Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 months part 2

A magical switch has gone off in my child's head. It appears most prominently when he wants something and doesn't get it.... like a water gun pump while eating dinner. At that point food starts flying off the tray and the arching of the back occurs. OR when Daddy goes outside to water our garden and he wants to go. Full out on the floor tantrum if he's left behind. I realized we are at this stage when I went to a bookstore to buy Bringing up Boys and left with The Strong-Willed Child. I try to remind him that his Mommy and Daddy know all the strong-willed tricks so it's best to not try. He doesn't take my advice all the time.

Even this stage leaves me zapped at the end of the days, I would not trade him for anything in this world. Words can even touch how much I love that boy! Each day we do have some victories. When he listens and makes a good choice to walk away from a "no thank you" he will clap and clap for himself. He's so proud and mommy is too! Amidst the crazy, he is becoming more responsive..his will, victories, talking, and funny mannerism. It's most hilarious when he tries to imitate us (and slightly scary too).

Boy, does having a child teach me a lot about God or what?!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Meet our new cars! We are so thankful to have gotten some great deals on the above models (same colors as above and years). I got a Honda CRV for our family car. Ryan got a Subaru Legacy. His car is older but only has 87k miles on it! We are thankful both cars have clean titles and get good gas milage! Ryan's car screams grandma, but he loves it. He added some racks and he is thrilled about it. Subarus are everywhere in these parts bc of the gas milage and 4wd! Ya know.. outdoorsy and green fits Portland to a "T."

I think it is safe to say it is officially summer here. We have had a full week of sun and I have LOVED IT. The city has come alive from the gloom. The sun came the exact day we needed it to for Ryan to have work. Such a reminder that God is going before us to provide our needs. Time and time again. Our windows are open and 75 degrees fills the inside and out of our house. Oh how we've waited for this weather!!

We're home today because T was sick in the night. A stomach thing has gone around at work. He literally gets pretty much everything at this age. I think it's pretty much gone and was short lived! Due to all the antibiotics he was on because of the ear infections, his immunity has taken a hit. I do find comfort in the fact that all the kids at work get sick this much at his age (except for the ears). The mommy in me could (and sometimes does) worry to no end about him getting sick so often. Still praying this summer will be renewing for T man!

Portland is probably the most perfect city ever for 3 months out of the year. There are farmer markets all over, concerts in the park, people outside everywhere, fresh fruit and cook outs. Sidenote... is it just the south, but why do people call grilling food outside a BBQ? BBQ is pulled pork right? Our house is divided on this!! ;) Amidst the unknown of the fall, we are savoring summer here! As David Crowder put it. "The Glory of it all is you are here."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Titus loves his Dad. He loves it when Ryan gets on the ground and wrestles him. Shrills of excitement are heard all through the house. He gets so excited when Ryan gets home from work and loves to follow him through the house. I can tell they have a sweet relationship this young. I can remember the day we found out we were pregnant. As I had a heart attack, 4 months into marriage, Ryan simply stated, "I've always wanted to be a Dad." How sweet. The guy is forever telling me he wants at least 4 kids and would love to have them close together. We compromise on this, but I hope we will get to have a full family when the time is right.

Ryan has a great Dad as well. I was so blessed to marry into a family with such an amazing head of the family. Dad Epp is humble and kind. He's a Godly man that loves his family and is a hard, hard worker. Ryan wants to be like his Dad. He is quick to call his Dad for advice when we need it. He said the other day, "I kind of feel like my Dad would just drop anything to help us." He's just that kind of man. Out of everyone, we are told the most that Titus looks like his Grandpa Epp.

I have a great Dad. He's seen me at my worst, and best. He can calm be in a way that few people in this world can. I literally feel like when I am in his presence, no harm can find me. I love my dad so much. He is wise, and the most generous person I have ever known. Generosity and 3 daughters leave you to be a poor man. He's rich in so many ways. His grandchildren adore him and his girls just like him. It makes me laugh and brings comfort to my soul to know he still calls me baby. ha!

