Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Titus is 12 days away from being 18 months and his three favorite things in life (for the moment) consist of

1. Bandaids. Seriously, every morning he gets the box from the end of the changing table and wants me to put one on his knee. He has had a couple skinned knees in his day thanks to the wonders of being outside and concrete. He also loves to pull them off in the car and ask for another. We are out of bandaids, but because I love him so much... I'll buy more and probably give him one on his non-skinned knee.

2. Asking what's that? It actually sounds more like "ssdat?" Thanks to my phonetics class, I could write that in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) but I'll save you the torture of my over-zealous mom syndrome. Ryan and I both agreed we started out answering by saying "that's a highchair, can you say hhhhiiigh cccchhhaiirr??" Now, after answering 5.5 million times.. we say highchair. I know, creativity at it's best!

3. Books. I'm hoping this transpires into a love for learning and reading, or it could just be that he doesn't want to take a nap, but he loves books. He asks to read 24/7, brings the book to me and plops down. Don't you love how you mom's start memorizing. By the 3rd kid, they won't get books.. I'll just rattle them off! (kidding)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughts from Random Girl

- It's mid 70s here and it feels wonderful.

- Fall is my favorite season. I love the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas, fall clothes, a season of regrouping, slowing down, and fall smells.

- Titus has been hilarious lately. You know you have to be the child's mom and dad when you think the way they say "no" is beyond adorable. He recently has been putting himself in time out when he does a "no no." Oh my. He is also interested in everything and points and says "dat" 24/7. I love this stage (minus all the redirecting), but I think I've said that at every stage. Titus "last year" is featured above. He no longer tries to eat leaves, but now eats his boogers.

- Ryan is gearing up for a busy fall. After this semester he will be 3 credits shy of the half way mark. 90 is the total. I think we've decided he is going to take the next 3 years to finish. It will be a welcomed change of pace... this means 2 classes a semester. 5 years total for a 3 year program while working full time and having a family. You go boy!

- My sisters and mom may be coming. PLEASE work out Mom/Sis weekend. They told me today the idea, but we have a standing invitation here. If I could lure them with things like Ikea, Cheesecake from CF, Multnomah Falls etc I totally would. I can make the list a lot longer.. say the coast or Seattle?? Really, they pick and I will even stand on my head. No pressure. Pedicures??

- My other sister-in-law and her family are moving. :( Sad. Yup, but we are excited for what God is doing and of course.. visiting!

- Zumba is my new fav work out ever. I sweat and have fun. The best part is that the instructor says it burns 800 calories. I'm not sure that is true though, however, I am really sore! Seriously, I've never loved working out, but I'm enjoying the post workout endorphins. I see how people start to love it. It's happening. Mark it down in history.

-1 month until we know more about Ryan's job situation. Praying October 1st will bring some needed clarity and direction.

-Through a series of God redirecting, we felt clear confirmation it was time to start visiting other churches. I have never liked "church shopping" and with a child makes it way harder. I never thought about nursery security until now! However, God who is so rich in mercy has blessed us with a season of refreshment.

The End. Thank you to all my family members for finishing reading this post!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Paci.

It's still quite amusing all the names a pacifier gets. Have a kid and before you know it the most bizarre names for a pacifier comes out of the woodwork. My husband still takes the cake for the beloved "wahwah" he had until three. I'm not judging. I was the girl who sucked my thumb until I was 5. Granted Ryan and I both had the same exact tooth that was crooked. Three years going to the Dental School Orthodontics place fixed my issue. Titus affectionately calls his, "Bah," while point with index finger to his mouth.

And now that we procreated, we have our own little addict in sheer form. I was pretty tired this evening, so the logical Mom in me decided this.. "Titus is like one of the only kids in his class with a paci, and maybe it's time to bid that farewell." That and the fact that he literally wakes up with it in his mouth can't be good for his pearly whites. He didn't think so and after an hour of him freaking out, we caved. Ryan said it was giving him heartburn and I was nearly in tears. He was still hysterical while I was rocking. Even when I gave it back, he still was upset. He has never cried like that in all his days, and if I waited any longer, my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Fight or Flight doesn't do well with crying it out.

