Thursday, February 25, 2010

collections.. from 1993

I'm joining the bandwagon Kelly's Korner Show us your life "Collections"

Have you ever heard of Precious Moments Dolls. Seriously I have a few questions..

1. Who made these things? The tear drop eyes look depressing and their yarn hair.. really?
2. Have you seen the more dolly kind like the picture above?
3. Did you ever collect them?

I did. My sister's did and I can't tell you the joy I felt when I got my first precious moments doll. She had a pink dress and pink hat and she was holding a heart. If you think I was excited then, imagine the excitement when my sister gave me her collection. Sheer Bliss. It was kind of like a TY Beanie Baby Bear.. a collectors item that would one day pay for my children's college. Raise your mouse if you knew someone.. or worse you really believed that TY Beanie Babies would make you the big bucks one day? Ok, maybe I'll wish I kept my Precious Moments dolls and TY Beanie Baby Bear Princess Diana collection, but I'm pretty sure they were sold at a garage sale years ago. What do I collect now?

shoes.....and pacifiers...

diets blow

I am the world's worst dieter. Seriously. I don't eat awful, but the thought of counting calories or whatever makes me feel bummed. Since Ryan been away, I've started making some new nutrition habits. I like the fact that I am making some lifestyle changes rather than just a quick fix..for the most part.

So a gal from work were talking about how we would love to be the size we were on our wedding day...wouldn't everyone? I think it's possible, and I've been ready to take on the challenge. Our strategy?? We are trying to eat healthy, but mainly not eat sweets. I am on day 11 of no sweets. This is monumental for me. I can't tell you how bad I've wanted a brownie or some ice cream. I think I might reward myself this weekend for our anniversary. The good news? I'm a l lb less than my starting weight when I got pregnant with Titus. The bad news? I have a good 5-7 lbs to go to get to my wedding So why do I want to do this? Am I vain?

1. I want to feel and look the best I can for my man. I want to take good care of my body. After meeting with a trainer she said this would be the best weight for my frame.
2. Maybe just a little.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the mama

I never really fully understood the sacrifices my mom made until I had a child. I can VIVIDLY remember throwing up in a towel she was holding out in her arms as a child. It seems just like yesterday almost. Is that not the complete picture of a mother's love?

When you're sick there's one person in life most people want no matter the age..their mama. It's a weird feeling when you become the mom. When someone else is sick, you are the person he/she wants. Completely exhausting in the middle of the night, but completely rewarding when it's over. I've felt both this week.. but just not completely over yet. Titus was running a fever Monday afternoon and I went straight from work to the dr. His previous ear infection is still not gone. Poor thing, but I'm hopeful that with this last round of antibiotics we'll knock it. I've had crazy allergies and sinus issues this winter. I have yet again, another sinus infection. The doctor is hopeful antibiotics will help, but who could know..I had a few rounds in Dec to no avail..just allergies. So Day 2 of going to straight to the doctor after I'm pretty much allergic to everything here except the people. Lucky me.

So that's a little update from my neck of the woods... although the week seems a little draining big plans are happening this weekend that I am looking forward too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

11 months

I must say that this past month kind of seems like a blur. At times it's been easier than expected, while other times my coffee friends (i'm a regular at black rock on the days I work) watch me put on my make up in the car and ask me how I'm doing only to hear.. "woo this single mom thing (for right now) is kickin my behind." I've been trying to keep things simple, which has led to a lack of pictures taken of Titus (ok, he doesn't really lack but in comparison to what I was), lots of laundry and dishes to be done, and things I'm behind on...and I'm choosing to blog. It's therapeutic and purposeful here in an effort to "catch up."

Since I've done this every other month.. I can't give way now. I'm just so close to hitting the 12 month mark and If I ever get around to that scrapbook (the kind you make on computer) I'll wish I had this.

So T, T-baby, wild man, ty ty, peanut head, bubbas (wow, I'm prob scarring him with these nicknames) what in the world are you up to?!?!?!?