Each of these men know and love Jesus. I am blessed to have them in my life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbye Jeep

So no, life isn't roses in the "Rose City," (hello cheese ball) but we did sell our Jeep in 1 day. ONE DAY. Peeps, we tried to sell that baby for 3 months before we moved out of SC. I even put $30 worth of gas in it today because I reaaaaalllly didn't think the lady would buy it, much less today. She did though! It was bittersweet to say goodbye. I still remember riding in that thing on our first date. "Just Married" with shoe polish decorated the back window as we left our wedding in that car. The day we went 25 mph down the freeway bringing home our baby boy is a precious memory tucked away in my heart. So long Jeepie. I think you were our last American made car! ;) Thank you Lord for our quick sale... can you keep holding our hands and lead us to the right cars to buy now...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faith journey

The past week has seemed pretty heavy.. Army job orders not coming through for Ryan (no work until October.. so now back to painting), ear tubes for T (we are having some issues getting the infection to resolve and drain still), fixing car brakes so we can hopefully sell a car (we have hoped to sell for 2 years), and some ongoing things relating to 6 month saga tying together a couple of our worlds out here. All of these things have been completely out of our control. We are learning and growing in new ways. I have found myself asking many questions. What do I really want.. do I want all the troubles to vanish? We have toiled though the endless what ifs.. how to responds.. what to dos... and I'd have to say our conclusion is "We want your will, God, but we want you to go with us and hold our hands."

We want to know that even though it's hard, he's with us. We want to know that even though some comforts are not as comfortable, he's filling the gap on when we don't know how or what to ask for. We want to know that he's working for our good and molding new dependence on him. We want to know that we don't have to endlessly and tirelessly work things out on our own, but that he's in control. We want him to guide us and change the desires of our hearts to his. That sounds so nice doesn't it...

We also want protection. We want a season of great health (ok, honesty..more than a season) and refreshment. We want our cars to sell and jobs to come through (basically if it keeps raining, little painting work is available), and we want truth to reign.

For some reason Ryan and I started reading a book together. We don't normally do that and I just happened to buy it a couple weeks ago. I have never read a book by Anne Graham Lotz, but remembered my Mom saying she wanted it a while ago.. maybe for Christmas. The foreword started with these 11 words... "The Bible is extremely clear about the importance of living by faith."

My reaction.. "Noooo not this lesson."
Ryan's reaction..."Oh great."

It's about the story of Abraham. Let's see where this faith journey takes us....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stuff Christians Like


There is a book/blog that is absolutely hilarious, but oh so true. It's called Stuff Christians Like. If you've grown up in the church, I'm sure this will give you a good laugh. It's pretty much the comic relief of the day! Enjoy!

The Stuff of Stuff Christians Like

#1. Putting a God spin on popular secular ideas.
#2. Saying “bless her heart.”
#3. Reading “love is patient” at your wedding.
#4. Books with people on the cover.
#5. Bootleg Cookies
#6. Songs with bottomless lyrics.
#7. Stryper
#8. Singing friends are friends forever at camp.
#9. Comparing Braveheart to Christianity
#10. Weird Memorabilia
#11. Thomas Kinkade
#12. Getting awesome in a certain number of steps.
#13. Adding gyms to your church
#14. Dating God instead of me.
#15. Calling satan “the enemy.”
#16. Greeting the people around you.
#17. Unspoken Prayer Requests
#18. Cross stitching bible verses.
#19. Dressing up church with cool words
#20. Psalty
#21. Saying “I thought marriage would fix things”
#22. Mixing sign language and music.
#23. Tattoos for God
#24. Church names that sound like clothing stores.
#25. Jonah, Noah and David
#26. Songs that sound Christian but aren’t.
#27. Famous Christians
#28. Rob Bell
#29. Not Dancing
#30. The end of the Harry Potter series.

Check it.. here

Want to read 500.. look here.

Just in case you ever wondered.. or if any of things are quite true, it's just more evidence that we "Christians" are in such need of a Savior. Daily. I think I could add a few more to the list, but maybe I should keep that sarcasm to myself today! Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

15 months

I'm reminded that I still should keep my Titus monthly updates going because it saved my mothering hopes on a little baby book I should have carefully written. Instead, he has a computer designed baby book with his updates....


