Monday, April 26, 2010


We are home in Charleston for a visit. I love spring here. I guess it's more like summer to most, which equals divine outdoor weather. There is so much of me that aches to live in this part of the country, so visits are greatly appreciated. Ryan has already enjoyed a nice surf session and we hit the beach one of the first days. Titus thought it was great. Taking a one year old is def more work than my days of pure-relaxation-laying-out, but it was awesome to see things through his little eyes. I wonder what went through his brain when he saw that ocean!? He is at such a interactive age and although I could live without him bumping his head all day long, this stage is a lot of fun!

With some more fun things planned next week further south, we are savoring our time with family here this week! When I think about these 2 weeks, I'm reminded of our 3 month blur. It's so nice to finally rest together as a family in the place we love. If only time would stand still. I have to battle against looking ahead to the crazy summer and savor the moments. Have a great weeks friends!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The site jump

Do you have websites you hit everyday? I've just recently heard of a couple (one I've checked since college) and they are fun and you can find a great deal.. if you keep an eye out. That's why I hit them each day and move on with my business.

so here they are...

Babysteals (they post a new deal at 8AM Portland time...11 AM Charleston)

SteepandCheap This is the one I've checked since college. In years past I bought my North Face jacket for ssssuppper cheap.

What's your fav bloggies?!

Happy looking.. or possibly Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wild Man T

Dear Titus,

You are 13 months... a few days ago. You also gave me a heart attack a couple days ago. Instead of saying "what your up to" because it's everything.. busy, jabbering, into everything, tandrums, hilarious and cute as can be... I'll share the day you almost sent me to the grave.

You have been a good little guy to watch your cartoons in the morning while I shower. No biggie. So, you and Elliot Moose (a fav show) were chillin. I hopped in the shower and just as I was putting the shampoo in I heard someone walking in the house. I thought a) it was the neighbor getting in their car (not in the house) or b) daddy had to run home to get something. Wrong. A moment later, I gasped when I heard you walking in the bathroom with your toy. You climbed out of your highchair. I still don't know how you manage to get out without it falling over or getting hurt. You walked in that bathroom with your chest help high smiling. Go easy on your angels, T.

So you're in the bathroom with me and are peaking your little head in the shower letting the water hit you in the face, still in your pajamas, you proceeded to DIVE into the shower. Heart attack number 2. Again, you did not get hurt (thank you, Jesus), but your mother was shaking at this point. I quickly undressed you (still in the shower) and gave you a washing early that day. I guess you like showers now, huh? I kept thinking the water in your face would bother you, but it didn't.

I am prepared to take the shame on, but at Disney World, I'm not trying it...if you want to will be on a leash. Sign me up for the awful Mom award, but I'm not risking losing you there, wild man! Toddler boot camp will be in order, possibly! Still a joy and delight...even in the wildness.

Love you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan

My husband has been telling people he was turning 28. Tonight we were talking about his birthday at dinner and he mentioned being 28. I quickly asked why he was saying 28... we recalculated and I was right. He's going to be 27. Bless his heart.. if he's forgetting his age now, what will he do when he's 56?! We had a good laugh.

Ryan has been such a blessing to my life. I mean, what do I even say about my best friend, the father of my child, and husband. After having him away for the Army, I am reminded of how much my life is blessed by him being there. He is an amazing father and I already see a special relationship between him and Titus. One of my fav times of the day is after dinner when he lays on the rug and Titus crawls all over him. He never lacks to make me laugh and surprise me with his romantic ways! ha. I'm def not the romantic one in the relationship! He is such a hard worker and juggles many things well.

A perfect day for him would include going on a morning bike ride, getting some lunch at a local Portland fav and walking around downtown, and then cooking a mouth watering meal in the kitchen. He loves to cook and is stinkin good at it!

In the past 3 years, I have been able to see Ryan go from being a single bachelor to great boyfriend, goal-oriented fiance, amazing new husband, hardworking father-to-be, and faithful husband and father. I'm so grateful to get to journey with him in life.

Thanks for letting me sing his praises here today.. I love you Ry! Happy TWENTY-SEVENTH birthday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Crazy to think we've just ended our first FULL week back in the same house since December. I can hardly believe where time has gone. Two words. Survival mode. We made it.. Hallelujah! You might be asking why the beginning of the third week in December, and that my friend, is because we left for Charleston then and when we returned, Ryan immediately left for Army training school. We are doing well amidst learning how to live together again! :)

I don't have any desire to ever do this again, and for sure not longer, but know how up-in-the-air the military world can be....but that's decisions for another day!

At first, Titus didn't want much to do with me when Ryan came home. I was shocked. I have been his bread and butter. Up with ear infections in the middle of the night, doctor's appointments, holding him down to get blood drawn (makes since now), and sacrificing my sanity to take the best care I could give while being a single mom. P-I-T-Y P-A-R-T-Y. To make matters worse, he would CRY when I would take him from Ryan. Ryan gleaned in it. It was slightly precious to see the love he has for his daddy amidst his confusion of whether he's coming for a visit or staying forever. Bless his heart.

