Monday, January 24, 2011

miscellany monday

it's monday and a perfect day to link up with carissa at lowercase letters.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

We went to Chipotle for lunch yesterday and I was getting Titus a kids meal this time (he usually just get a side of rice and beans with cheese). I asked the cash girl if their milk was whole or 2%. The girl looked at me and said it's organic. I tried to rephrase the question and she got the milk looked at it and said "IT's JUST ORGANIC" like she was annoyed. I was nice the whole time and just got the "only organic milk." It was 1% and we had a good laugh at our table.
My advice to her (that I didn't say), "stay in school and don't get pregnant anytime soon."

Speaking of "organic." Can I just tell you a pet peeve? It's not that I am in a bad mood or anything today, but it fits and I find this so annoying. I have no idea why this annoys me but when people use the word organic not talking about no pestisides or antibiotics it drives me batty. For instance someone is talking about church and says, "yea, our worship at church is just really organic." I guess this means not a lot of extra stuff, but it's like they want to say simple, but "be with the times and make it cool." It's usually an older guy trying too hard that I've heard say this. It would be like a parent saying the word "phat" when it was cool. Somethings don't work.

All I want to ask back (but I refrain from trying to be a smarty) is, "so did that worship get a usda stamp of approval?"

Titus has 2 more sets of teeth that need to come in. Although he is probably a bit more grumpy when he is teething, I heard horror stories and teething wasn't as bad as I imagined. Just like with sleeping... I thought I'd never sleep again after I had a kid, but I do. I think the maddness must start to happen with more kids, or more challenging kid sleepers. I guess I'll just be thankful and get my extra zz's now.

I love my husband. We can seriously drive each other crazy, but I can see so much humble growth in both of our lives since day 1. Yesterday morning before church, he got up with Titus, let me sleep in, got him breakfast and did the dishes. This isn't abnormal. He's a great help to me. We have had so many unknowns in our marriage with jobs etc. God has been faithful, but there have been some nail biting days. This week is one. We have found that being on each other's team is a good thing.

The health and wealth gospel makes me want to vomit. Few things give me that much repulse in my stomach like this does. It's the belief that "if you follow Jesus, everything will be good, easy etc." I feel like my radar is off I can see in my own life how this so deceptively slips in. What a comfort to know God is actively redeeming the bad and he is enough for the unknown and hard situations. Piper has some thoughts about this.. below.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rookie Mom Wednesday... on Friday


My favs for the moment as a SAHM

1. Snack traps. This is great for snacks on the run. Hurry to Target, bc they have the cheapo version in their dollar section right now!

2. Meyers All purpose spray. While lemon verbena is great, basil scent is my fav. It makes me excited about cleaning and leaves my house smelling fresh. It's also non-toxic in case my child decides to lickthe counters. In all reality, I like the non-toxic thing for using on his high chair.

3. This sandwich. It's a homemade Jessica knock-off from a local bakery. I spread some cream cheese on toast, add a tiny bit of cranberry sauce and some dried cranberries along with turkey and fresh greens. It's a filling and yummy. I get so sick of lunch food, this spiced things up for me.

4. This recipe. Coconut Chicken! It's easy and Titus loved it. Instead of the orange marmelade dipping sauce (with honey), I used apricot jam and added a little water. Thanks blog-friend-lady-that-I-don't-know!

5. Reading. It's so nice to transport myself some evenings while Ry does homework. I'm reading Redeeming Love right now and it's actually in the slow part. I've heard it's the best book ever so will keep trucking along! I'm also reading Ann Voskamp's book that arrived yesterday. So good. I'd love to be at the point in life where I don't read five books at once, but it's probably one of my ways to recharge. I'm a bookworm and possibly a student at heart who wishes I could buy new school supplies every fall, just because!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rookie Mom Wednesday!


(sorry the above is so small. Maybe one day, I'll fix that).

Welcome back to the mud puddles! Here's what I've learned after 7 times of flying by myself with a toddler. I'm pretty sure it's 7, maybe 8 or 6. Things get foggy. After ALL these times, I still hate it. I still dread it, and usually can't sleep the night before. I've gotten pretty good ways.

I have a bag of things I need that can't be packed in a suitcase in a mini-hiking back pack that goes overhead on the plane and a bag of things to keep a kid happy that I can grab in a second under my seat. I've learned that if Titus is in my lap, he will only go to sleep in an ergo. Extra pacis are a necessity and usually loose a couple each flight, and a dippees and wipees mini bag should go in the magazine holder for a quick diaper change grab. And I've learned that chocolate kids ensure on plane is a sure stain bet.

We bring a portable dvd player, crayons, a doctor's advice (anyone get that), toys, and snacks for the entire plane. Maybe not the entire plane, but it feels like it when gummy snacks are in every crevice of our bag.

The thing I have needed on every flight (in some manner) but have YET to pack is an extra shirt for myself. I've been pooped on, leaked on, spit up on, drooled on, sippy cup spilled on and stuck in a city overnight in a nasty shirt. Each time I think, there's no room, I can't. And each time I think, I SHOULD HAVE PACKED IT!!!

Somedays, isn't that just what happens. Our kids look adorable and one make think we have it all together until they find out our hair hasn't been washed in a couple of days! Sad part is.. I only have one kid! ehh!

Not next time, my friend, I'm stuffing a clean shirt down there and may just put it in a ziplock bag for safe keeping!

Lesson: pack an extra change for yourself too. Poop smells bad whether it's on you OR your kid.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All things Titus at 22 months

Wow, so much to blog about that's happen in the past month..
Charleston, Christmas, New Years, crazy flight back that landed us in Milwaukee, WI for 24 hrs, returning to Portland, and all the life that happens during. Of course, all that has to wait because my little cowboy is 22 months old today. Wow, when did that happen?!

Titus continues to never meet a stranger, be full of energy running as fast as his feet will carry him (actually he runs on his tippie-toes for a Peter Pan type look, but hopefully he will grow out of that eventually), busy as a bee, emerging talker, and lover of life. Oh wait, did you think I think he's perfect because he has this strong will too. A strong will with a sweet spirit if you will. On our first flight back I heard the words I just knew he would never utter.

"NO, MINE." Lovely.

He has also been cracking us up with the little phrases he says. He will often tell me he wants something. If I don't respond right away, he begins saying "I said ___ (and repeats what he asked for). Usually it sound it go something like.

Titus: Mommy, want nack (for snack).
Me: Ok, Let me just finish this and let's get one.
Titus: I said nack.
Titus: I said nack.
Me: Patience child.

He has also been referring to us by our first names. He has heard lots of cool cousins calling us Jess and Ryan in the last month! We tried to explain he has too call us Mommy and Daddy, but his solution today was to call me Mommy Jess. Sorry, I'm just Mommy, bud!! He loves all things cowboy and bikes and refers to his most prized possession, his riding horse, as a "yo."

Probably the greatest joys this past month was celebrating Christmas with both sides of Grandparents and my side aunts, uncles and cousins. Titus also started saying "thank you" and said "love you" for the first time yesterday. Music to my ear!

Happy 22 Months Titus!!! Slow down!! :)