Friday, May 27, 2011


A couple weeks ago, I was slightly bummed Ryan would be leaving for a couple weeks of Army training.  Unexpectedly, my parents offered some skymiles to Titus and I and I headed home a few days later.  I surprised both of my sisters, which was fun!   I have really enjoyed being able to help my sister while she is on bed rest (sit down, Julie).  I have also loved getting to see everyone else, their Awana and  church musicals and spending time with my parents.    Although, all the kids have been sick I am hoping we are all on the mend.  Yesterday, we took Julie's girls to the doctors, Titus was sick (and went to the Dr. the day before) and I had a sty in my eye.  The one on bed rest was doing pretty well!  Her awesome doctor helped everyone!  Thank God for doctors like that!!

It's been nice to be together while all the sisters are in transition!!  The sun has been so nice too.  I was made for this place.  When I come home I wonder how on earth my husband got me to leave here. ;) The Epps are diligently praying and hoping in the next few weeks.. we'll know where and when our next home will be. 

The bummer is that I have not taken one single picture.  Gotta get on that....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Salt Lake City

Two weekends ago Ryan and I flew out for an Army Strong Bonds Event.  Basically, the Chaplains put on a marriage retreat and the Army foots the bill.  They have other events for single soldiers and families, but we went to the marriage one.  We were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed our time away in a new and beautiful city together!  It was also neat to sit a table for the entire weekend with a Commander in Ryan's brigade and the full bird Colonel and his wife of Ryan's brigade.  I was encouraged to see their value on their own marriages!  They gave Ryan some military career advice and we found that very helpful in making upcoming decisions from a high ranking perspective.

Although we missed Titus a ton, a break was really nice!  Each night we went out to eat and that was fun too!  We also toured the Mormon Temple.  The grounds were immaculate complete with a guest center, reception halls, a chapel and high rise buildings where LDS is headquartered.  If I'm honest, I'd say we stuck out like a sore thumb, but  I am gad we checked it out.  Our last day before we flew out, we drove up into some residential parts and found a trail.  We got to see some great views of the city as well.  It was a fun weekend! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

number 10.

Number 10 has left my stomach in multiple knots for the past couple of weeks.  At a marriage conference this past weekend, I reaffirmed what I already knew about myself in some little personality test.  I am a creature of habit.  I like to be organized and planned.  This can be my best and worst asset.  What we didn't know was that Ryan and I have almost identical personalities except for one thing... he is big picture and I am details.  We get each other which can be our best and worst asset too!! :)

Back to number 10.  We are praying, praying, PRAYING that Ryan's last set (hopefully) of proposed orders come through.  This is huge.  The details don't mean much to the blogosphere but we need this to come through.  The other part is that....

at this point there are 4 different states we could possibly be residing in 4 months from now (or sooner... or later).  F-O-U-R.  One would be here, but 3 others are definite possibilities.

Imagine what this does to a planner?!  I've pictured us in all those states.  I'm good with it and trusting in the Lord's perfect timing.  It's usually a continual affirmation that goes something like this when I start to freak and call my husband and ask a million questions of things he doesn't know

..... "Lord you are good... your plans are perfect.. and your right on time... I trust you, God.  I'm choosing to trust you, God."

The other part is that these 4 different states span the entire US from out west to Midwest to east coast. Nothing like a little adventure move for the Epps.