Monday, April 25, 2011

april at glance.

1.  On April fools day, I actually thought it was a joke it's April and have thought it was February the remainder of the month (not literally, but I can't seem to get the month right in my mind).

2.  Celebrated Ryan's 28th Birthday and my sister-in-law's baby (coming in June).  

3.  Ryan spent many days, hours, nights doing HOMEWORK.  The end of the semester blues were in full swing.

4.  Ryan's orders for the summer were rejected, now submitted,  and now a lot of waiting happening amidst lots of prayers.

5.  My sister and her little man, Eli, had a big surgery.  This had me attached to my phone and stomach in knots.  Praise Jesus it went great and she is now recovering.

6.  I finished an awesome bible study on Living with Unmet Desires.  It was a great study, but the women there were greater.  Jewels.

7.  I've wrestled through the rain this spring with an active 2 year old.  It's been a struggle but God has been faithful.

8.  We got chickens.  We love them.  Well, Ryan and Titus do and I support them and hope I don't have to hold one.  (Remember, I'm not a bird fan).  Sounds like a logical thing to do amidst end of semester crazy right?  Meet Barbara, Eleanor and Dolly.  They belong to the first wives' club and our future dog (once we buy our own place) will represent MO (where Ryan grew up) and will be fondly called, Truman.

9.  We spend Easter in Bend, OR.  It was beautiful and we loved seeing family despite being tanked from life! Bend (in my opinion) is like an outdoorsy, high desert, sunny, craftsman style town with local classy color.  I think it would be a great place to live!!

-Number 10 will have to wait a couple days until we get some news (no, I'm not pregnant).  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Happy birthday to my best friend, source of reason, servant husband, and love of my life.  He's 28 today.  That just seems entirely close to 30 in my book!  (Insert-- thoughts of a sweet 30th, or vacation infiltrate my head).

Ryan is just a good ole' guy.  He loves Jesus, loves me, does good to others, isn't rude and his favorite times of the day are when he is playing with Titus.. or snuggling with me!  He is a family man and was ready for another baby the night Titus started sleeping through the night (easy for him, not me).  He is a hard worker and manages to handle a lot in order to take care of our family.  He is passionate and generous.  He is one smart cookie and I am constantly amazed at his giftedness when it comes to writing.  He isn't perfect, but I love who he's "been becoming."

Ry, I see your hard work and dedication and although I don't thank you enough, I am so grateful.  Thanks for picking me to journey through life with!! I love you so much and so does our little boy.  If you can't tell, he wants to be just like you..

Happy Birthday!!

Love, Jess

Friday, April 8, 2011

a blessing to my heart...

The last couple of weeks we have seen the tantrums come out.  It's such a strange phenomenon when it happens in public.  I kind of freeze and start thinking... I can't believe this is happening to me and MY child is the culprit.  We've had pep talks on how to have self control instead of falling to the floor and wailing with a good few kicks.  Gee, what a thought?!

 I've ignored it too.  It's hard to ignore, but I know it's just a stage and a part of being 2.  I try hard to just let it roll off my back and laugh in my mind (not to him) about what must be going on in other people's minds.  Sometimes I start to sweat, get flustered and feel my face turn red.  I'm sure not all kids go through this, but if I can remember my own tantrums.. there's a good chance I will endure them with my own kids!

Today,  the sun came up and we met a sweet friend for lunch.  THE SUN CAME UP.  I thought to myself, I can handle lots of tantrums today if the sun stays too!  Instead, at lunch my sweet boy looked at me and unprompted said, "I yov (love) you."

Oh heavens, my love tank just shot to the sky.  Then, after lunch I put him in his car seat and gave him a kiss.  He then said, "hug too" and wrapped his little arms around my neck and gave me a big hug?

What a sweet little blessing for my mama heart.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. It's the end of Ryan's semester. This means he goes into major finishing mode and I naturally go into single mom mode. No, not ideal forever, but a necessity right now. He still does manage to have some time to play with Titus despite the crazy. Semesters fly by. This can be good and bad! :)

2. Don't be fooled by the pic above. It's not spring here. Even the Portlanders are like, why so much rain? I feel bad for my kid. Or maybe me because he doesn't know the difference except when he visits family. Not really actually. We are grateful (for other things) and know that God is teaching us a lot in this season.

3. The terrible 2's are no joke. See that face? It's the face of a kid with his own agenda. The hopeful mom in me knows it means.. LEADER!!! So completely adorable and hilarious, but the tantrums leaving me almost laughing/annoyed. What do you do when your kid doesn't want to take naps and throws tantrums? My husband didn't quite understand why last week was so hard until he was home all weekend. Despite the 2's I wouldn't trade him for the world.

4. My husband gets to go to Orlando, FL on business. I actually thought about going too and taking T to Disney (thanks to sweet military deals), but then I realized we'd have to book 2 flights (for T and I) and going to Disney with a 2 year old by myself during Spring breaks shuts that down. FOR SURE.

Friday, April 1, 2011

new centerpiece

I've been begging spring to come. Granted, there is way way more important things in life than the weather, but this time of year, I long for pretty days. Today, we are getting some sun. Sun and warm weather is probably left best for the motherland, but I'll take the absence of rain any day!

So.. I've been decorating a little inside with spring things (see bird post below). My next challenge was this little centerpiece thing. I borrowed the idea from a blog that I can't remember. So sorry, thanks for the idea!! They probably borrowed it too. Life is full of borrowed ideas, right.

Titus and I set out for our local thrift store and score all the things above for under $10. With my el cheapo glue gun, we assembled after a quick run through the dishwasher. I was going for a shabby/vintage look and will hopefully use this for a dessert baby shower this month! In the meantime, I'll enjoy my new centerpiece while my husband calls me a "crafter." Not sure if it's a compliment, but it kinda makes me think I should put on mom jeans too.