Thursday, March 22, 2012

the end of my 2nd pregnancy.

Crazy that any day, little missy will be here.  I'm ready to hold her, smell her, and see her.  It's hard to imagine the radical love I will feel for another child, but I know (like with her brother) it will happen at first glance.  I already love her, but some powerful force hits when you really take them in for the first time.  That's my favorite part about birth.

Since this could be my last post for this pregnancy before introducing our girl, I figured I should do it sooner rather than later.

once again.. a "best I can do pic for today"

How Far Along:  38 weeks +
Size of baby: on average she she should be around 6.8 lbs and around 19 1/2 inches. 
Gender: It'sa girl! 
Maternity Clothes:  um. yes.
Weight gain:  27! No MAS is what I'm hoping for!!!
Belly Button: mostly in!
Movement: Def still feel movement but less than a few weeks ago.  I monitor her kicks and moves.  She's outta room and hopefully making the great decent with some progress.
Sleep:  The sleep is decreasing.  I wake up super early before Ryan's alarm goes off (like 4ish) and then stay awake until he's gone and finally will go back asleep until T wakes me up.  It's the end and my body is getting ready for those feedings.  Isn't God crafty?!
Symptoms:  I have lots of low pressure and it hurts to walk.  I'm ready to not be pregnant, yet trying to savor the last weeks with just one little guy.  Next week is full of fun things to keep my mind off "ughh... I'm still pregnant!"  Tired, uncomfortable and ready to be done sums it up.  So far the swelling hasn't happened which was not the case with her bro.  I'm pretty sure this was due to sitting at an office desk everyday and flying in the last trimester.  I'm still predicting March 31st (hopefully not April 1)
Cravings:  I have had more Easter candy lately, but thankfully my appetite has gone down a lot.  Weeks 24 to 32 left me constantly hungry.  I also feel like my body is not hanging onto every single thing I eat like earlier.. hopefully nursing will treat me well the next year. 
What I miss:  I miss the comfort of doing regular tasks with ease.  Scrubbing the shower, vacuuming, picking up Titus etc takes a toll these days and leaves me tanked.
Best Moment of the Week:  Celebrating my birthday was really fun! I love that whatever the budget is, Ryan always makes me feel special and loved.  I loved walking downstairs to a card with a "shopping coupon" (what I requested), my fav jelly beans, a boxed cake mix, ribbon and a People magazine.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm a little late on my 3 year old post.. as with most things.. but better late than ever?!

Looking back this has been a wild ride of a year.  Titus has been a trooper and a challenge through lots of transition!  I'm so thankful for my spunky 3 year old.  Even through transition, life normalizes pretty quickly with a little guy in the mix and we are thankful for that.

At 3..

- You are in the 60th % for height and 37th for weight.  I'm pretty sure your Dad still has those same percentages as an adult ;)
- You talk non-stop and your imagination is wild with adventures, friends and games.
- You love to be outside.  You'd play in the dirt all day if I let you "diggin." We love that we can spend so much time outside here without being cold/wet/miserable.   In the summer we'll hopefully spend our days swimming and in the sprinkler with your sister right inside the sliding door! You're in luck because your mama knows how to handle humidity... water!!  It's safe to say, I think you will love the beach this summer!
-  You have become a scooter rock star flying around the kitchen at full speed!
-  You love crafts, but you call them "craps."  So funny.
-  You still have "rest time" each day but often don't sleep during it.  We'll keep this going for a long time.
-  You are a picky eater.   Oh well.  I told your doctor and he said, it's normal and just keep him on his vitamins.  Vitamins and bribery.  Yes, it's true. Your sweet tooth is in tact though.
-  You are wild about your sister and she's not even here yet.  Not a nap or night goes by without you giving my big belly a hug and a smooch.  You are going to be an awesome big brother.
-  You tell us you love us all the time.  Seriously precious. That is such a gift to me.
-  You are strong willed and determined.
-  You truly think your Daddy is a superhero.  You tell other kids that you also jump out of airplanes.  I pray you will always have an awesome relationship with us.
-  Your heart is tender to the gospel.  I pray God will continue to work in you heart and you will find faith in Christ at a young age and walk with Jesus all the days of your life.
-  With that being said, David and Goliath is your fav Bible story!  I think I have it memorized in the Jesus Storybook Bible! ;)