-you are trying to walk and it's painful to watch. So close yet so far. You accidentally took a step the other day. It was graceful..just like me! ha
-you love to eat and seem to be a scavenger at school. if there's a cherrio on the floor you will find it and eat it.
-you are into everything. everything. for the record these puffs were closed when i walked out for 2 seconds to make a bottle.
-your fav word is still mama. love it. it was so weird but I was singing to you and I think you were trying to sing back. Only you didn't say the words but you did some sort of mama rendition while bobbing your head. so cute.
-you will hardly let me snuggle you unless you are asleep. You are active all day everyday (even when you've had a fever).
- you really love your dad. you were so clingy to him while he was visiting us this weekend. he loves you too.
- your fav toy of choice is the remote. I even bought you a kid one and you still want ours. figures...oh forbidden fruit.
- you like to watch cartoons. Praise Jesus. This is how I get ready for work in the morning.
-you love the kids at school. You don't really get the whole personal space thing yet! It's ok, they don't either!
-you are loved. we are so wild about you and are enjoying each stage.

Happy 11 months..only a little late. Can we do this past year over again and again? I've really enjoyed it..minus the whole lack of sleep thing! :)



Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our Valentine's Day Celebration was perfect. We needed it. I got my hair highlighted prior to the and it was divine. Seriously, it's so cheap, but I love how my little hair lady does color. She is from Vietnam and she just brought her sisters over from there. They are helping her out with shampooing and styling. Om, can I just tell you that one of the sisters shampooed my hair for 15 min and massaged my head. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I felt so pampered! We headed out for dinner and got our fav appetizer...calamari. OM YUM! Then we spilt roasted chicken and then onto The Doug Fir for dessert. A good time was had by all! Here's a peek at our night and our fav little person to come home to. Happy Love Day to you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Day

My friend is in labor. Her water broke at 3 AM this morning. She was at my house last night making some freezer meals. We kept joking that her water was going to break sarcastically. She even had all this energy and I googled it and we said she was going to have Simon soon. She did..or is. Crazy! Simon is Titus' friend. They talked in the car on the way to Winco and I'm convinced Titus was giving him the come out and be my friend talk! Im praying for a he1althy and soon delivery! This child is bound to be awesome.. his parents are the bomb diggity! ha!

My husband will be home tomorrow morning. It kind of feels like we're dating. Except we're married, but I can't remember the last time I bought a new outfit for a date. I miss him so much, but I am thankful I am so busy I don't have much time to think about it.

2 years ago on Valentine's Day we were 15 days away from getting married. It seems like forever ago, but at the same time like yesterday. Life has changed in such a short period of time. Whew... I'm tired! Anyways.. he wanted to cook this meal for me. He got this really good steak and made some rub for it(I think just salt, ground pepper and olive oil since it was such a good cut). He also made a sauce in which he had to locate green peppercorns and soak them for a whole day in vinegar. He then made arincini (sp?). It's rice balls with butter and fontina cheese ( i think). He was really proud of himself, and I was too! For dessert he made chocolate mousse. It was soo soo good... and I was soo soo impressed. We used our fine china that we got from a shower.

I think the reason why I remember that Valentine's Day so much because it was one filled with so much excitement, anticipation, and peace. I knew the step I was about to take into matrimony was God's best for me. I had no reservations. Ryan has been and will continue to be God's best for me.

Last year I cannot for the life of me remember what we did. All I know is that I was 37 weeks pregnant and NOT feeling cute at all. He probably rubbed my cankles or something! This year we have a real date in which I will savor every bite and not pick up food off the ground at the end of the meal. Yes, we have a babysitter. Although Valentine's Day is probably silly, I love a reason to celebrate!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

insert tired mind here

Do you know those nights when you should have really done laundry and dishes, but instead you did nothing except pay the mandatory bills? That was my night. By the time I got home and got a baby bathed and in bed I was wiped. This after work and a yet another doctor's visit. Double ear infection... I knew it (for once in my life). Poor kid. Oh ear infections.. I think he might be the child who gets them a lot.

In 2 days. TWO days.. my baby will be 11 months old. People, I'm not ready for my little baby to be a year. I am just wondering how I'm not going to cry through his entire birthday party! ha. I can see the home video now... "Here's Titus eating cake for the first time.. and here's Mommy unable to catch her breath sobbing." Attractive.

Have I ever mentioned that my family cries at really awkward times? I thought I had escaped it, but I too do it. Did I cry at my wedding? Maybe a tad. Did I cry at the rehearsal dinner during a sweet song? Buckets. I'm sure I'll be real mature when he looses his first tooth! Ok.. maybe it's not that bad! :)

Stay tuned to his 11 month update.