15 months yesterday...

He's a trip. And busy. And hilarious.
In the past few months as a mother, the challenges with ear woes, fever bugs, and life demands have sometimes left me feeling like a failure. Titus' sweet little hugs and kisses extend grace when life leaves you feeling a little weary. He has been a ray of sunshine from the Lord.

T loves bath time, wrestling on the rug, singing and being outside. He finds great joy in running around in a circle in our house (all the rooms in our house connect into one circle). Titus just loves life. He loves other kids and loves to be around people. He is getting 2 more teeth on top to make 6 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Even Steven eh?

He has pretty much transitioned to one nap a day, however, bedtime comes early. He is usually headed to bed between 6:30-7 PM. We do flex on this of course, but not on days when he has been at work with me. When he's tired or hungry... let me tell ya... J-O-Y. It's ok because it leaves little guessing for us.

Love you Titus...more than you will ever know.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tubes in, fluid out.

This morning we set out for the Children's Hospital for T's tubes. It was an easy procedure and thankfully, wild man, handled it like a champ! Our Dr. and Anesthesiologist were fantastic. After Titus had his initial relaxer meds, he went right to the gas master and laid his head on his shoulder. They walked out without any baby tears and we headed to the waiting room. I had enough time to talk to my mom and it was over! Yay. The hardest part has been his mad hunger from not eating this morning and fussiness. Titus had an active infection this morning and lots of fluid. The Doctor came back saying he is surprised Titus wasn't more upset with the infection. To think he is probably use to it feeling bad makes me so sad for him. We will keep watching him closely this evening as the meds continue to wear off. Thankfully, it's over and was easy. It was what we needed today.

I definitely don't like being in the hospital because of my own child, and pray we will never have to be there again because our child is sick, but something about thinking of working with patients invigorates me. It invigorates me more to be a Mom, so I'm embracing that today! Back to my patient (when he wakes up).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bedroom redo in an afternoon...



So I had the itch to do something different in our bedroom. It's not that I hated it, but after 2 years of a red, black and white bedroom, I was ready for a change. The problem? It didn't really fit into the budget. Oh well, I could just stick with what I had. Until, a reward check came in the mail for a credit card that was paid off last year. I was so anxious to pay that thing off, I never cashed in the rewards. $43.60. I can't believe they sent it to me! Could I redesign a whole bedroom on that? Hopefully. Although we don't have new furniture or the nicest stuff, I've learned things can still be cute in the cheapness. I was going for a funky/vintage/modern look here. Between switching things out from other rooms, spray painting and finding things on sale, it's was a blessing in disguise for a Monday!

Bedspread- $25.60 (50% off at Target)
3 cans of spray paint- $8.98 (Home Depot)
Lily of London picture frame- $4.98 (Target)
grass in vase- $2.98 (had the vase and spray painted it green)
accent pillow- free...had
pictures- free..had bird print and fabric along with the frames
curtain- free..had in basement using for photography background
bird's nest- free.. pulled from another room.

total= $39.56

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well it's official in the Titus world that in 6 days (possibly..just waiting for the call to confirm) he will be getting tubes in his ears. Our visit to the ENT today confirmed it. We were blessed to see an amazing doctor and he certainly thought now was the time to move forward. Titus had an eardrum function test, his charts were reviewed and ears were checked all to signal it's time for tubes. Of course, there was a possible "he could grow out of it option," but the cons def out weigh the pros. Fluid takes so long to get off the years (correction, months) after tons of infections. I've lost count on how many he's had. Ryan had tubes as a child and the doctor commented on how narrow his canal is, making it harder for fluid to drain. Like father, like son? I'm sure all the exposure to colds this winter didn't help either.

I'm quite positive this mama will need to be put under to while wild man is in surgery. Thankfully it will hopefully be simple and effective within 15-30 minutes. We are praying God's protection over this little man like crazy. It's been a long winter here. I'm ready for infection free days ahead.