Alas, we are settling into normal life (drill weekends included) and Titus wants his mommy again. I am overwhelmed with the Lord's goodness in looking back over the past few months. I've failed in ways FOR SURE, but the simple fact that I was not scared AT ALL and made it was an absolute miracle from the Lord. We live a interesting part of town and this is coming from a girl who wouldn't go in the basement by myself at night without Ryan.

I mentioned at some point the discouragement I felt over Titus' iron being lower than normal. Mildly anemic. I was horrified quite honestly and concerned (ok, really worried). Since he had been on antibiotics this was somewhat explainable because of the depletion of good bacteria, but still my biggest concern without a complete blood count was the what ifs. What if the reason the hematocrit count was lower was resulting from blood loss in another area OR the anemia was because of a possible leukemia. I know enough about the medical world to fascinate and worry me, but not enough to take a balanced/reasonable/wise approach.

After a month on infant iron, probiotics, juice+, multi kids vitamin, toddler dropper of echinacia (2 wks on 2 wks off during the onset of colds) and tons of broccoli, kale, etc, I am so so so grateful to announce the reports of his cbc... COMPLETELY NORMAL. ah. (All above was okayed with our dr). Thank you so much for your prayers.. and also his ears looked better Thursday so we might bi-pass tubes. I've never appreciated the gift of health more that in the last 6 months.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

It's about the matching outfits we have, although we are matching. After one returned shirt that I picked out for Ryan that resembled a decorated Easter egg, we have reconfigured and now match. It's not about the basket full of goodies for Titus...some of which he already owns (he doesn't know the difference and after a birthday has plenty). It's not about the eggs I will hide around our house and probably hunt myself (can a 1 year old really hunt eggs). And even though families are great here and missed there, it's not about the time we will spend together (some via skype).

It's a gift that I could never buy for myself or my child. It's the day that made the difference more than any other day in history. The resurrection. He beat it. Death that is. I love thinking about the stone rolling away. Except in my mind, I picture more of an explosion of the stone with Jesus overwhelming the scene with his light and radiance. Maybe I've watched too many movies, but my finite mind needs something to picture. I hope we get to see that clip-in-time in heaven. One of my fav newer hymns has to be "In Christ Alone."

I love this verse (or stanza or whatever you call it)

"There in the ground His body lay
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again (insert....woooooohoooo)
And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me (insert...ahhhhhhhh)
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ"


That just makes me want to jump up and down with a major sigh of relief at the same time! Ahh.. Sunday came not just once, but is celebrated in the hope we have because of Christ each day.

Happy Easter friends (and Happy Birthday to a cute little 2 year old nephew named Blake)!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

meet my new friend

I am proactively trying to rid myself of the junk spaces in our house and trying to give everything a place. It's easy for me to know where things go, but now that my awesome husband is home, it's not fair to "assume" he understands my system. Thankfully, he is on the organizational kick as well and we have a system going.

Meet dymo, my labeler. We are new friends. I have labeled many things in this house excluding my child and husband. I have invested in small plastic containers and organized away... including a first aid kit, to-be filed paper/bills, medicine etc. We have a long way to go, but I think this will help us in the long run.

I've found with organizing things, I save money...bc I know where things are. I know where every band-aid in the house is so its unnecessary to run to wal-greens and buy a box for $4.95. I also make menus most weeks and put it on my fridge. This helps me to always plan ahead (ie... take the chicken out of the freezer). I've concluded the Mommy brain wasn't just a pregnancy thing and since it's here to stay, I need help.

ok, just posting this makes me realize all the other things that are yet to be organized in this house. Come to think of it, that basket next to me is a wreck....ugh.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Have you ever had one of those moments where something was so funny, you only wished someone was there to share it with you. Today it happened, but I had my husband to share it with. I'm talking the kind of laughing in which you are glad that you use the potty 10 minutes before or you might hope you could fit in your child's size 4 diapers.

So Ryan and I were sitting at a light, minding our own business. I was in the backseat with Titus and lo-and-behold, an older gentleman pulled up next to us in his 4-door truck with all the windows rolled down. What I heard next gave me one of the best laughs of my life. He was looking straight ahead with his music turned all the way up singing his lungs out to "lay her down." Yes, this song talks about laying your lover down in her cotton gown and curlers in her hair. The best part.. he was dead serious. I kept wondering if he had this secret desire to be Conway Twitty and was letting it all hang out today.

Besides the fact that I was throwing up in my mouth, he was as tone deaf as they come, but it didn't stop him from singing his heart out. Yes, as serious as a heart attack he was looking straight ahead to his stop light audience. Good for him for letting his American Idol dreams come true on the front seat of his truck. I seriously thought I had to be back in the south because his accent carried through to our car and over our "discreet" laughing. Ryan is better at concealing his dying laughter than I am. I can't hold it back. OR maybe.. this was country daddy's April Fools joke. If so, thanks for the fooling today Conway.

So here's the song he was singing below....and come to think of it.. he had the same hair style as below.