Friday, July 30, 2010

Fav Pland restaurants

When we moved to Pland, I was halfway through my pregnancy with wild man, and food was on my mind constantly. I was so sad to leave my precious Chick-fil-A, senor tequilas, Tsunami, Taco Boy and the Mustard Seed. Def all personal favs. Life without grits seemed like I was doing an injustice to my taste buds. Well, 2 years later, I have found my favs. They aren't southern but rich in cultural. Tonight, I have discovered my top 10 fav restaurants in all of Portland.

Here they are...

10. Biscuits. A breakfast place that is delicious.

9. Waffle Window. Basil, Brie and Bacon waffle with peach marmelade for $4 is yummy.
8. Le Petite Province. A french bakery with all kinds of breakfast pastries. The cheese danish is my fav. Ry loves the chocolate crossant. We love this on an easy Saturday morning.

7. Chipotle makes the world a better place. The lime chips are sooo good with a big burrito to spilt.

6. Ya Hala. I LOVE this place. It's a lebanese restaurant where they bring you fresh pita. We always get their hummus and like kids on a budget split a chicken kabob entree.

5. Cheesecake Factory. Who couldn't?

4. Oooki Sushi. It's the best sushi in my opinion in town. It doesn't look great from the outside but is awesome.

3. Black Rock Coffee. I had to include coffee.. it's Portland. My friends there have my drink ready when I pull up. I get coffee on the days I work. Tall Americano with 3 pumps coconut and white chocolate 2% milk as creamer. Yum and Yum.

2. Swirl. It's a nonfat yogurt joint
where you add your own toppings. Heaven.

1. Now, all these were in random order but this is my new fav. Typhoon. It's a Thai place with the best PAD THAI IN TOWN. Now, I have been on a search since Mama Fu's (a great joint in Charleston that closed) for a Pad Thai dish that matched theirs. Seriously it was the best...even better. I have found it and it's worth every penny of $10.95. When and if we move, and if all our family eventually moves from here... I will visit Portland IN THE WINTER for this place.

Who's hungry now?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer fun...

The past week T and I have had some fun times together. We went swimming at a local rec center with a kids pool, lazy river and water slide on Monday and a splash type park Tues. A good time was had by all. Once we get to the places, T usually can handle a little over an hour and then he's signing "all done" and saying "da" for done! We had a great time and I cherish the time we have when I can give him my undivided attention. In the pool, he was either nervous by all the water or all the people. He held on to me tight and I secretly enjoyed him letting me hold him for so long! :) Here are some pics of our week. I am amazed at how T is no longer a baby, but a little boy. Time has truly flown.

In fact, my big boy has been saying "ahhhbrey" around the house this week. I could not figure out what in the world he was trying to say and in what context he was referring to. Well, today I got it when I told him to say sorry for something. To my surprise, he didn't do the sign, but said, "ahhbrey." Bless his heart, he's been saying sorry all week, for what I'm not sure, but I could think of a few things! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Table transform

Some neighbors down the street had a garage sale Saturday. Out and about, I saw this table while driving. It's color wasn't really what I was looking for, but I knew there was potential for this $10 find! With some good 'ole spray paint and a bar of Ivory soap, my new table was just what I wanted in our hallway. You might be wondering about the ivory soap. Well, I was given the advice from a friend on how to distress pieces of anything without sanding your life away. Rub Ivory soap on the places you want distressed prior to spray painting. After the paint is dried, gently sand it off. It took .5 seconds!! I think this whole project took me 1 hr..including drying time! Do you see what we do most of the day in the background? Titus gets in and out of the pool 5 million times and I layout (yea right).. I mean chase him back to the pool.

before above...after below!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Fall,

It's on days like these that I never want the summer to end. My guess is that the temperature landed somewhere in the low 80s complete with sunny skies! It's also on days like these I wonder what the fall will look like. I just registered Ryan for classes after deciding together what would be most beneficial for him to take. Maybe I can add that to my resume someday, or maybe I should get a honorary MDIV??!?! If I've learned anything during the past 2 years it's that seminary is a joint effort (esp while juggling a family). Sometimes it means that I am taking care of Titus to free him up. Yes, mostly it means that.

