Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the diy crib bedding

If all goes as planned with the house we have a contract on, I'm guessing the next few month will fly by.  We have some DIY projects planned (stay tuned) that will keep us hopping.  Our goal is to get most of the things done by baby girl time.  I know our time will greatly change when she arrives and instead of decorating etc I will morph into a lactating zombie!

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I'd probably go for the DIY crib bumper.  With a veteran's day discount (for family with id's too), a couple 50% off coupons and fabric on sale, I was able to buy everything including some new thread for around $40.  The only problem was that I knew I could crash and burn.

I've decided that a hard yard stick should have been purchased from the beginning rather than halfway through AND I should be more of a meticulous perfectionist with these things.  In the end, I think it will work great!  I'm hoping and praying it doesn't unravel at the first washing sewn (I did prewash before).  My goal was presentable, not perfect!

I'm thinking we'll probably go with a pale pink or gray for the walls and then the opposite for curtains.  I have a few things for the walls I'm planning on having Ryan spray paint and also hoping to find a used simple dresser to redo.  Then we'll call it good!

Any DIY projects consume your life lately?!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

20 weeks

How Far Along:  20 week, 5 days
Size of baby: 10 inches from head to toe (before 20 weeks measurements are taken from head to rump).  She is the size of a banana and weights 10 1/2 ounces.  
Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!! I think she may have a name but in true Epp style I think we'll wait until we see her to decide for sure! 
Maternity Clothes:  A mix still although I do enjoy my low rise maternity jeans.  It's time to use the belly band more to prolong my other jeans (although the rubber band works pretty well).  Some clothes (and angles) really show the belly more than others which is fine with me.. I'd rather look preggo than thick!
Weight gain:  I've gained 7 lbs.    
Belly Button: in.
Movement:  She is a mover and a shaker! When I get still, I feel her little kicks.  I really cherish this time in pregnancy while I am still pretty comfortable before she has taken over my body! 
Sleep:  I love sleep.  She usually wakes me up during the early morning moving around, but thankfully I go back to sleep.  I think God uses this in pregnancy to get mama's ready for the complete lack of sleep that will come after delivery! 
Symptoms:  I am starting to get a bigger appetite.  I love cold salads, Chick-fil-a's cole slaw, and crispy grapes.  I have also developed a love for cereal.  I craved WAY more red meat and sweets with Titus.  I am already craving my Mom's sage dressing, sweet potato casserole and homemade mac and cheese.  Let's hope the weight gain doesn't triple next week!   

Best Moment of the Week:  After lots of negotiating our offer on a house was accepted.  If things goes as planned, we'll close in early January! Hooray! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my favorite..

...little boy ever!! (beware it's a long post)  All this talk about this sweet baby girl and I already feel the balancing act happening between siblings.  I looked through pictures of Titus from the past 2.5 years and felt so grateful for him and the fun we've had.  I can't imagine doing anything but spending my days with him and I'm pumped to add a sista to the mix! I really struggle with worrying over his safety, health etc however, I am really trying to not let Satan whisper his lies and instead, cherish each little stage with him and praise God for him.

He's at such a fun age and I can always see the wheels turning in his little mind.  He asks lots of questions and I do my best explaining! ;)  Everything seems to be his favorite and he has a fond love for Spongebob.  Sidenote- he's NEVER watched Spongebob and knows he can't but when we see it in the store he says, "Spongebob, dat's my favorite." He truly loves Superheroes and jumping off furniture ALL day long.  Heaven, help me!

He is potty trained but I usually just make him go throughout the day because he doesn't like to tell me until he REALLY has to go.  Somehow he manages to not have many accidents....I think he has a bladder of steel. We still do diapers for nap and nighttime.  I don't see an end in sight there. He makes me laugh when he has to poop by saying, "I gotta get my big poops out."

He loves to dance and is way too picky when it comes to eating.  Since moving he has reinstated nap time.  Praise the Lord! He loves to wrestle and I am convinced that candy breads awful behavior for him.  
He likes to sing made up songs and perform for us.  It's quite hilarious! He loves to help me and I'm pretty sure he'd like to attach himself to my body 24/7.  Transition has made him cling to me all the more.  Oh well.. there are worse things eh!? :)

He has recently been telling me he loves me throughout the day and asking if I want different princess things (like a princess shirt).  Melt my heart.  Seriously, kid... I'm putty at this point.

 I'd have to say... he's the ABSOLUTE BEST surprise of my life!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

19 weeks

How Far Along:  19 weeks and some change. 
Size of baby: 6 inches.  The size of a turkey sub. Raise your hand if you don't want subway for lunch now (kidding)! 
Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!! We are still working on a name.  Seriously, maybe we will agree on one by the time she's here.  I'm so not even kidding!  :)  At least it's a joint effort here although I'm pretty sure I know what she "wants" to be named! 
Maternity Clothes:  A mix still.  I'm not a fan of those full panel things yet so I'm using my low-rise maternity pants and the rubber band trick.
Weight gain:  I've gained 6.5 lbs.    
Belly Button: in.
Movement: I feel moment a lot in the late evenings and around 6 AM she usually gets moving.  I think she may be a morning person!!  Titus and I won't know what to do with her but Ryan will!! :)
Sleep:  I have been more tired recently but sleep is great so far!
Symptoms:  I feel like a hot mess.  I can't remember anything.  I am losing everything (my beloved retainers, a dr. prescription, and my mind) and I hit a car in my parent's car.  Can I please blame this all on pregnancy?! Doubtful.  No joke, I feel like my sweet girl is taking my brain cells!  
Cravings:   Really crispy and fresh romaine salads with protein and light ranch dressing.   I could live off of those!  I am also craving (like right now) chicken wings and CELERY sticks.  I've always hated celery until this pregnancy.  Go figure.    
Best Moment of the Week:  Ryan came home after being away at a military school for 3 weeks.  It's nice to have him home and we will hopefully get back into routine soon! We have a big ultrasound coming Monday that I'm pretty nervous about...we are praying things will look good. 

A pic will come soon.. if my brain can remember it.  Prepare yourself! I've grown!! ;)