Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I just really cannot believe how long I shopped today. I really just lost track of the time. I was on baby-time....meaning we go until he melts. I kept thinking surely this child will have had enough by the 6 hour mark, but I kept his little tummy full and he had fun flirting with all the pretty girls in line.... bc we def stood in line! It's a rush for me (and Ryan). ha!

Ryan went with us at 5 AM to Wal-Mart. Complete craziness but we scored for Titus' Christmas. Clearly he doesn't really need much at 8 months, but I haven't bought him many toys because I've been waiting for the deals...and they came today. So after the crazy of Wal-mart Ryan had to work which we are grateful to have this week!

Holidays are challenging for me being away from my family. I am so blessed here to be surrounded by Ryan's family, but I miss mine so so so much. Being the one sister away is just not fun. Around the holidays Ryan is sweet to remind me of his promises to get this girl back to the south one day! All that to say I really felt like the Lord was being gracious with me today for Titus to have done so well shopping AND the fact that I got great deals!! I called my mom about 15 times throughout the shopping to keep up with what all 7 girls (Ella was sick at home and my Nanny went) were right there doing the same thing...just 3000 miles apart! Last year Ryan started out trying to just be my little shopping buddy, but he has started to enjoy it too! The real test will be next year when we are home what he will with the girls too?! I am thankful for the day AND REALLLLLLY tired!

Random story. So Ry and I went by our fav coffee shop on the way to wal-mart. It's called Black Rock and it's Christian owned. I love their coffee and the employees are awesome. So we always chit chat with the barista and the gal that made us coffee at 4:45 AM checked me out at another store at 12 PM. Maybe we're meant to be friends!

Well I better hit the sack and try to get back the brain cells I lost today in the frenzy. Yay for Black Friday Shopping!!! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditions are a fav of mine

So I just have to share 3 of the Cutest Christmas traditions I heard about tonight from some of the faculty wives at Western. I will probably use all three at some point in my life... or maybe add a little variation.

1. This one lady told about how when her kids were young (she just happened to have all girls) she would give them an invitation without a date to her Christmas party and then sometime during the Christmas season shortly after they went to sleep she would go wake them up and have the party. She called it her midnight Christmas party (even though it wasn't midnight). She would make goodies and give them each a little gift. How cute to have your kids always wondering when the party night would be!?!?! She said she loved trying to get them a pair of new pjs as their gift, but often they couldn't afford it so she got them new panties. Is that not the sweetest thing?!

2. Another lady shared that her daughter's family pick out 25 Christmas type books (library) and wrapped them up individually. Each night in December leading up to Christmas they unwrap a book and have a new story to read.

3. On the night another family gets their Christmas tree they have doughnuts and hot chocolate for dinner..hello sugar... but I guess 1x a year is ok!!

So, quite possibly one of my favorite Christmas traditions of all times is receiving a Children's book from my parents each year. I'm starting it this year for Titus...and I am so so excited I hardly know which book to pick for his.first.CHRISTMAS!!! I keep thinking to myself HOW much fun it is getting to be on the parent side of Christmas!! Who ever knew?! :)

Speaking of traditions I can't tell you how excited I am to watch the Macy's Day Parade this coming Thursday. Oh and BLACK FRIDAY...don't even get me started I love it so much!! YeEEEA

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Auntie Love

what more could an auntie want?? Than this....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sllllloooooow down

yea.. I don't think I'm quite ready for this whole pulling up thing...
the head bumps and hiding everything higher than his standing position will be happening momentarily! Bless his little heart... he was so proud of himself!! Slow down wild man, mommy needs to catch up!!

Can I really still wear CUTE SHOES???

There is an ongoing conversation in our house regarding Danskos. Ryan doesn't think they are the cutest. I personally think he was scarred by an ex-girlfriend who wore them all the time... but that's just between us! ha! I love Danskos especially because of the height they give me and their comfort. So all in good humor he rags on me for my Danskos and I rag on his for his love for the color gray. Two peas in a pod if there ever was ones.

Switching gears.

Knowing Ryan is headed (correction we) are headed into ministry there are certain fears that go along with the one day role of a "Pastor's Wife." I have found great comfort in having a mom who looks adorable all the time, still wears make up, and cute clothes all while wearing the title with grace and kindness. Although our personalities are different (Remember my nose ring of 2006... which I still miss and would love to re-visit) it will be a huge blessing to have a sounding board for the years to come!!!

So, there is a woman who has written a book called You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes referring to a Pastor's wife. I'm hoping that she touches on a few other things as well, BUT I am oh so excited to get my copy in February 2010.

So in bringing it home...

the Danskos part... you just watch closely to the video below. Has Ryan finally proven his point? Surely not, because I don't think he has seen Danskos with a really cute pair of jeans... or leggings... or.....


