Monday, February 28, 2011

the grass is green here.

I had written this post about blooming where I am planted and embracing life wherever I am located. This was on Monday when I had a fill of sunshine and family. It seemed so simple.

Tuesday our world came to a screeching halt hearing that there was a high chance Ryan would leave in a few months for a very dangerous place in the middle east. I was riddled with anxiety as I thought about how this would effect our plans and dreams. I even thought about the worst and the what ifs surrounding war. My simple blooming took new meaning. It looked like me saying, "Jesus, be close... walk with us.. I don't care where we are... what we do.. just go with us..wherever...south, sunshine or not." I felt challenged when I looked at other's lives. It seemed the grass was so green on their side. What lies from Satan.

By Wednesday evening, we learned this would most likely (basically, I'd say 100% but it's the military and I understand that) not be happening. For our family, we chose to not talk about this until we knew for sure to decrease worry on their part so this may be a surprise reading this post.

By Saturday I was on a plane with a toddler. Sunday brought re-grouping.

Monday, rain and snow.

Tuesday will be an anniversary. As I look back and ahead I see God's faithfulness. Whether it's moving or trying to embrace and grow in a place far from home. Or war. Or job questions. If we want God to go with us, sustain us, and make us like him.. he will. It just might not be a walk in the park.

The first of the year, I asked God to direct my heart to a verse for the year. This verse has literally appeared in my heart, in songs, etc all over the place. I wasn't exactly excited about it, because I figured it would mean a journey. Instead of fearing the journey, I long to trust God.

So I'm believing that if he's worth anything... it's everything. I'm believing the grass is green here and God sees the big picture. I believe it's great to ask God for our desires, but understand he stands outside of time. Here's to the journey and many more years of trusting, not leaning on our own, acknowledging and him directing.

Happy 3 years of marriage Ryan!

Friday, February 11, 2011

23 months.


Gasp. 23 months is here, which means I almost have a 2 year old!! Despite the challenges, this is an adorable age! Titus can be found dancing, talking on his pretend phone (aka a mini ramp from his car garage), riding his horse like a wild cowboy, and playing cars. He has really taken to the whole "play cars" thing. As soon as Ryan gets home he is ready to pounce on him and beg him to play cars. I try throughout the day to play with him, but I'm not the greatest on the boy games (I try). I guess if I make strange car noises and drive them around he's happy!

Titus has progressed in telling us what he wants. Heavens, has he ever. The boy knows what he wants! He prefers eggs (eg), TJ's waffles (wafl) and yogurt (yoyo) as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning!! He also tells me what songs to sing at nap time/bedtime. I don't take it personally that he will start saying "noo" in the middle if he wants a new song! ha! His favorites these days include "and Jesus grew", "Old McDonald", and "Twinkle Twinkle." I am scared to say that he is doing a better job listening and sharing, but he has the past couple of weeks. It could change on a dime though. I think that's just how 2 year olds are, but I'm ok with that.

Ty is tall. Not sure where that comes from, but according to the 2 year old prediction test at 23 months, he will be 6 ft. 3 in. I'm thinking he will probably be close to 6ft. His weight is not on the bigger side. He usually holds at the 25th percentile. Whopper Jr! :) He wears a size 2T is most things. Thanks to the adjustable waist, he doesn't have high-waters!

I've started working on his barnyard bash next month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE planning his birthdays!! He is inviting a few friends and since our house is smaller, I am attempting to build a play-barn in our computer room for the kids to play in. It's fun that this year, he is excited about it and talks about Happy Yo (his horse birthday party).

Ok, thanks to the family members who finished reading this! Ha.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rookie Mom Wednesday

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Yesterday night may have taken the cake on terrible 2's. I won't go into details, but Titus was so so so defiant. Direct disobedience at it's best. Ryan and I both looked at each other and said, "wow, he is SO stubborn." I say that with a grain of salt because he really has the most charming little personality (I'm his mom and probably biased).

Anyways, he ended up going to bed at 5:30 PM without tears. He didn't have a nap yesterday, which was his choice, so I guess there was other factors helping. I was mom-tanked. I guess it's relative because during naughtiness, I had to leave the room because it was making me laugh. Mom of the year, right here. Thankfully, Daddy was overseeing too.

Back to mom-tanked. I had been challenged in bible study that morning to incorporate Jesus throughout our day. Not just in the big things, but small thing too. Whether it be in what Titus watches on t.v to what he hears playing in the car. Not in a "judgemental, we don't let our kid do that" kind of way, but in a let's encourage great stuff from the start and give him an appetite for the things of the Lord. After last night, it was time to think of some practical ways to do this.

My mind went straight to God's word. Scripture memory is something I want Titus to love. We will make a big deal out of it. BUT, I thought yesterday about how this starts now. Why wait?! We started today continuing to work on a simple verse.

God is love. 1 John 4:8

I also found some(oh so cheesy) songs on itunes. I downloaded Steve Green's Hide 'em Your heart cd. I like it because it's all bible verses. We listen to worship music a lot, but he is not nearly as interested as this kid-bubbly music.

Here's the funny part. Playing it this morning, I knew EVERY song word-for-word. I then remembered my parents had this same tape. It was made in 1990. Hmm.. that explains a lot.

Titus LOVED it!

This morning we started after breakfast with our new cd and I was happy to see my little man dancing and happy to start the day.

I'd love anymore practical tips you may use with your kiddos throughout your day... help this newbie!