He loves his paci, dog, and rag. They all can stay for now. As much as it's a battle now.. that paci has been a huge blessing and I will gladly offer it to my next baby! As of tonight.. we are waiting until he understands more. However, does asking for it mean he understands?! Maybe some extra love tackles will be in order tomorrow for both our traumas.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Surely I've read the date wrong. Is it really August 17?! It's been a busy summer for us! Ryan is finishing up his semester of school, anticipating a short mil school, and starting another semester. Basically that means it's the most stressful time of year for him. Supporting him and easing his load has become a necessity around here. We are excited for the fall and anticipating some direction in October.

The student in me dreams of school supplies this time of year. Buying new pens, organizing my binders and getting a new planner filled my mind. Oh, and the 4 years spent decorating my dorm room was too much fun! Back to school shopping for Mom? Doubtful. But here are some things I'm loving this fall.

1. My hair. Yes, I bit the bullet and had a chemical straightener put on my hair. I'm hoping this cuts down on fixing time. I can't wash it for 3 days, so I'm praying it works! It only took 3 hours!

2. I'm in love with ruffle jackets.. and everything brushed bronze.

3. Boots. I've had my eye on a pair since last year. Maybe after some hopefully successful Craig's List sales a camel colored boot will find it's way onto my feet!

4. Bath and Body Scentportlables. I've recently switched from Yankee Candle car fresheners to Bath and Body. A clean car with a scent from the season does my heart good. Sweet Pumpkin, here we come!
5. Fall festivities. I'm so pumped for the Apple F
estival, Roloff Farm's Pumpkin Patch and a cute little man dressed up for Halloween! I think this would be a great time for family to come visit. (hint, hint)

As if you didn't already think I'm type A, you do now! As much as the fall means rain here, I'm determined to embrace it and actively look for indoor activities for this little guy to enjoy. Although the thought makes me fell il.. there are good times to be had still. Bring on my vitamin D supplements!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

17 months

Titus, You are a whopping 17 months. You crack us up each day with the cute things you do! The other day I was telling you to be quiet and you looked over at me, put your index finger over your mouth and said "shhhhhh." I love hearing your little legs run throughout the house as fast as they can go. No wonder we work so hard for weight gain! When I say "we" I mean you.. not your mama! You never stop unless you are asleep or buckled in your car seat. Busy still should remain your middle name.

You have your opinions and often get impatient, but we're trying really hard and praying that Jesus would shape your heart and use that little will for his glory! Your obsession with dogs continues. Oh my, do you love them! You hate swings and cry whenever we put you in one at a park. You still are a good sleeper, but take just one nap a day, most days! You've become pickier with what you like to eat, but hopefully that's just a phase. You love your Dad and love to scream out his name. You are trying so hard to say new things. You love for us to read you books, but can't sit still long enough to get to the second page, and you're onto another one. Your favorite book is this Scrambled eggs book by Dr. Seuss. Speaking of scrambled eggs, you usually eat 2 with cheese for breakfast accompanied with some yogurt and fruit. You start out with a solid breakfast in the mornings!

I love you T and I'm excited to see where the fall takes us! ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cloth diapers

We own a Subaru, I have my nose pierced, and I just bought cloth diapers. Who will know I'm all southern?! I'm so surprised by myself, I'm not sure how to break the news to my husband. Ok, don't get nervous... I'm just talking about cloth diapers. It was time to buy diapers again and I thought, maybe I should just price it out again. Titus is in such a good rhythm with disposable diapers, so I'm not sure how this will go, but here was my logic.

I've never wanted to deal with scraping and washing poop out. I know it's just my child, but taking that sick diaper to the trash is my preference. My philosophy is get the nasty out as quick as possible. However, the boy only poops in the early morning. When we wakes up for the day, we change his diaper and its over with. We will continue to use disposable at night for that purpose. So... I priced it out and bought some prefolds and thirstie covers. The covers was what got me. They are so so so adorable. I'm hoping T will be ready to start potty training sooner rather than later, but again we'll see! Granted, I do have to wash, but I feel ok with it right now. Who could know, but here's to it!

-In "breaking the news" to my husband, I have to say he isn't really excited about this despite the promises to save money. He is thinking something along the lines of..."where is my wife and who is this lady?" I'm hopeful he will see how simple it really is!

I did the calculation and despite my original thoughts, I'm thinking this will be at least $400 to $500 savings a year. This is including extra energy costs, special detergent and the cost of the diapers. Yay!