Friday, November 13, 2009


In the past 2 weeks of working I've gotten to see firsthand the women in the video below. I work at the women and children division of the organization. It's amazing and completely humbling to get the opportunity to serve at a place like this. I pray each day before I go in for God to equip me with grace, love, mercy, and kindness. It is such a privilege to get to be apart of the process of healing....such a beautiful (yet extremely difficult) thing. So here is a video from youtube one of the residents told me about today! I can truly say that what you see in the video is true life redemption and it's happening right now!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

8 months

Titus is 8 months today. He is celebrating by taking a really long nap. Ryan is sick. He even stayed home from work. Recently he has been the sick one in the family. Poor Daddy!

Ok, so just in case you are "over" hearing so much about my child, I can't promise it will get better... :)

Recap on the last month... you...

-got 2 teeth and started crawling all in the same week.
-babble all the time. Yesterday in Costco you were really loud. Center.of.Attention!
-call out saying baba in the mornings...could it be mama you are wanting? I hope so!
-love puffs (melt in the mouth baby snack)
-go to work with mommy 2 days a week.
-have become a fast crawler. I was sweeping in the kitchen and turned by back for probably 30 seconds and you were in my room going through my purse.
-love to go for cords, shoes, daddy's book bag....all of which are "no nos"
-when I pick you up you pat my neck/chest in excitement. I love that.
-are completely weaned. This ended up being easier for me than I thought. We have sweet times together are especially a get snuggler before bedtime.
-wake up usually between 6:30-7:30 AM...if we're really lucky you sometimes sleep until 8.
-bedtime gets butchered a lot, but if we are home you go to bed around 7-7:30PM.
-eat 3 meals a day and take 4 bottles.
-take 2 long or 3 shorter naps a day.
- are B-U-S-Y, busy, busy and into everything.... e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. You don't stop while you are awake.. it's probably why you love to sleep so much.
-eat pretty much whatever ever minus peas...but we keep trying!
- are stubborn and you have this fake cry thing going. Sweet as can be and happy as as a little lark, but you are stubborn. How could you not be though?
-are almost 19 lbs and in 9-12 months in clothes and 12 months in sleepers.
-are loved. More than you will ever know.

Happy 8 months baby boy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank a Vet..not just tomorrow!

Somewhere off in little town Arkansas in a cute little freshman college dorm room I was extremely unaware of the sacrifice my future husband was making thousands of miles away. If only I would have I would have probably spent less time thinking about the boys on my college campus and on more about my man overseas! Iraq was a sobering place for a young 21 year old man. No days off, no dates to go on, no family to spend time with, no college exams to study for..... It seems unfair that he spent many days taking cover from attacks at the base he was stationed at, but that was his selfless go against the do the hard thing for the good of another.

The past year life has been busy. Busier than we wish, but Ryan has humbly reminded me that this is incomparable to the non-stop life of war. Although "war" life isn't exactly what we are going for as we seek to learn the art of graciously saying no and setting healthy boundaries (for our little families' sake), I am confident in Ryan's ability to work hard and go for it in whatever task in necessary....for the benefit of another.

It's not often that I really get the chance to sing my husband praises to this extent, but last night I really got the chance to see my Army soldier in action when receiving the news one of his young soldiers was diagnosed with cancer...the REALLY bad kind (not that any is good). I have no idea if this military life will continue until his 20 or 30 year mark, but I am sure that the sacrifice he has and continues to make will be me at least!

Regardless of how you might feel about "war," I make no apologies at the fact that YOU are allowed to proudly proclaim your opinions on it because of war itself. The freedom of speech we are given did not come without a cost, and in our ignorance it seems that we quickly forget that on every other day throughout the year.

So let's be reminded to thank the old and young veterans who freely gave and continue to give so so much. I think of the Fort Hood families today as they now go home to an empty home without their dear loved ones. Thank you veterans... you have given more than we ever will know.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The picture above is SUCH a Titus face... he came out of the womb doing this furrowed brow thing...i love it!

Titus has opinions. I'm thankful for that little personality that is budding in a new form these days. He is starting to test all our "no, nos" in the house. Who would want to play with cool, age appropriate toys when there are trash cans, cords, and his personal fav shoes to go after. I am constantly following him around these days. He has also started a fake cry. Quite humorous actually. He probably gets the drama from his Daddy right?!

Aside from the fake grunting cry he is real crying more when I leave his sight. He wants us to be right there with him and every ounce of our attention on him. Bless his heart, it's been a big week of change for him. I think more than anything, it's just the stage he's in. Testing boundaries, having opinions, completely active, and quite funny. His increasingly mobile state allows him to get from point A to point B very quickly. While sweeping the kitchen floor with him in the living room he managed to crawl to my room and go through my purse in about 7 seconds! Let's just say we are thankful for our baby gate these days and God's grace as we seek to find our way in shepherding our little man's heart (good book eh). Amidst our little parenting wings attempting to spread we could not be more in love with him! Perhaps he is not the most "laid back" kid after all....


just in case you didn't think I was crazy about my child and completely have first child syndrome you might change your mind when you hear...I bought all Titus' birthday party stuff. He is only almost 8 months old. Have I lost it?! I am not wishing away his 1st year in any way, but it was 75% off and adorable. Stay tuned for the theme...

Of course I can't keep it a secret..don't worry!