Back to fall.. as class availability would have it... Ryan will be taking 4 of the 6 classes he has left before everything else can be finished online. Who knows what (if anything) this will mean, but we're celebrating the 1/3 way done victory!! This could possibly play into decisions regarding a job placement in the fall, or not at all. We are praying and seeking and that's where we'll leave it. We are open and torn. No audible voices from God here, but just simply striving to trust and obey and look to his word for our direction and savor his peace as he leads.... TOGETHER.

So Fall... I'm excited and slightly nervous about you. I love stepping out on a crisp clear morning and catching my first hint of change in the trees. Possibly subtle change or maybe bright colored change.

On a slightly different note, I bet there will be a really cute cowboy, road biker, robot or superhero somewhere around the end of October! ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Saturday was such a wonderful day. When we heard our little alarm clock go off (aka Titus) Ryan said he would take him and let me sleep. God bless him. Sleeping may be one of my favorite past times! He got T breakfast and they headed out for a Daddy date. They went to a bike shop, home depot and a french bakery near our house. I love the quaint little restaurants we have near us here. The local flair in the heart of Portland makes it a fun city to live in. While they were there they picked me up a pastry. YUM. It was such a gift to clean the house with just myself and get ready on my own time. I think it was also really great for Titus to have time with just his Daddy. Titus also cut the grass with his Dad in the hiking carrier. He LOVED it. Saturday ended with dinner with friends who are moving back to CO. So sad to see them go, but excited to see what God has in store for them! We love you DelG's!

(pic above.. i think he looks annoyed....this was after he realized he still had to take a nap on Saturday)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

16 months!

Titus is 16 months today. It seems unreal he's already this big, yet I can't remember what life was like without him. It seems unbelievable that I didn't know this little guy 2 years ago. Oh, how he's changed our lives. Looking through pics of last summer brought to mind how fast he has gone from my little baby to a little boy. The child sometimes (prob most of the time) keeps my nerve on edge, but thankfully we are able to have lots of fun amidst it.

16 months..what up homeboy??

-says "Daaaadddieee"=Daddy, bah=paci, da=dog, ma=mommy, momo=more (while signing) daktu= thank you (he has gotten a little lazy with this), ya=yes (hopefully m'am will one day follow). Vocabulary has def increased since the tubes, but I am still working to get him to use his words more often and at school.
-lost one tube and got an ear infection. :.......( I'm sad.
- is so obsessed with dogs I can't even explain it. one day perhaps.
- can follow instructions and when he does he starts clapping (for himself) waiting for me to sing the listening song.
- will not let me feed him anything. We have met independence this month.
- loves to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. When we pull up he is ready to jump out of the 5 pnt harness.
-knows where his belly button is... and mine...and daddy's. he likes to look for ours too. oh joy.
-runs.. doesn't walk.
- has 6 teeth with 2 more on top about to break through. He is still holding strong with 2 on the bottom!!
- melts out heart when he puts his head on our shoulder.
-poops 95% of the time 1st thing in the morning. The boy is regular.
-has become a more picky eater. Some days he picks and other days he eats a whole avocado.
-Will hardly drink milk unless I flavor it with ovaltine.
-is still 22.5 lbs. holding strong..while I follow him around with food all day!
-says please by signing for everything. He then proceeds to throwing himself on the floor and crying if I say "no thanks." Please doesn't work for everything. Hard lesson.
-got his first skinned knee. :( the first of many I'm sure.
-loves to look at his books and will sit though half of one...then onto the next!
-dumps out everything. everything.
-loves his paci and "rag." They are tight, and mommy is going to wait a while longer to say "bye." I don't want to imagine flying cross country without the paci!
- YOU ARE so so so so loved, wild man!