I briefly went through some things we have to get done in the next couple of weeks and whew… hello busy. Administrative, school, childbirth/nursing classes, finding a pediatrician (boy, do I wish my sister’s pediatrician lived where we do) and getting ready for this baby will fill our evenings after work. My goal is to focus on the things I can take care of to ease Ry’s load. I pray that our time together will be rich before our baby makes his grand appearance. Have you ever heard of the book/devotional called Love Dare? Ry got the voucher for the movie Fireproof as part of his Christmas and I heard of it through that and a couple of blogs. My parents have it and it looks pretty neat. It goes through 40 days of devos together on what love is. I’m thinking it might be a good thing to incorporate into our marriage as we will definitely see some transition in the coming months. Some moments the reality of what is to come hits and I am humbled by the task at hand. I don’t take it lightly and want to be a Godly wife and mother more than anything I’ve ever wanted before. So hears to the coming weeks of craziness and getting back to our life in the Wild West.

-Jessica :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!

On the way home from picking out a crib with my parents from Baby's-R-Us my mom and I got to talking about the fact that last year at this time we were planning a wedding that would happen in 8 short weeks. We both admitted that we doubt we would have the nerves to plan an outdoor wedding on March the 1st again, however,we were both thankful for how perfect it turned out. This year we are picking out a crib for a baby that will be arriving in 10 or less short weeks.

Whew, what a year 2008 has been in my life.If you would have told me at the beginning of 2007 that at the end of 2008 I would be married and 30 weeks pregnant I would have probably laughed like Sarah from the Bible. What a difference time can make. I got a good laugh at our baby shower the other night when a sweet family from the church sent a belated wedding gift. I might have to write an explanation under that picture in baby boy's scrapbook! :) Each year I look back and reflect on what the Lord has done in my life. It seems like every year I draw the same conclusion... He's been so faithful to me. I think this year was a year where I took more questions to God than I have in the past. Over and over I could feel his overwelming peace and truth telling me, "Jessica, I so have this one...just trust me." I'd love to say I happily skipped off completely walking in faith and trust, however, such was not always the case for me, yet He was still faithful. I feel like I've seen God in clear bold ways this year and for that I am so grateful.

I was praying the other morning and a verse came to my mind that reflects 2008 and something I would like to cling to in 2009 as we meet our sweet baby boy and adjust to life as parents.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21

2008 in a nutshell.. Our year of change!!

2007 ended with me meeting my future-in-laws in none other than Portland, OR.

And continued getting married to the man of my dreams at the location I hoped for since I was a little girl...

Then onto a tropical honeymoon in the Dominican Republic...

adjusting to our new married life and last few months in SC (for right now) enjoying family and friends....

Just in time for a big suprise on July 4, 2008...........WE'RE PREGNANT!!!

On August 13, 2008 we heard our baby's heartbeat for the very first time and saw his little body. I was around 9-10 weeks here.

At 16 weeks pregnant and on September 22, 2008, we packed all our worldly goods in a Budget truck and headed to the west coast for Ryan to begin seminary.

On October 8, 2008 we had our big ultrasound and found out we were having a baby BOY!! We pray that he will continue to grow healthy while he bakes.

Continuing to grow...

settling in and getting to know the wild west Roloff style.. (above and below)

Just in time for a Merry Christmas headed back to SC to visit my family. This week here has been such a blessing (despite our virus). I am torn with the excitement of our new life "out west" and the reality of really missing things in SC. It is hard going back knowing my next visit won't be until May, yet I'm thrilled about who will be joining me on that trip... our baby!! My goal tomorrow is to soak in every bit of the day and cry about missing people later. In reality it's less than 10 weeks and I'll be seeing my parents in my neck of the woods. I only wish they could bring along the rest of the family, 75 degree weather and the whole southern cuisine!

In other news we had an awesome drop-in baby shower at my parent's church...I'll post pics when I get home!! We continue to praise God for the ways he directs our paths and holds all things together. :)