Tuesday, August 30, 2011

thoughts on moving..

We are almost at our 2 week mark before moving.  My brain is hazy and I can hardly remember this and that.  I'm not at the point where I feel panicky at all, but I am sure I have a lot to do!  I think I probably need to get medical records and finish packing.. oh and buy a washer and dryer and box spring.  The random makes me laugh.  While I'm making a list, we probably need to put one of our cars for sale since it's not coming with (no prayers wasted here).

Ryan has 5 more days of work here in OR before his new job in NC.  He has loved his unit here, but is excited to see what the new is like.  We have been enjoying Portland and savoring family.  It feels healthy and I feel like we are writing the last few lines in this chapter of our life.

We've struggled here, grown, cried, and experienced unmeasurable joy.  We've had hard talks late into the night and have conversations that hilarity ensued.  Although I came kicking and screaming.. I am leaving a different person in ways.  I feel honored to have people here who have loved us so well and freely given wisdom when we needed it.  I am so grateful Ryan has been able to attend Western and will be able to finish at our next destination.  I am grateful for family and always offering a soft place to land. It's hard to believe that we moved here 6 months into marriage.  In these 3 years I feel like we have become our own little unit.

 Looking ahead I wonder what life will look like for us in NC?  Will we find community and a thriving church body?  Will Ryan love his new unit?  What will the culture be like?  Who will my friends be? I really have no idea, but I am feeling ready for the journey.  Although it takes time to settle, I am asking the Lord to carve a way before us.   He has shown himself so faithful while we have been here and I know he will continue to lead us in NC.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fun at the water fountain

This past Saturday was free of any projects or packing.  It was glorious.  My goal has continually been to be very proactive with packing so that when it's time to go, I am not completely stressed out.  However, we needed a break!  We are moving during a great time of a year... esp in regards to enjoying Portland.  I am treasuring this time before our life back east begins!  We headed downtown to the Pearl district and enjoyed Jamison Square's. Titus had a blast!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

diy chairs

I love diy projects.  I'm pretty sure my neighbors have to laugh when they see me with a can of spray paint!  About a month or so ago, I was driving home and spotted a garage sale.

Random fact-  Garage sales are different in Portland.  I actually like the way they do them.  Typically people have them on a Friday and Saturday and they don't usually start until around 9AM...and people don't seem to do the early bird thing.

Ok, so I drove by and did the.. "I'm not sure if I want to get my kid out of the car if you look like you only have junk worse than mine thing."  They did have junk, but it had potential!  I purchased 2 chairs for $10 total.  We've needed extra seating in our living room for a while, so I though this could be perfect.  After spraying the ugly wood white and using a spray polyurethane, I used my staple gun and added some fabric. I did sew part of the top to make a partial slipcover.  I chose to use outdoor fabric for a thicker look (and it was on sale).

(after the spraying, still with the icky fabric)

Wahla.  More projects to come.  We've been up to quite a few before the big move!

Any chair refinishing happening lately for you?!

Cost break down-

chairs- 2 for $10
fabric on sale 3 yards (i purchased extra for a couch pillow)- $30 
spray paint- $10
total= $50 for 2 new chairs!  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

oh the boxes...

This has been my first experience moving with a child.  I am trying to remember what it was like 3 years ago and I think my little helper definitely makes things a little more interesting.  I pack 3 things and he unpacks 1.  Surprising enough, we are managing pretty well (despite the toddler tantrums).  

Moving is such a bittersweet thing.  I am thrilled to know we won't be going into 9 months of rain, but sad knowing some of our favorite places will be so far away.   

I'm thrilled to live closer to my family, but so sad about leaving another set of family.  Families on opposite sides of the country leaves us perpetually torn.  :(

Despite the work and boxes, we are excited to see what God has in store.  Excited, and a little nervous.  I wonder how we will adjust once again to a completely different culture.  We will find the right house in the right area to buy?  What about a church?  Or friends?

In all honesty, when those questions come in my head, I try to put them away knowing God has a plan for us.  I have little expectations about moving to Fayetteville.... possibly because I have never been there before.  I know God has carved things out in the past for us in ways that is only him.  I have no reason to doubt him now.  My goal for the Fall is to take one day at a time and start putting down roots.

 Interesting enough, the last time we moved the Lord continually brought this verse to my mind.  Once again, he is reminding me of the same...

Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young--a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God.Psalm 84:3  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

29 months

My wild man is 29 months today.  Whew.  He is definitely a toddler if I've ever seen one!  The boy has thoughts, opinions, and I have NO DOUBT... he will go places in this life.  When I put him to bed at night, the depths of my heart begs for God to use that will for his good.  What a man he will be one day!! 

I must say the boy keeps me in stitches with the things he says.  We have been packing up his room and have come across some baby things.  With every baby thing he sees he says, "Awwww so tute (cute)."  His baby cousin Emery would be included in the cuteness.  We're in love.  

 If I ask Titus to not do something he wants to do he usually says something along the lines of,
"I need to," or "I have to."  Imagine how well that goes over.  He also does not hold back on saying, "I don't 'yike' (like) dat"  Oh my.  However, we are making progress in the manners department  saying our pleases and thank yous.  Next we will focus on excuse me.

His favorite things to do is to go to the park and to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  He is a different kid when he can run and play outside.  The boy was made for the outdoors and I try to take him out as much as I can.

He loves his 'tusins' cousins and talks about them all the time.  He will be starting Mother's Morning Out in the Fall and likes to tell me he is going to school like Ella and Lizie.

He is a thin, fair skinned, blue eyed, blondish/brown haired boy that has completely stolen my heart.  Last night he said, "Mommy, you 'nuggle' (snuggle) me?"  I was putty in his hand at that point.  Today, I bought him a shirt at Old Navy that was on sale and after he came home from Grandmas I showed him the shirt.  He proceeded to say, "Awww, 'dank' you babe.  I wear it every day."  Since that that convo he has not stopped calling me babe.  Hmm.. I wonder where he got that one!?!

His favorites include Buzz and Woody, Cars and Spiderman.  He loves bandaids and thinks they are his tattoos.  Lovely..thanks, Daddy.  His favorite Bible story is David and Goliath.  We are still working on the fact that Goliath is not the hero, but I'm sure that will come in time!  He has loved singing, "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" lately and loves to dance around the house to Pandora music.

The boy gives the best kisses and sweetest hugs, but watch out if he has a tantrum.  Last, but certainly not least... the boy is potty trained (at least at this moment).  Hallelujah.  We still do pull-ups at naps and diapers at bedtime, but he has made big progress this month.  I am not holding my breath knowing he may regress with moving, but we'll celebrate either way.

Happy 29 Months sweet boy.  Your Mommy loves you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Portland,

I can hardly believe this is our last full month here.  So many thoughts of excitement and sadness fill my heart as we begin the packing.  Although we will be trading our Oregonian status for once again a Carolinian, I will always hold special meaning in my heart for you.  I spent my newlywed years here and learned to be a mom here as well (ok, so I'm still learning, but you get the point).  We jumped into seminary full fledged and learned how to trust God in a whole new way amid the long rainy winters.  I learned that trusting God can look different for different people at different seasons, but my faith was put into action when we didn't have a job come through, little savings and a sweet little baby.  God was faithful here despite me missing my family and longing for just one beautiful sunny day in January!  We met sweet friends and watched some move away and take their first steps post seminary with grace.  We learned lessons in ministry we will take with us forever.  

I love your yummy food and appreciate the fact that I can put whatever article of clothing on and not have to match and totally fit in with the rest of the culture.  It has been cool to live in a place where station wagons are cool, tattoos are everywhere, piercings are more common than not, and an urban farm is totally acceptable in my back yard.  I also like the stark beauty of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens and the active lifestyles of young and old.  

Most of all, I love having my in-laws close.  This will continue to be the hardest part about saying goodbye.  Because we love them so much, we'll be back to visit as much as our wallet allows.  

I haven't loved the overwhelming drug problem this city has which has made me nervous taking my child on walks at times.  I also haven't loved your disrespect for my man in uniform.  It's slightly ridiculous that he has been flicked off while driving in uniform.  That's just lame and for that I say, "Get a clue."  I appreciate the openness of many people here, but often wonder how that would effect raising my child here.  

At times, I've felt like I was in a flavorful Italian city mixed with a rainy London.  It's been fun and looking back, I am grateful for the struggles, adventures and the life we have had in SE Portland.    I fully intend on soaking you up this month.  I hope to cook as little as our budget will allow and enjoy all of our favorite places.  I hope to take your parks by storm and spend time with the people that have made Portland home.  

Love your biggest critic and fan,