Thursday, September 23, 2010

When flying with a toddler remember..

- you will be completely humbled by the end...for instance...
- you will get more "I'm so glad I'm not you" looks than you can count.
- you will use multiple forms of bribery and may find yourself making up songs about lollipops and listening. Walt Disney would be impressed.
- you will quickly realize that the itty bitty changing table in the bathroom is not made for dirty diapers.
- you may be completely grossed out when you have to use the bathroom while your adorable toddler stands in front of you and proceeds to stick his hand in the trash.. all while hitting some turbulence.
- you will think you have died and gone to heaven when that frustrated child falls asleep. Bliss.
- you will be sweating and haggard looking while running through the airport to catch your next flight.
- you will wonder why( after all this) your child bites your chest on your last flight since he has never bit you before.
- you will be thankful for the Christian lady sitting next to you, but secretly hope she would let you doze a few minutes since you were just bit and your child has fallen asleep.
- you may think about what an amazing story Christian lady has, although you may also brainstorm inventions on making flying easier.
- you may feel like a jerk.
- you may be so exhausted, relieved and emotional about seeing your own parents although the thought of where's my trophy may cross your mind?!
- you may call your husband and thank him that moving plans are in the mix while having a nervous stomach as the what ifs flood your mind.... I mean.. I'd lose any leftover marbles if I had to do this with two kids?!
- You may think.. it WAS worth even though that sleeping toddler did sleep and wet through.. on you...
- You may think that no one loves your toddler as much as you do..

And.. we may wish we had a toddler to fly with one day when our kids are grown and out of the house...

Yes, it was worth it. Praying round 2 goes a bit better! ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

my fav thing about Jan 1...

Ok, so you may never read my blog again after you hear this little secret. My fav thing about New Years Eve isn't really shouting Happy New Year, or wearing goofy hats! Are you shocked?! Just in case you are about to throw you computer on the ground with anticipation.. my fav thing about starting a new year is getting a new planner and filling in some dates. I love all the possibility of those blank pages. Much of my planning seems to fizzle in a week. For instance.. the 5 meals a week I plan on cooking gourmet (yea right) style!

I'm a planner. I like making plans all while writing in my organized handwriting in my planner book. And yes, God isn't really concerned about my planner book, but I am convinced he does care about the desires of my heart.. my dreams.. hopes.... ya know the real ones.

As much as I am a planner... I love some spice in my life. (side note- I especially LOVE spicy food. Oh my, the flavor. Chick-fil-A spicy sandwich.. om yes, please) But yes, sometimes adventures are really what I love. I've had some fun adventures that at the end I say whew.. I was nervous, but God we saw you and you were so real and it all worked out, and it was fun to see you show off. Does that mean it was easy or perfect? Nop. Bummer. Not going to lie.. sometimes I DO just want it to be so easy, perfect, and all within the boundaries of my fairytale. (This is where my balanced husband would kindly tell me to come back down and get my head out of the clouds..thanks, ry).

I'm at the "I'm nervous because it looks like a new adventure may be coming." We are praying, seeking and should have a better idea in 11 days. (gasp.. as my stomach does a flutter). I am halfway saying wooo hooo, high five, let's get crazy (like as in moving), but the other part of me is saying.. where, what, how, when for sure, what's the risk?? Can I blame this all on birth order or am I just really messed up?

All that while seriously praying and seeking...

So are you a calculated planner or a wild at heart adventurer?!

- We would SO covet your prayers during the next month. Thanks so so much! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pay back..

As a little child I completely gave my parents a run for their money. I was naughty to say the least! I can see the little wheels turning in my little man's mind some days and I know I may be in for it at times. Thankfully, I was a very obedient teenager! I will pray for that! :) He can be a challenge, but he is stinkin' funny amidst the challenge.

For instance... Since I'm in Charleston we are around my family all throughout the day. Titus hears them call me Jess. It's what Ryan calls me, but many times we end up saying Mommy and Daddy. Oh, what have I come to?!

Well, Titus thinks it's a great idea to be like his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. He now likes to call me "Jess" too. I keep telling him, "I am Mommy to you," but I think he kind of likes to give me a good run for my money. How in the world can a 18 month old pick up on this??!?! My oldest sister noticed it tonight without me having mentioned it. Oh man!

Pay back possibly or humbling? I guess it's fitting that he will be a type of jungle animal for Halloween!! Any guesses here?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the south

The great northwest is beautiful, healthy and rainy. You've heard that before from me right. No surprise here. I often been shocked by various things there, but after being there 2 years, certain things become more normal.

For instance.. it's so normal to me to see people begging for money everywhere. everywhere. It's like not coming to an intersection with signs for money seems strange.

I've noticed things in the south that people from the northwest would be totally confused by. They would literally think they just stepped out of Gone with the wind.

