Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

Dear 2009,

As you rolled in last year, I laidin bed after strolling around Downtown Charleston with my husband and friends and watching that sparkly ball drop down from Time Square. I nearly felt my own baby basketball would be dropping soon by the looks of my very round belly and swollen feet from flying 3000 miles. It was a good look! :) Om, yea right!

You were an amazing year. My lifelong dream of becoming a mother came full circle and I have learned many lessons in and through that. This year was not without stretching in many ways.... learning how to be a wife and mother seems like more than a full time job most days. The pay was awesome though, what more could I want than sweet baby smiles, hugs and kisses?! Titus is more than I could ever have hoped or dreamed. He is sweet, happy and an ACTIVE baby. I love than 21 lbs love bug. I love getting to be a wife and mother. I recommend it to everyone!

You were quite a busy year as well. This season of life finds many balls flying in the air all while trying to learn the art of juggling. Learning to support one another "in the midst of it" is something I hope to become better at! We have a lot to learn! Over 1/4 of the way done with seminary is something I am grateful for. It was all we could do to make it that far. I am grateful.

We have once again tasted of the Lord's faithfulness in ways he could only work. The unexpected blessings helped get us through a season of slow work along with prayer of family and friends. The new close friendships formed have been something I've prayed for since moving to Portland. A church family and place to serve is such a blessing.

Growth. Refinement. Joy.

I pray we will continue to become the family God has called us to be in 2010. As I look ahead, unsure of many things in 2010, I am certain the same God of 2009 is already there and for that I find comfort and hope!

Farewell 2009. You were a good one! Probably a year I will dream and reminisce about the rest of my life!

Welcome 2010,


Monday, December 28, 2009

1st Birthday!

As Christmas rolls out and the new year comes in I can hardly believe my baby will be turning 10 months soon. Where has the time gone?! Along with the coming of the first of the year, our family will be having a 3 month change. Ryan will be going to a military training. Hello, I'm not excited, but we feel like it's the best thing for the season we are in. I say that with a grain of salt knowing I will be a single mom for a 10 weeks. Mentally, I am trying to prepare myself by realizing it will probably be really challenging, but knowing it is just 10 weeks and I just need to keep my eyes on the goal.

One of the goals is making it to T's birthday! Once we're there I will only have days left until Ryan is back. Praise the Lord! Thankfully, Ryan will be able to visit on the least when the flights are budget friendly! He will only be 8-9 hours away (only)...

As if we weren't going to celebrate -big time- our son's first birthday... we will celebrate even more this year.

What better way to do that than with lots of
and cute monsters from target?????

Yup, after toying with a circus party, monkey party etc....

I've settled on a cute/nice/polka dotted little monster themed first birthday. I am really excited about working on planning it, but don't hold my feet to the fire if we crash and burn!!

I actually bought some decor after Halloween, but I am secretly hoping it will work for a rainy March party too. Polka dots are always in season right? I am also hoping the cookies and milk slant will baby-friendlifiy it! If it doesn't work maybe we can somehow convince Titus he was really born in October (only kidding)!

March is coming! This is somewhat of the look of my friendly monsters... My fav thing I bought was this ceramic monster face with an open mouth that I'm planning to fill the chocolate chip cookies. I'm not sure if I want to know if this is too much of a stretch here!!! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Moore Merry Christmas

I hope each of you had a great Christmas. I really enjoyed this Christmas. It was fun to get to see each of us sisters with our little families all together in the Moore house. I felt really blessed to all be together this year under the same roof throughout the day.

This past week we've enjoyed everything from baking, shopping, church, family games, and eating!! Ryan especially enjoyed a morning surf session and southern BBQ. He walked into our personal fav bbq restaurant and said, "This is not going to make going back very easy." If I wouldn't have known better I would think I've made a southern boy out of my northwestern-address-husband. We do love Portland, but settle so easily into life here when we visit...esp when the sun shines and temp rises to 70 degrees. For my own personal record the AC was on in my parent's house on Christmas.
I'm sure you've heard me comment on Ryan's disgust for my Danskos. He hates them. I love them for their comfort. To his credit... they do look old and worn, but oh how they know my feet!
I've been in denial about how old they look.
So...I always thought I'd probably eventually have to kiss my comfortable shoes goodbye and go for a look Ryan liked better. Ugh.

