Monday, November 29, 2010

Grateful for God's Protection

Played by the FBI. Have you heard about it? If not, you can read about it here. I could hardly believe it when Ryan and I heard the news discussing a dummy bomb set to go off at the Annual Christmas Tree lighting just a short distance from where we live...all in the name of jihad. I even thought this year how we should go, but decided bedtime for T and a large crowd outside wouldn't be the best idea.

It is a reminder that threats are all around us....still. It was a reminder of God's protection in ways we can't see and situations that are out of our control. It quickly puts things in perspective when something completely off my radar could change so many individuals lives so quickly. The fact that this individual was reminded multiple times that it was not to late to get out as many families and children would be there makes me want to vomit. The fact that he didn't want anyone to leave unharmed.. either dead or injured is beyond sick.

Oh Lord, may we look to you as the one true God grateful for your protection. The God who doesn't pervert the sanctity of life all in the name of religion, rights or gaining favor. You are true and your ways are good!

Once again, I'm thankful.

Sunday, November 28, 2010



I think one of my favorite sounds is hearing my child belly laugh. It means they are healthy, having fun, not in trouble (most of the time), safe, and content. In those moments it seems all is right in the world. On a day where T was not feeling great and therefore a bit more work, I came across the picture. You're so worth the tantrums, mild heart attacks you've given me for trying to climb up or out of your high chair, and for all the tricks you try to play when it's nap time or bed time (more eat, eaaaat, rock, more rock). I'm thankful.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a few of my fav things..

Who doesn't love Oprah's fav things show?! I sure do, and of course could only dream of going, but for now.. these are a few of my fav things.... recession/budget/seminary edition.

1. H&M skinny jeans. This is a brand spankin' new one for me, butI love the cut and fit. Want to hear the best part on the skinnies?! $19.95. I usually go for Vigoss skinny jeans, but these have taken the cake this year!

2. Nordstrom Rack. I actually love Nordstrom, but because I can only afford sharing their grilled cheese kids meal and tomato soup (which is delish) with my 20 month old, I opt for the Rack. PS.. The rack in on groupon in Seattle and will be in Portland Monday (you can use the coupon anywhere though and buy in either city).

3. Chipotle. YUM YUM YUM. I never thought Moe's would have competition, but alas this blows Moe's out of the water. The best part to the goodness is splitting a chicken burrito with my husband, chips, and rice/beans with cheese for T and we walk out spending under $10!!! Their medium salsa is spicy and heavenly. Yes, Please!!

4. Ikea napkins. I love them and get a fun color/print for each season. It's the little things right?

5. Burlap. I love to decorate with it. No joke. It's so cheap and is 100% my style in decorating. This year our kitchen table has burlap trees and 2 tones of burlap for a runner thanks to the ShantyChic idea (although mine is probably a bit different bc I don't have a ruffler foot).

6. Distressed furniture. I love the look, price and more than anything.. DIY projects. They give me a rush. One of our 2011 projects is building Titus' first bed. We bought an old door from a yard sale and will be stripping, painting and creating a headboard, footboard and frame for it. I'm thinking a vintage bicycle theme will work or a rugged cowboy look will be our inspiration. What do you think would fit for our wild man?!

7. Obviously, you know TJ's is a fav along with the prices of dreaded Winco, but for a non-seminary budget date.... I LOVE THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. Everything from their apps to dessert (cheesecake) is delish.

8. Bath and Body hand soap. Is it bad that I really love to have a different one for every season. It keeps me inspired to keep my hands and house clean! :)

9. Forever 21 earrings. Watch out Charleston gals, you will love these earring deals when the new F21 hits! :)

10. These boys. One keeps me sane and the other on my toes, but both bring me so much joy.
Happy Favs! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


I was slightly bummed this year. I didn't know where to take a box for Operation Christmas Child. This would be the first year I haven't done this since I was little. I knew it was time for the drop-off to happen so I decided to search for drop-off centers. (duh? The thought came slow for me). A church 10 min away is collecting. We actually visited there a couple months ago. I'm not quite sure how I miss the OCC stuff there.

I began to think about what it Titus didn't have anything for Christmas. What if he didn't have toys, lots of food or even a Mom or Dad? 2 things happened in my heart...

1. I knew we would pack as many shoe boxes as we could and I would never let inconveniences dictate our giving again.
2. For the first time ever as a mother, there was a longing for a child far, far away.

The first can be easily solved, the second will take lots of time and prayer and money. The last is something a seminary family is lacking and with ministry on the horizon, it doesn't look promising. I could only count such a privilege to one day adopt and know if this is what God calls us to, he has already carved the way.

