Friday, February 24, 2012

almost 3!

I can't believe in just a few weeks my little guy will be 3.  Time flies.

5 years ago Ryan and I started dating
4 years of marriage (next week)
3 year old ball of energy (in March)
2 cross country moves
1 baby girl on the way (Late March, early April)

It's safe to say transition has been our middle name.  I'm thankful for this beautiful life we've been given and the joy we share.  Today, on the fly, I decided I'd do a little photog shoot with my big boy.  We bought some balloons that went CRRAzy in the wind and to a quaint downtown we headed.  Have I mentioned that I really like little quaint downtowns near big cities??  We have a great combo with that here in NC. We headed to an old-part-of-a-train to do our mini shoot.  I made sure his tummy was filled and prayed for a good attitude.  It can go either way these days!!!  Thankfully, we were done in 20 minutes and no one was crying! ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tablecloth curtains

In this season of renting I've found myself needing to nest and feel at home while not wanting to invest $$$.  Great combo right?!  Since we are only painting 2 rooms in this house, the place needed some love and color elsewhere.  My other challenge was that this house has really tall ceilings.  I love this (hopefully our electric bill doesn't go into revolt) but it posed some problems for window treatments.

On a whim, I looked at world market's curtains and well, $40 for one panel was no bueno.

To my thingy-a-ma-jig I went.  AKA sewing machine.. Cat in the Hat anyone?!

I scored some 84" tablecloths from Target for $9.98 and a whitish/yellowish color curtain of similar material for $8.98 to add extra length.  The fact that I had already spent $30 on something I needed to sew, had me nervous.  I'm not exactly the sewer, but I try.  My advice on sewing is watch some tutorials (I'm sure classes would help me too), but really.. just go for it! If I waited to do projects until I knew what I was doing, it wouldn't happen! :) So to work I went.

Since the tablecloths were a good curtian material...not vinylish... I thought this would work well!

Here's my easy steps.

1. Sprawl out all over the floor.  Take curtain extender length and cut appropriate amount needed to extend.  The tablecloth was 84" so I added about 11 more inches as extender. Then pin back of extender length to back of edge of table cloth to connect.  See..

2.  Flip and see if it looks something like this after pinning.

3.  Sew that edge.  I didn't get fancy, I just sewed a regular ole stitch.  Maybe 1/4 inch in.. maybe not.

4.  Then since I didn't want it to cover the whole window and I wanted each tablecloth to make 2 panels, I cut in half vertically and hemmed the seams.  I kind of felt like I was sewing a wedding dress!  Not that I would ever attempt that! :)

5.  Then I added clips.. but decided since I'd need more I would would just fold over the top and sew to go on the rod.

6.  I did this a second time for the other window and then ironed it with steam.  Yes, the ironing really does help it look good!  Then, Hang.  Yes, it's that easy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

33 weeks

How Far Along:  33 weeks 
Size of baby: on average she she should be over 4 lbs and around 17 inches.
Gender: She's a girl! 
Maternity Clothes:  maternity.  if it's not, it's bigger sized regular.  
Weight gain:  22 lbs.  good times.  We'll see if I slide into my goal of less than 30.  fingers crossed. pass me my water! ;)
Belly Button: in.
Movement: all over movement.  I was 98% sure she was breach, but after my dr. appt, she is def head down.  What I thought was a head is actually a bum.  We will continue to evaluate end of term appointments to see what type of delivery I'll have.  I'll be visiting a chiropractor in the area next week who specializes on pregnant ladies to help with optimal fetal positioning for labor.  We shall see... prayers appreciated! 
Sleep:  I sleep pretty well, but am starting to toss more and more.  I know this will only increase.  We also seem to have 3:30, 4:30, and  5:30 AM kicking sessions in the mornings.  I think she might be an early bird like her Daddy.  Titus and I think the morning is for sleeping though! ;)
Symptoms:  heartburn here and there along with feeling exhausted.  With moving and then having a sick child, it's made for tiring times.  I know I should just "get ready" because I do know tired will be the name of the game for a while.    So worth it though! :) 
Cravings:  I'm kind of "over" the whole eating thing.  I am def still eating of course, but things aren't quite as good when your stomach is huge... actually I'm not really sure where my stomach is located at this point.  I just want fresh salads again that don't make me thirsty.    
What I miss:  Spicy tuna sushi, regular clothes, and having my normal amount of energy.  
Best Moment of the Week:  Getting more settled,  meeting new friends, being close to our church, visits with family, and a Valentine's day gift for a prenatal massage and painting the baby's room tonight.  
My husband knows me well.  Bless that man!

I took a pic, but my camera is in the room with my sleeping/sick child.  I dare not go in lest nap time will be over!  Instead I leave you with my own view of my abdomen.. whoa.  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

settling in... wherever we are.

We've moved to this little precious town near a big town that we love.  I may think it's more precious now that I know it has a really cute cupcake shop! It's a 45 minute commute for Ryan and I'm driving about 15 min to the bigger town, but it's a great compromise for the season we are in.

Moving is a job.  Much of our junk was in storage.  We had the basics in our apartment, but there much to unpack from our first move to a house.  I've tried to take it easy, but the OCD in me goes insane when I see boxes.  Like I must turn away or I will have a box cutter in my hand in .3 seconds...or turn into a pillar of salt (ok, maybe not that bad).  Couple that personality trait with the fact that mama bird is nesting and has spent too much time on pinterest and, whoa.  Heaven help us all.

Thankfully a week later, we are getting more settled and I'm flying high on projects.  Actually I start 'em and Skillz (aka Ryan) usually has to finish and or fix them.  So here's a little preview...iphone style.

More later about my projects on the cheapers.