Ryan told me he had a Christmas surprise for me and needed to talk to my mom about it. He had me stumped. Why on earth would he talk to my mom about something.... were we going on a date...a trip..moving back????

The other part of the story is that I knew our budget. We wanted to give each other something, but I knew what we could swing this year so I immediately began pleading with him to not spend over what we said.
He assured me it was ok and to not worry about it. Clearly my strong suit.
Lo-and-behold... he surprised me with a new pair of Danskos he bought with some money he raised from selling bike stuff off Craigs List. It kind of makes me want to cry thinking about how sweet that is.. it meant more to me than a new car would.
On second thought.... (only kidding).

He found a pair "he approved" of, but the trade off is that I can't leave the house in my old pair. My dear college roommate will fully know this is doable since she watched me for multiple years wearing those shoes like they were my slippers..
So Merry Christmas friends! My feet will be thanking me this Christmas for years to come.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


2 of our 3 are home (our Charleston home). Our 3rd will be arriving soon. It's so great to be back for a visit. I love Charleston. I'm so thankful to have family living in such a beautiful city. The milder temperatures and sunshine does a heart good---right in the midst of people I love like crazy. Now if we can all be healthy for Christmas we will be in business!! :)

Some things are just worth 20 hr travel with a baby!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gearing Up

Let me just tell you I am a little nervous to board a plane with wild man. Yesterday while at work I decided I should call my nurse and see if I should bring Titus in for his cold. Granted, every kid at work has a cold, but I wanted to have his ears checked before we flew. I nearly didn't because I've gone one too many times to hear... it just has to run it's course. But, the thought of this child feeling awful on a 18 hr day made me want to cry so we went. Thank you Jesus!

This morning he played, laughed, crawled around, but didn't want too much to do with his bottle. Oh, and he woke up in the middle of the night too. I took him in and to my surprise he has a double ear infection and sinus infection. Poor thing. So he is now on his first antibiotic. I smelled it today and was immediately taken back to when I took it as a child...same bubblegum smell and all. ICK! The Dr. told me to give him tylenol and benedryl (to make him sleepy) for the flight. Having not tried that before, I wanted to see his reaction today. Let's just say I think it's probably safe to say Benedryl makes him hyper when he nearly flipped forward out of the tub after not having an afternoon nap. Either that or the sweet thing was over tired. I think we'll be sticking with just his antibiotic and tylenol! I am praying his ears will be ok during our 4 different take off and landings.

We are kind of going around the US tomorrow to get to the good ole south. Perhaps Santa's sleigh would be easier on the ears and quicker?! Do I think it's worth it?! You bettcha!

Ryan will be following next week with 1 stop. If it's the worst day of my life I think it's safe to say Titus will be flying back with his Daddy! :)

Merry Southern Christmas!!! Can I special order a Chick-fil-A biscuit Friday?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

sweetest thing

Is this not the sweetest thing? This is Titus' cousin, Blake, who is 11 months older than him. Titus thinks he is big stuff and loves follow him around (via crawling)! They are just starting to really notice one another and it's so precious to watch!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

That's a wrap!

Can I just say I feel a weight rising off my chest as Ryan takes his last test of the semester?!?! AHHHH. I def think Ryan has enjoyed his classes, but it's been a busy one with all the balls we're juggling. I think more than anything we've had to let some perfectionist tendencies go and just give the best we can at the time under the circumstances. We've been reminded by the Holy Spirit that if we give all we have to ministry and get through seminary as fast as we can and lack in our marriage it gets us no where! Ryan's rocky work situation has added extra stress and pressure as well this semester and as I sit here tonight I am reminded that God continues to journey with us, bring peace, hope and faithfulness to our family.

We are thrilled beyond belief to get a refresher in the coming couple weeks as we gear up for a little different semester. We will be in SC for some warm weather, family time AND CHRISTMAS! Let it be known that if Titus was old enough to bribe while spending a 18 hr day traveling I would pulling out all kinds of things. Instead I am hoping some toys, baby food, bottles, pacis and his "rag" will help me God!

Well I better man is on his last question. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


(in case you're wondering why Joy is so far away... she was trying to avoid the stomach flu)

at my wedding...
beth moore conference

I can hardly believe my middle sister is 30 tomorrow. It seems like yesterday I was telling my friends about my older sisters who where 19 and 21 and oh so cool! That would have made me about 13! Thank you 6 years apart age difference! Actually it was pretty awesome because I begged my way into going on their dates and friend outtings all-the-while thinking I was a teenager by 8 years old. My husband and I fondly say because we are the youngest of multiple children, our parents made all their mistakes on our siblings so we turned out perfect. Clearly we also have a lying problem! ha! I love having a sister like Julie. She is so so sweet, thoughtful, very organized, creative, soft spoken, a great wife and mom, and bea-u-ti-ful!

