Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along:  12 weeks 6 days (running a little behind)
Size of baby: a little over 2 inches in size.. the size of a lime.
Gender: I think there is a little brother in there! 
Maternity Clothes: Not yet.  I'm not the most inspired by maternity clothes! 
Weight gain: 1 lb.   I already feel thick in the midline!
Belly Button: It better be in this early! It actually never popped out with T.
Movement: nope, not yet.
Sleep: Sleep has been wonderful.  I don't take naps during the day but usually get really good sleep at night.  I love sleep and am enjoying it while I can!  The using the potty during the night has curtailed a bit which has been nice!
Symptoms:  I don't really feel pregnant at this point unless my stomach gets too empty and then I feel nauseous.  My energy is returning which is great, but I  pretty much have the sense of smell like a dog!!  The acne is (thankfully) much better.  
Cravings:  They are pretty much just normal foods.  I am loving fresh salads with dark green lettuce (hello Ruby Tuesday's salad bar)  along with baked potatoes and warm soups.  With Titus, I craved sweets 24/7 but not really with this one.  I can't stand the thought of Chipotle or Moes which was once a fav.  
Best moment this week:  I'm pretty sure Titus thinks my belly button is the baby.  He tells me numerous times a day that he wants to talk to the baby and goes straight for the belly button.   Last night we were talking about being a big brother and he said he wants to give the baby a milkshake!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the move.

The skinny...

-  Ry left with his awesome Dad and drove 2800 miles in 72 hours.  Crazy town.
-  I flew and my awesome parents picked me up.
-  The men and my cute little mom unloaded and then the girls and Titus unpacked.
-  Lots of things went to storage.
-  We're here!  Yay!

Thoughts on Fayetteville...

-  We are thrilled to be back in the south.  It's this girls sweet spot.
-  There are lots and lots of military.  Everywhere.  My heart breaks for all the sacrifice that is made here with this being the home of the Army Special Forces and 82nd Airborne.  Bless those families.
-  There are new cars.. well really brand new trucks everywhere.  99.9% driven by soldiers and they drive like crazy people.  Ryan says this is the most testosterone filled city in America bc of the above.
-  People are friendly and there are a ton of chain restaurants.
-  We are grateful to be here and feel spoiled by a great hot water heater, garbage disposal and AC.  No joke.  Granted it's an apartment for 3 months but it's been great while we figure out the next step here.

The next step...

-   We will most likely settle in Cary, NC and Ryan will be commuting.  Long after this AGR tour, we'd love to put down roots there for the long haul. Prayers are appreciated on that one!
-  We love that it's super close to Raleigh but very family friendly.  Yes, we are pumped about a paved trail through the city with parks on it along with TJ's.
-  We fell in love with a church.  After hearing about this place over and over, we knew in 5 minutes this was a place that was reaching people.  I kept thinking, this is a church I want my kids to grow up in.
 -  Lots of praying on our part will be happening.  We really need God to open some big doors.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8 weeks (a month late)

Excuse the delay.  We've been busy just ya know.. moving across the country.. but alas we are somewhat settled!!  So.. I think for this pregnancy, I will do the pregnancy updates.  With T, I was able to make a little shutterfly book of my pregnancy and I hope to do the same for #2.  So.. bear with me while I catch up.  It may not be every week, but we'll see.  And just because I'm hoping to be diligently healthy, I intend to post my weight gain.  This is horrifying to me, but it will help the healthiness and not give way to eating for two! Only needing 300 extra calories a day! ;)  If I suddenly quit, you'll know why!! ha! Since we won't be cooped up all winter, I am really looking forward to staying as active as this pregnancy allows.  I'm probably big talk right now, but we'll see!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:  8 weeks as of 8-25-11  (running behind)
Size of baby: the size of a kidney bean
Gender: who knows?!  We think it's a little boy but my Mom says she's not convinced!
Maternity Clothes: nope, but I def feel the early pregnancy bloat.  Awesome.
Weight gain: not yet.. but oh how they will come.
Belly Button: It better be in this early! It actually never popped out with T.
Movement: nope, not yet.
Sleep: Waking up super early and feeling very nauseous. 
Symptoms:  exhausted, nauseous (esp at 4 AM), super tender in the chest, and basically my skin looks like I just hit puberty. 
Cravings:  It's more like.. what doesn't make me want to gag.  So far..  a crisp green salad and baked potatoes.   My fav restaurant (Chipotle) now makes me want to gag.  Sad day.
Best moment this week: seeing that little heart beat on the ultrasound screen and hearing Titus talk about the baby in his tummy!!  It's crazy to think I will love another child like Titus, but seeing that ultrasound screen made me so excited to see how my love will multiply for another little Epp.  I'm totally pumped but not wanting to rush this pregnancy at all! 