Friday, February 5, 2010

next best thing since sliced bread

Are you having a baby? Do you know someone having a baby? Have you ever made a meal for anyone who is recovering... or have you ever organized getting meals to someone? Look no longer...I might just have a lifesaver for you. Yes, it's just that great. All you need is the person's info.. and e-mail addresses for the ppl that may want to take that person a meal. They do the rest and can select from the available dates on the calendar etc. I think it even sends a reminder e-mail too. Yes, amazing. My friend told me about it and you can bet I will be using it as soon as a cute little man named Simon makes his arrival any day!

"But wait.. it gets better." Say you live far away or stink at can buy a gift card for the person on meal baby. Meal Baby also gives the person making the meal a chance to put in what they will be bringing so you don't wind up with 6 lasagnas! The best part of it all's free!

Check it outttt...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

oh what a night

Ok, nap time again and the 3rd day home from my 8 weeks of working full time. We spent last night in the ER. Titus' breathing was pretty fast due to the bronchiolitis (most likely from rsv). I called the dr. on call, which happened to be his doctor, and he suggested to have Titus seen last night rather than waiting. I was really shocked, but took his advice. He has also been wheezing so that throws another variable into it. The little guy was as happy as a little lark unless he was in a coughing fit.... so 4 hrs later.. a breathing treatment...lots of listening to him breathe..we headed home with an inhaler. Honestly, I really felt the Lord's peace last night as I tried to locate the right hospital (we were at one, only to realize it wasn't the children's hospital I thought it was, so we headed to the right one) and sat in the little er room. The hospital staff was so on it. I loved that the entire er was just for kids. It made me hope even more to go back to school to be a nurse. I was also really thankful that I WAS going home with my baby. I cannot fathom the pain of having a really really sick child (oh Lord, protect us).

Whew.. so it was a night. I kind of feel like "I'm every woman" today. Ha...thank you Whitney Houston, but know it is bc of the Lord's strength. I didn't tell Ryan until it was all over bc he was right in the midst of his night class where he had a big test. It's a hard, hard school and only getting harder by the weeks. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. What a peace to have a God that knows us and goes there with us...even while taking hard tests or going to the ER in the middle of the night.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nutrition wrap up

Since January is over... and February is officially here, it only seems fitting to wrap up my little nutrition search on my blog. Especially since my sick child is sleeping and I have a few minutes to spare.

Some of the things I've found are horrifying....esp in the arena of meat and animal products... yikes! In speaking with my pediatrician and a trainer at the gym who was a pre-med major.... they stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle and doing the best you can with what you have.

In a perfect world I'd buy all organic, eat at only organic restaurants, pay for the great supplements out there, but clearly it's far from perfect around here.

Instead... I will do what I can. I can not go to McDonald's on a regular basis.. I can eat raw almonds for a snack.. and I can drink my water everyday.

I can also exercise, buy what I can afford organic, and make sure Titus is getting healthy foods to eat each day. I can introduce more whole grains and try to keep out processed foods from my cabinet as much as I can. I can also let him be a cake on his first birthday...and go out to eat every once in a while. My goal is to set healthy habits in fitness and nutrition that will encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I can cut down on quick dinners of hamburger helper and cream of chicken based meals (mainly bc of the sodium), but I can't let nutrition consume me... I can be passionate about it though!

Maybe some weeks the best I can give is Taco Bell. That's ok! In my newly found passion, I will continue to research, listen, and be excited about health and fitness. It's really just the start. At the end of the day and when I look around and life seems so fragile, I have to trust My God who has mine and my families' days numbered.

So welcome February...and here's to the dark chocolate (it's a super food...thanks friend for that post :) )

Monday, February 1, 2010

little boys

I always thought I'd have 3 little girls with matching bows and smocked dresses, and then one little boy to ruffle feathers. Now I kind of think it might be the other way around (I do pray for a daughter), but think I will probably have a house full of boys that run me ragged and scare me half to death with frogs and garden snakes. I do love having a son. He's a barrel of fun and seems so simple most days. I came across a blog here that celebrates little boys this week. How funny, moms of boys need to create since bows and leggings are out! :)

So, not really creative, but this does my heart good. Yes, a pair of shoes brings great joy when I put them on my little boy. Maybe even more than my Danskos... and you know I love those! Something about those sweet little jeans and with some chucks makes me think I can do the whole Mom with lots of boys thing!