What's different?!? One thing is the way people dress...esp kids. People from the west would be so confused by smocked dresses and "jon-jons" and certainly the shoes that go with them. It's true people spend big smackaroos on this stuff, but many moms would not fathom having their kids dressed in anything else! I've never dressed Titus in the gear in Portland because I haven't wanted people to think we were a) crazy or b) going to a Lewis and Clark type reenactment! I like it because it's what I've known all my life, but be married to a non-southern man we compromise with overalls! :) If I have a girl one day.. smocked wins!

So.. what do you think.. has the south lost it or should this tradition live on and on.

For my "non southern" friends.. is this the weirdest thing you've ever heard of?!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

18 months

It's 9-11 and that means a few things.. my in-laws 39th (i think) wedding anniversary, the tragic terroist attacks, and my sweet boy is 18 months. All 3 greatly have impacted our lives.

I will never forget the lives were lost and the attack of our freedom my 10th grade year in high school. I remember when our teacher turned the tv on in English class knowing her brother worked at the Pentagon while saying, you will never forget this day. I also know my little family's life has been impacted by 9-11. War demands so much from a military family. The constant wonder if my husband will have to go again is real and much greater for so many.

My in-laws marriage is real too! We are so grateful for Grandma and Grandpa Epp! They love big and deserve a great day celebrating their sweet union of marriage!

And T man... my good buddy, tyty, bubba, lovey, and baby it seems so fast these 18 months have passed. You are a pill some days but also a joy and delight to your Daddy and I. I love you more than you may ever understand..until you have your own little man!

So.. you...
- continue to grow and have had a healthy streak since the tubes and a early July virus. Such a blessing to me and my mama heart.
- make us laugh with your little dances, expressions and busy nature.
-love bandaids, animals, balls, and playing. You are full of life!
- are a picky eater these days. Sad.
- are 34 inches, and 24 lbs. That brings you to the 95th percentile on heigh and 20-30th on weight. Eat boy eat!
- are a snuggle bug when I put you to sleep. heaven to me.
- love to sing.
-love books but won't usually sit past the first page unless it's bedtime.
- are trying new words each day.
- point to your cheeks when I tell you to close your eyes when we pray. haha. not sure on that one.
- give sweet kisses usually going for the lips!
- love your Daddy. You 2 are buds and I love getting to see that relationship form. Daddy said he wanted to cry thinking about not seeing you for 2 weeks! Is mommy chopped liver or what?! - run to timeout when you disobey, but I think you think it's hilarious. Hard not to laugh for mom too.
- continue to be our champion sleeper. We will hope other brothers or sisters are too along with sleep training.
- like to color. esp on yourself.

Your an awesome tod. I love you and would never trade you for the world (despite naughty behavior on an airplane!)

Love, Mama

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting this town!

That's what we did from the second my Mom arrived to when she left. I think teaching k-5 keeps her energy high bc I'm pretty sure she could run circles around me..or maybe it's those super packed health smoothies she drinks!!

My Mom was able to come out of the gang last week. We did everything from hiking at Multnomah Falls, to the Saturday market, shopping, the pearl, out to eat and Hawthorne. And of course, it would not be a west coast visit without a trip to Trader Joe's. That was an experience for her (and me) as we somehow went on costume day. Not sure about that one!!! It was awesome for her to see my world here.. what I love and the culture I live in. The weather was gorgeous with a cloudy day thrown in. Not sure she saw the 9 months out of the year Portland completely, but we'll take the pretty days!

So yes, such an awesome time. Our season here could be coming to a close soon, so I was especially thankful she got to come. Last time I had just had T so the sightseeing piece wasn't as much my thing. Hopefully better insight in October but for now it's a def wait, seek, pray and try not to freak season. The freak part would prob be a specialty of mine (unfort).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall decor up!

One of my favorite things to do is shopping ahead. You get the best of deals. I do this for T's clothes, decor for my house, and often gifts. That probably sounds cheap, but it's the way we can afford things that I we otherwise would not. I am just finishing up T's clothes for next spring and summer. I always have to fill in some, but for the most part, I get it 75% off. Yay!

I thought I bought some fall things last season after Thanksgiving, but couldn't remember for sure! I was pleasantly surprised when I went downstairs to look. Now, it's officially fall at my house complete with Bath and Body pumpkin wall candles. Even Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes are in our cabinet. I think Mimi will enjoy some this weekend while my neighbors think I am crazy for having my fall wreath up! I'm sure the neighbors with Christmas lights up won't mind too much! :) They don't just plaster "keep portland weird" bumper stickers everywhere for nothin'! Believe me.. fall wreaths on September 2 and Christmas lights year round don't even touch "weird" here!

In other news.. Mimi is coming and we are so excited.. I promise pics will come at some point, but for now it's time to get myself out of my cleaning gear and into something presentable!