BUT... for this Christmas.. we can give it away.

*** Ryan just saw this and said veggietales??? Even though we are parents and love Veggietales, Bob won't be singing! :)


Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas cards

In our house, Christmas is in full swing. We are celebrating with Ryan's family a bit early this year, so I've jumped on the ball with the gift buying, and Holiday fun. I'd say putting up decor is early, but we all know it happens every year! After almost 3 years of marriage, Ryan loves it just as much as I do.

Last week we took our family pics... with a tripod! :) It was the easiest and most budget friendly thing to do this year. We went with the one that Titus was actually looking in the right direction. I guess a smile was too hard to bargain with when my Ryan had to be sitting in class 15 minutes later! I was trying to hit it before the rain and I think we made it by the skin of our teeth! :)

So... the next thing is naturally cards! I've recently used Shutterfly quite a bit. With various groupons and promotional codes, you can't beat the savings. My love for all things pictures has had fun. My only struggle now is picking the right card.

Classic?? I love being able to add a variety of pics with our initial in the middle!

Christian?? I love being able to shine focus on Christ during the season, while enjoying a eye pleasing card!

Cute??? Multiple pics, a little funk and my fav colors.. this might be it!

Hopefully I'll decide and mail those babies out before 2011!!

Thanks to Shutterfly for letting me blog on Christmas cards this year and put my moola on something else! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

20 months

His.. Mom, are you seriously still taking pictures of me... face.

happy boy!

"weeehaw" (as he says)

What a fun, fun, fun age this is with a gracious plenty of redirecting! Since I forgot to post a 19 month deal.. I'll catch up with 20. I promise, I won't do this for like month 52!

Wow, he is changing every day and I am loving my extra time with my wild man. He keeps me laughing and on my toes. He is my little shadow, but I don't mind. I wouldn't have it any other way!

The things he comes up with in his little lisp voice cracks me up. His new thing is saying his name. He will sometimes (when of course he's in the right mood) say his whole name. Of course it sounds more like.. "Ti-ssss rin Ep." My favorite thing he is into at the moment is singing and puckering up those lips. He goes straight in for our lips too! He loves to sing and we nearly killed ourselves laughing when he dead-on hit this higher note at the end of one of his shows on tv. He was so proud and we applauded his singing. I'm hoping he turns out to have his Daddy's voice!

He also likes to pull out all his toys and look at them. He esp is enjoying his Little People sets and tools. Whenever he sees a donkey or horse, he says "eeeey oooo." Not sure about that one! He is quite obsessed with animals and his stuffed animals. I am enjoying his interest in playing with his toys though and giving me a break here and there.

Homeboy still has his opinions and is a work in progress on the sharing thing. It's a very humbling process for the Mom. If only I could snap my fingers and make him a gracious, kind, and compassionate little gentleman. Mrs. Duggar (thanks, 19 kids and counting) gave me some inspiration on what to focus on with my boy.. attentiveness (I want his eyes), obedience and self control! We are all such a work-in-progress and I see that in myself and child! I'm hoping some things are just a phase, although I don't want the hugs and kisses to end! ;)

What a joy Titus is to me and his Daddy. I am loving this season and focusing on doing lots of family fun Holiday things! So far, we've started our chocolate advent calendar (early, I know) and singing "Away in the manager" while he holds his Little People baby Jesus. He can't quite say Jesus, so he has shortened it to "Jez." I nearly cried with joy when I heard him say that. I'm sure Jesus doesn't mind the shortened toddler version of his name too...

Happy 20 months sweet boy and Happy Veterans Day to his Daddy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

We have been celebrating fall with pumpkin break, pumpkin butter, apple cider, a pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving. It's been fun. Maybe I've felt the need to completely celebrate fall in October because we are planning to start Christmas in a couple of weeks. I do love Thanksgiving, but with traveling we want to enjoy Christmas as much as possible. I know Titus will be so so excited this year to see his tree in his room etc etc.

Back to Halloween. Titus had a couple of costumes. The sock monkey was my fav, but Ryan didn't love it so we picked up a shark costume at Old Navy when they went on sale. Gotta love a first born child. I know, I know.

I was starting to think this shark costume gave my child some alter ego because he was a piece of work the 2 times he wore it. Thankfully, once his buds arrived at our Halloween party, he turned off the shark attack. It was a good thing he did. Ryan and I decided to join in the fun and dress up as a beach bum (I) and a surfer (Ry). Good times. I think my favorite part was hearing my little guy attempt to say Trick-or-Treat. It sounded more like "tri-tre."