I'm hoping to jump to a 12 week post tomorrow and then here we are right on track!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

farewell portlandia

It's my last night in Portland.  Oh my goodness.  It's hard to believe, yet it feels so natural too.  I feel at rest in the fact that I know this is where God is leading, yet my heart is sad to leave my family and friends.  People that have meant so much to us in the past 3 years.  People that you don't just come by day in and day out.  I know we will miss the color of this city and the places that became our favs, but things really boil down to people.

People at church, seminary, mom's groups, jobs, neighbors and family.

I have grown as a person and Ryan and I have grown as a unit in so many ways.  Portland will always remind me of our chance to spread our wings as a newly married couple while quickly becoming a little family.

I was in a bible study this past spring with some seminary wives and professors wives.  I remember one of the ladies who knew our situation looked at me and said, "you will remember these years of seminary/being broke/having babies as some of the best of your life."

I think she's right!  I think eventually "THE rain" won't look as if it was such a big deal (this could be because my vitamin d is at soaring heights right now though) and the beauty of what God is doing and has done in this city will always remain.  

Anyways,  thanks so much to each of you who have made Portland home for me.  To my in-laws, Thank you just isn't enough.  Your availability, love, support, kindness, meals, generosity and care has meant more to me than I could ever express!  PLEASE MOVE TOO..I will probably be saying this forever!! ;)

And just because we never do things one step at a time... it's only fitting that since we came here pregnant, we'll leave here pregnant too.  We always say.. it's easier to move pregnant that with a newborn! ;)  Coming this April!!  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my random brain

-  Well folks, we are officially at the "throw random stuff in random boxes" point.  It's a beautiful thing really, because it means the packing end is in sight!

-  We have so much trash!! I kind of need to go find neighbors to add to their bin tomorrow!  Get this-- Portland is going to only picking up trash every other week and adding some kind of compost requirement.  The fact that I have now recycled for 3 years now is huge, but smelly food and 2 week old nighttime diapers is no bueno.

-  I've called our little moving company 4 times.  4 times- just making sure, double checking prices, weights etc on our moving truck.  Today I called and there was no trace of our reservation.  Heart attack was quickly stopped when he added it back.  Not cool 2 days before loading.

-  I secretly think I like the organizing of moving.  Maybe it's just because it's the Fall and I wish I was buying school supplies, but my cute accordion file gives me a sense of accomplishment.

-  Titus is completely confused.  Every time I start packing, he gets his lunch boxes and packs his underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste.  He now wants to store his toothbrush/toothpaste in his metal lunch  box all of the time.  He also wants to hoard juice boxes, granola bars etc in his back pack for the airplane.  Poor kid.

-  It's football season (which I have always loved)!!  Since we are leaving, it's only fitting to buy duck shirts for the fam.  Sorry Beavs, I've never been a fan.  Titus' shirt is his prized possession and he insists on putting it on a hanger (we don't hang his other clothes..just folded in drawers).  When I wear my shirt he compliments me all day and says, "I yike your duck shirt!"  It's adorable.  I figure it's ok for me to like the Ducks since the Tigers will NEVER play them!  Dad, can I make a request for your mex cornbread and collards PLEASE! I'll even drive down for it!! ;)

-  Can I just say I'm already sick of Facebook political statuses.  I know, we all have thoughts on it... we really do.  It's a good thing BUT it polarizes people.  The Gospel polarizes people too, but I want people to be open about my thoughts on Jesus first.  If I constantly present my political views on a public domain, I think there's a good chance I will put people on the defense and shut down future conversations prematurely.  I guess my point is.. choose your battles and timing.  With that said, GO Palin (ok, totally kidding)!