Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slowing down

The summer in Portland seems to fly by. Its gorgeous and there is a million things to do to enjoy the beauty of summer. Fall seems to slow down. This fall has seem to fly by, but it's slowing down at just the right time. Ryan will hopefully start orders here in December (Oh Lord, you know) and we will stay put until his long term job opens. I think thats the plan at least. For me, I'm slowing down for the holidays and will be once again, a full time stay-at-home mom.

In the past month, I've been reminded that although my job was awesome for the season, it's time for me to be at home with my boy. I feel such peace in this, although the future seems less calculated. I have felt God asking me, "Do you realllllly trust me, Jessica." Time and time again, we have seen God move when things have felt uncertain. He always proves himself faithful, true, good, and our hope. Although things don't always go my way, I've seen the beauty of walking and abiding in him.

So as we slow down this fall, there are so many things I'm looking forward to.. (doesn't sound slow).... carving pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Christmas shopping, decorating our house for Christmas, time with family reading the Christmas story, cookie baking, visiting family, the Christmas Eve service... and of course seeing Christmas through my little boys eyes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. The rain is back. Basically this means that there will be 95% rain with a few beautiful days mixed in through the end of June. The thought feels overwhelming, but alas I will embrace it with my boots, hat, and story time at the library while we are still here. My (once again) doctor prescribed mega therapeutic vitamin d so that probably won't hurt anything!

2. Titus loves to scream "no" He used to say it sweetly, but not as much anymore. We have been telling him not to say it like that so you know what... he started saying "nop." Oh my.. how does a 19 month old put that together.

3. My theory is that every parent needs a strong willed child. If they don't, I think there's a chance they will start to think other ppl are bad parents, don't discipline.. or (gasp)... they might get the parental cockiness thing going. So if you are like me.. and your child has a strong will.. thank God because that will -will- keep you humbled and real. This is me speaking from the mother-of-all-strong- willed disasters at a Halloween party. My little shark was out to bite his parents! (Yes, we switched Titus' costume to be a shark). Ryan is going to be a surfer and I a beach bum!

4. Praise Jesus, that wild shark is like him mama and loves to sleep in. Granted, he normally doesn't sleep in until 9:00 everyday, but today he is still fast asleep! He makes up for it when he is awake though!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

3rd Annual Roloff Farm Trip

3 years ago I was 20 weeks pregnant looking forward to my little pumpkin on the way...The next year, my little pumpkin was as cute as he could be and I loved getting to take him to The Roloff Farm for our first year as a little family!

This year, we had another great time with our growing pumpkin. He is such a gift to have and has blessed our family so so much!

We headed to our Annual Family Roloff Farm pumpkin patch. I love going. Each year we grab a fallish drink (pumpkin shake or pumpkin spice latte), bugerville and head out to the Roloff Farm. This is where the Little People Big World family live. This weekend Ryan was supposed to be in class ALL day. Not fun. However, 3 days before he got an e-mail saying the class was cancelled. Not really what we were hoping for since all his books were bought etc etc. Thankfully, he will be doing an independent study now and it freed up a weekend together! So all that information to say.. we now had a day we could head to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, it was raining. Bummer. We went anyways and the skies opened up when we arrived. Thank you Lord! It also kept the crazy crowds away and we were able to talk more to the family members. They were really nice.. esp the grandparents and son, Jeremy. Good times!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been backing up my computer to an online storage for the just-in-cases in life. It will probably take the next 15 years to get it all on there, but my computer has been out and open a lot. The other morning I found Titus checking his blogs. I'm sure he's seen me do this a time or two. My exact words were, "Freeze." Instead of worrying that he would push my lovely computer off in excitement and grabbing it off, I ran and took a picture. Smart Mom. Thankfully, the computer and I lived through it. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for this one..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

waiting. again.

**I just noticed my opening paragraph got lost with the picture uploading...whops.. here is is again! :)

The long story is long to this whole "waiting" thing. The short story is.. excited, waiting, disappointment, bummed, still waiting + major praying. Still in season "i am so over," yet God has reasons beyond my understanding. Amidst the waiting, God's faithfulness has been so evident to give us some great times in Charleston and Ryan at a training, a zoo trip and just moments when a sweet hug and kiss from a wild man couldn't mean more. He has also been healthy, which is SUCH an answer to prayer and his iron has held strong! YAY!

We are waiting for Ryan's job. Little development except the start date got pushed back. The Army can do things like that. It's the Army. Thankfully, he still has a job here. My job will be changing too due to having to pay for T to go now. It doesn't feel like great timing, but since there has been SO many closed doors, we know it's God. He's at work.

A common thing in our hearts has been prayer. Like over and over. We are "praying until we pray" and trying to take in the lessons we have in the waiting time. To be honest, it feels like we've been waiting for 2 years, as Ryan has been ready for a while to make career changes. I know God is not surprised by this so we have to trust that his ways are higher than our own.

In reality, I am so thankful we are NOT waiting on some really life threatening things. Sometimes I just have to sit back and count my blessings and we are doing that in prayer.

So.. Maybe I should just re-arrange that list despite my frustration with "today" to be once again..waiting.. and excited.

Excited to see that God is working things for our good, that he's so close, that we can have a great fall, joyous Christmas and new start to the year despite our wishes to be doing something else. Savior, YOU can move my mountains.