Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrilling Thursday.

Yes, it was a thrilling thursday.  Here is my day in randomness.

1.  I woke up, fed Titus, and we played.
2.  I put on my cool hat because I didn't wash my hair.  Mom trick #201
3.  I did bill stuff.  woo hoo.
4.  I sold a stroller on Craig's list double what we bought it for thank you to an REI sale.  Our profit paid for the stroller we kept for ourselves.  This doesn't happen everyday.
5.  We went to Home Depot and I taught Titus in the car in the parking lot how to use our porter-kids-potty standing up while using the magic pocket in his underoos.  Oh my.
6.  Naptime for T.
7.  Dinner time eating kids meals at the Nordstrom Cafe.  My fav, and yes I get a kids meal every time.  Partially to save money, partially because it's just so good. Ryan is working a side job and it has been a long week for this Mommy and Daddy so a date with my boy was just what I needed.
8.  We spent at least 10 minutes in the public restroom at the mall trying to get T to potty standing up.  He was getting so distracted with all the sounds but was in awe of trying there.  At one point I thought to myself, "Who am I and when did I become a mother?!"
9.  We went to Wal-Mart and this older woman in an aisle stopped me and asked me to scratch her back. She said she couldn't get this one spot.  I scratched it for a good little while.  I was kind of dying wondering what in the world was happening.  Am I really scratching this old ladies back?!  Once I was in the car, I had a good laugh.
10.  Bed time and I treated myself to the new People Magazine (after scratching home-grandmas back).  I just needed to find out why Brad and Emily broke up.  It's the little things peeps..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

oh brother where art thou...

 I got my sewing machine a year ago from my sweet husband.  It was an unexpected surprise off Craig's List.  I had wanted a really basic and cheap sewing machine to see if there was any hope for me in the DIY department.  Well... it's been an interesting adventure.  The old singer.. aka big Bertha has given me grief.  It's kind of like a runaway train.  I was baffled how people could sew straight lines and follow around curves without bunching tons of thread.  This week I started a little project for another sister.  It was a sad day with Big Bertha.  She was large-and-in-charge and did not want to follow my guiding.  I was so fed up, my husband gave me the green light to move up.  Big Bertha will go on Craig's List.

Meet Oh Brother.  It's divine and we have become bffs.  The rest of my project was drastically different than the first part (thanks for your understanding, sis).   It doesn't bunch thread and it paces me instead of the runaway sewing machine effect.  Oh Happy Day!  I also figured out some major user error on my part and I can now follow a little better when sending the fabric through the right way!  I'm dreaming of projects and straight lines.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

big boy room

Amidst the crazy of life in SC I have tried to stay busy here (mainly for my sanity).  I've been working on getting things together for Titus' big boy room.  I am hoping to have a storage container of everything for his room.  That way, when I'm ready all I have to do is open the box and take things out.   The look I am going for is a rustic cowboy says hello to retro vintage.  I'm thinking of painting the room a bluish color.  I think the color I've picked is Robin's egg blue by Benjamin Moore.

I made these pillows.  They aren't perfect, but according to Ryan are better than my last attempt at pillows.  I failed miserably on those!

The first few things I have gotten are T's.  I made the room in the middle with rope type stuff.  Thanks to a 50% off coupon at Joann's this was a great deal!

This is a little cluster of fabric/mirror circles I made with scrap fabric.

 a little pennant banner.

 These knobs will go on Titus' dresser we are re-finishing.

Of course, Woody will be there too.  Ryan and I (mostly him) will be attempting to build a bed.  We shall see how that one goes!  So there's the vision for his room.  I'll let you know how the end result turns out.  Hopefully, he will still like the things above when he finally gets in it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Dads in my life.  When I think of Jack Moore, sacrifice and love comes to mind.  This man was such a good Dad to us girls.  He continually gives so much of himself to others.  When my brother-in-law, Kevin, got hit my Dad left as quick as possible to get to the accident.  He couldn't get close so he started running down the street to get to him.  He did and stayed with him.  It makes me cry to think about that.  What a man.  What a mighty good man!

My Father-in-Law is also awesome.  He has raised a great son and loves us so well.  I am so grateful that every time I leave or get off the phone... he tells me he loves me.  I often think I should take notes on how to love my future children-in-laws for my own sake.  I think the key is that they reached out to me and accepted me as I am (my imperfections and all). I love to play cards with him and appreciate his humor.  I often beg tell him if we move, they're coming too.  ;)  If only!