So here's to you...
Sister and friend. 30 never looked so good! I love you and praise God for you! Happy 30th Birthday Julie! I wish I could be there to celebrate!

will you save some cake for me? ya know, the corner piece with all the frosting...

(i think i might finally like being the younger sister....sorry...don't mean to throw water on your candles..i might like it even better when they hit 40! I do hear 30s are great for women though!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My first Christmas tree

It's Thanksgiving and Mom and Dad told me we were going to start looking for a tree the next we started...
I was excited although I had no idea what a Christmas tree was...
We first went to my Dad and I's fav store, Home Depot. It only seem appropriate after shopping with Mom for 6 hrs the day after Thanksgiving. The trees didn't look too great there... so Dad had another great idea.
We went to this really cool place with tons of these trees and started looking for one to go in our house. I just chilled in my warm clothes.
here it is... Dad used something really sharp to cut it down.

Thanks, Mom. I love it!
Ah.. I love not getting wet when I go outside.
And I love how this tree looks inside my house.
Merry Christmas blog friends! Love, Titus

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pastors wives confess...

Public service announcement here...

I am not saying I necessarily agree with everything that is "confessed" in the link below (the wanting to slap the woman that annoys you at church" is prob not the best idea) but here's what I can say...

1. I laughed a ton at some of the pastor's wife confessions.....
the "avoiding potlocks bc you don't know how clean other people's homes are or if they let their animals on the counter" beyond cracked me up.
2. Ministry looks lonely many times for the wife...esp a wife with little kiddos. Bummer.
3. Ministry can hurt people and leave disillusionment. Protect us God!
4. Ministry can bless people and change lives through the redemptive work of Christ.
5. I like my jeans fitted too!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

Tonight when reading our Day-one-Christmas-advent-ornament thing I was so blessed by 2 things..
1. Titus sat in my lap still (miracle these days) as I read and he held the baby Jesus ornament. He held the ornament in his precious little hands and insisted on crawling around with it after it was over. Talk about melting his mama's heart!
2. The little devo talked about Jesus coming as a baby and being called Immanuel "God with us." It's clear God could trump our situation in .1 seconds (it's really not awful in anyway) but the amazing thing is that he promises to go through the bummers and amazing times with us. It was the a needed reminder for me tonight!

Hello Friends! Happy December One!! I really can't believe it's December already. I've always heard that time really starts flying once you have a kid, and I do believe it's true! This weekend kicks off the busy Christmas season for us. I think we have something almost every weekend night until I fly home for Christmas. I feel ready for it though minus the nagging cough that does not want to go away. No fevers but just lots of congestion. Hello building immunities phase of life. Oh joy!

I love the hustle and bustle of the season mixed the with coziness of our home. Sometimes I wish I could leave my house in Christmas decor all year long, but clearly it would get old and I refuse to be the people who look lazy because they still have their lights up in July. Sidenote- we have Candy Cane Lane going on across our street. I'm sure Titus will love it, but if this was a decorating blog (which it is not) I would kindly interject that 5 blow-up Christmas figurine type things and a projection screen with Santa plastered on your house is too much, friends, too much. End of side note!

So we are finishing a semester of grad school (yes, we... bc it def takes a joint effort here) with only 500 more to go, enjoying the season, and waiting on some things in Ryan's working world. This is where I would covet all your prayers. It seems like the same ole prayer we've prayed for so long. I so want to try and guard myself from becoming cynical about the situation because it's just not the place that's best for me to be. I know God hears and cares despite my feelings, but sometimes it gets a little weary continuing to ask the same thing. I feel like we are doing what we can do, but the rest is just up to God...and we need him to work! It has just been a slightly discouraging season for us in the working world. We get a little hope but then doors not completely closed but not swung completely open leaves us holding onto the one who "holds all things together."

Although the situations are far from ideal in multiple ways we have truly seen God provide and maybe that's just the place he wants to keep us for right now. We praise him for his continued mercy to be there with us as we hope and look to the future! We are so so blessed!!!!