Monday, December 26, 2011

25 weeks and some change

How Far Along:  25 weeks, 5 days
Size of baby:  She is 13 1/2 inches and 1 1/5 lbs according to averages.
Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!! I had a name.  Ryan had a name.  They are different.  Then we thought we had a name together.  Laugh.  I bailed (I think). We'll probably just keep some in the running and then see what she looks like.  I guess this one will be a secret by default!    
Maternity Clothes:  mostly maternity. I think it may be more flattering and oh my, we've grown!!
Weight gain:  Up 14 (a couple days ago).  Christmas, be good to me!
Belly Button: in.
Movement:  I feel her all throughout the day but mainly at night and in the early morning.  However, I must say she isn't as wild as her brother was (at least not yet).  If you are around Titus in his "true colors" you'll know the boy is always.moving.non.stop.  He was like that in the womb too which made for insanely sore ribs!
Sleep:  I am filling my sleep bank for the next year.  Oh how I pray this child likes to sleep like her older bro!
Symptoms: Lifewise, I'm ready to settle (another post for another day) but pregnancy wise I feel great.  I've recently started prenatal yoga on a home DVD and it feels great to stretch at night and relax.  I'm a big fan.  Lately, I've been more nervous about her birth.  Having had a previous c-section, this poses more questions for me with 2 of my doctors encouraging vbacs (doctor in Portland and here).  We are praying for wisdom and would covet your prayers.  
Cravings:  I've enjoyed sweets more but I'm kind of over it now.  I had this insanely good Caesar salad from Nordstrom Cafe in Durham last week and I'm still craving it now.  
Best Moment of the Week:  Titus talks about his sister  a lot. He will see something he likes and say,  "I wish I could get this for my baby sister??"  It's funny and endearing.  I've also been trying to just rest in God's perfect timing on things.  The peace his gives "amidst" is a great feeling.   And of course.... CHRISTMAS!!!! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas.  I always have.  As cliche as it sounds, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year for this girl.  I always tell Ryan I need one day in July to let me listen to some Christmas songs and then they are out in our house in full color by sometime in October.  I just can't help it!  As we near 4 years of marriage, he now loves it too! :)

I get it honestly.  My mom has always loved Christmas too.  She attributes it to my Pa who always made Christmas really special for her as a child.  Even as an adult, my mom still picks out little surprises whether it's socks, a pen or our yearly children's book to show us we're loved.  I treasure those special things so much (thanks, Mom).  Amidst the gifts though, Christmas has always been about Jesus coming to give life.  God's great love and gift of Christ is celebrated in the gifts we share, food we eat and time spent together.  I am so grateful Ryan and I have both had that to grow up with.

As a mom now with a child who is starting to get into Christmas, I have worked all season to make things special and fun.  We have talked and talked about Jesus' birth.  We've built wonky gingerbread houses (that were fails) and driven to see lights whenever possible.  We've visited Santa, watched Christmas movies, and sang every Christmas song on the planet.   Titus may never understand why his crazy mom stalked Target's after Halloween costume sale so he could have dress up clothes on the budget for Christmas or why I shopped all night on Black Friday.

Sometimes amidst all the fun, I wondered if those little things would cloud the true meaning of Christmas for him.. or for me.. or us as a family?  The other day in the car, he had been thinking and randomly asked, "Why Jesus birthday on Christmas?"  Although he probably was completely confused, the fact that he was connecting the two meant progress for this mom.   His precious little hands reaching for wooden baby Jesus as we read the Christmas story this morning was the sweetest gift I could ever have received this Christmas.  My heart is full because a little baby born in Bethlehem was the only thing that would fix my rebellious heart or my child's.  

Sure I love the fun, the gifts, the pies and songs, but if we never sees Jesus clearly in a simple manger.. what does it matter?

I want Titus to know him.  I want him to know that the same baby in the manager can be his Savior... in a real way.  The fun is great, but the treasure is found in the meaning!

 It's probably helpful that he was sweet and endearing with his questions and while listening to the Christmas story, because shortly after he had a major melt down! Typical toddler.. and normal family but we did have a Merry Christmas either way!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

22 weeks

How Far Along:  22 week, 1 day
Size of baby: 11 inches from head to toe and almost 1 lb.
Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!! 
Maternity Clothes:  A mix still although if they are not maternity it's because they were lose before I got pregnant.  The fitted jeans of pre-pregnancy are def gone!
Weight gain:  I've gained 10 lbs.
Belly Button: in.
Movement:  I am enjoying her movement.  Ryan actually felt her kick last night which was neat.  
Sleep:  I sleep more now than I probably ever will again.  I am cherishing the extra zzz's now.
Symptoms:  I can tell I am def getting bigger!!  I have been in a nesting frenzy and  have sewn up a storm the past few days.   
Best Moment of the Week:  Thanksgiving was busy and fun.. along with an all night shopping extravaganza!! :)  I also felt a big sigh of relief when I finished her bedding!!