My husband is a great Daddy.  He loves our little guy like crazy.  He is so good to play with him and love on him.  I am so thankful Titus has a Daddy to portray Biblical manhood.  When I was dating Ryan I asked him a random question, "Ryan would you die for me."  He looked at me and without thinking said, "Jessica, I'd die for a stranger."  This is Ryan's heart.  One of sacrifice for the betterment of others, and is played out over and over from his hard work ethic, to his service in the army, to loving his family.

Happy Father's Day to all!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I just finished a Shutterfly album the other day and it reminded me that I need to get back on the blogging boat.  Since my memory is like the size of a pea these days, it's helpful!  Titus and I have spent A LOT of quality time together lately (with traveling and Ryan working a little later some evenings) and the other day I thought to myself... I really like my kid.  Of course of love him, but this kid is hilarious, sweet, loves people, and has just got it.  I like being around him... which is a good thing because there is about 3 hours a week that we are not within a few feet of each other!  Mark it down, Titus, you got it boy!   So now that he has reached the whopping 27 month mark...


-loves Woody and Buzz.  He tries to fly like Buzz and ride his horse like Woody.  He loves their bandaids too.  On any given day, he may have a couple of bandaids on.  Not because he has a scratch.  No not one.  Just because he loves him some "bandens."

-loves being outside and going to the park.  The other day we were at the park along with a little daycare in our neighborhood.  Titus saw all the kids and yelled with pure excitement, "MY FRIENDS." No, he didn't know a single one, but was ready for a little meet-n-greet.

-love his chickens.  Oh my.  Still.

-pooped in the potty.  He was so proud and begs me to wear his pull-ups or underwear "undware."  The same day he pooped in the underwear too.  Good times.

Titus says...

- "get me outta here."  I have one guess on where he learned that.  ;)

-"where daddy do?"  Every morning when he wakes up and Ryan is at work.  Last week he told me he was in the living room.  Ha!

-this morning he took his diaper off and told me he pooped and "it stinks."  Nop, the diaper was completely dry.

-"rub my back."  "RUB MY BACK."  We I have cut him off from rocking (thanks Ryan for starting that when he turned 1 purely out of wanting to snuggle ;)  and now he wants his back rubbed.  He gets a few songs worth and then it's big boy sleep time!  I told him when we move the cheap Craig's List rocker can't come so we've started early.  

-When we pull into the church parking lot he starts saying, "mommy, me, mommy, me."  Poor kid, I know he wants me to go in his class with him.  The glued to me thing is in full swing these days.

It's fun to get to have little conversations together and hear what's going on in that little mind!

                                          (his friends were strategically placed on his own)

Titus sings...

-all the time.  His fav place to sing is in the car while we are driving and his favorite song of late is "God our Father."  He learned this from his cousin.  

(bluegrass anyone?)

I love you T!

Friday, June 10, 2011

no sew banner.

I wanted to summerfy our house.  Granted, 6 days out of the week we are in jeans and a longsleeve, so the need was great.  Insert a desire to scream combined with a prayer.  In reality, the weather isn't that big of a deal.. so much bigger things in life to be bothered by AND we did have some sun this week.  Just different the the climate I grew up with and love.

Anyho.  I got to making a little pennant banner with heat-n-bond and no sew seam tape.  I'm a mean ironer these days, and thankfully, I didn't wake my kid up from his nap with my large-and-in-charge sewing machine!  I also have been working on his big boy room and made a little banner for that too.  Yee haw.

So here's my fun fabric kitchen banner!  Yay for wishing for warm weather and eating popsicles.  I'd say being tan too,  but this Jergens tanner will just have to do on that one!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When I got back from Charleston, a few things were on my agenda.  I knew this would be good for me to get busy once home.  When I return from visiting I'm usually very happy to be together as a family again, but after a few days I miss home like crazy.  This has been a crazy spring for my family of origin.  I've wanted nothing more than to be at home and help so a trip home was really good for me!

My first goal was to plant an herb garden.  I love cooking with fresh herbs in the summer, but it just seems unless I'm planning well, I never have exactly what I need on hand.  I love the spontaneity an herb garden provides.  I went with the pots and got Italian parsley, mint, basil, rosemary, oregano, and cilantro.   With our fresh eggs and herb garden, I feel like I live on a mini farm in the middle of the city!  We've decided to close up the bigger garden and replant grass in prep to move so this will be the extent of our plants this year (except for a potted zucchini plant).  My fav fresh herb recipes to come!