I can't believe 3 years ago we were meeting you for the first time.  You have changed our lives and we are so grateful for the joy you bring to our days.  It's safe to say, we both LOVE being your parents.  You make us laugh with your funny sayings and your little dimples are too cute! You are quite a handful and parenting you well requires lots of patience, grace and consistency.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

maternity pics

Before the possible "great swell of 2012" (it did with her brother..I'm talking unrecognizable feet) happens I wanted to get a few pics to document the end of this pregnancy.  Maternity pictures at the end are my least favorite things to do. I mean who wants to have pics taken of yourself with over 20 lbs added to your body all-the-while holding your belly and trying not to pee?!  Many are in black and white because my roots are really that bad... next week I'll be working on that..and don't mind the bangs in the face either.  :)  We're real here!

Anyways, Ryan took a few this morning in her room and we marked it off our "before baby" list. Her room is done, but we'll wait to share it once the name is revealed!  ;)  So here's a few of yours truly at 37 weeks.  We officially can't wait to meet her!  It seems a little surreal.  FYI.. anytime you want a 3 year old to "get excited" about a pic.. just go ahead and bribe with gum.  Works like a charm even if it will take 10 years to get out of his system! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

36 weeks

How Far Along:  36 weeks 
Size of baby: on average she she should be around 6 lbs and around 18 1/2 inches.
Gender: She's a girl! 
Maternity Clothes:  maternity.  if it's not, it's bigger sized regular. 
Weight gain:  26 lbs. (this is from a few days ago.. I'll weigh again tomorrow at the dr) I'm outta room here. 
Belly Button: mostly in!
Movement: This is the crazy part where you can feel body parts and their shape.  So interesting there is actually inside my body! Granted, I've known it all along, but the wow, identifying body parts is just the craziest thing.
Sleep:  The sleep is decreasing.  I have been waking up wide awake really early and then being tanked early in the evenings.  I'm tired and my body is too!
Symptoms: I've had a lot of low pressure/pelvic pain and round ligament pain.  They say it gets worse with each pregnancy.  I'm in denial that I don't feel awesome so I'm trying to lie to myself and think otherwise! :) Thankfully my heartburn has decreased a good bit!   The chiropractor says my once out-of-line pelvis looks great for expanision and should be moveable.  Who knows, but I think I felt better comfortability wise after the adjustment today.  
Cravings:  I crave nothing.  Well actually, just getting back into normal clothes, having energy and being able to bend over successfully!!!  
What I miss:  My regular clothes, rolling over easily, shaving my legs quickly and not feeling like my body has been hijacked!  I am hoping this drive will cause me spring into action once this baby is out!  I have this.. I wish I could go for a run feeling but know that could never happen right now! ;)
Best Moment of the Week:  We celebrated our anniversary, my mom's birthday and Titus' birthday! Good times! I'll be trying to keep myself busy and continue to get ready.

Predictions:  I think she will weigh 7lbs. 6 oz and be 19 inches long.  I think she will come on March 31st.  We have the 1st, 11th, and 21st covered in our little family so the 31st makes since.  I also predict she will have light red/blondish hair and look a lot like her bro.  We can't wait to meet you baby girl!! 

Supposedly we'll be taking some real pics soon.  I meant to do it sooner but life happens! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

4 years

4 years of marriage today Thursday! We celebrated like love birds at a little Cars party for our (almost) 3 year old! (1st laugh) Actually, it was exactly what we wanted and we were so happy to do it.  We did have cupcakes that tasted similar to wedding cake. Yay!  2 of these 4 anniversaries have been spent with me over 35 weeks pregnant.  All I can do is laugh again at that one and praise God for these little blessings.  Marriage has been harder and better than I could have imagined.  I am so thankful to have married a man who is willing to do hard work for a great marriage.  4 years later, I truly feel like I have the best partner and teammate possible for ME!

We are far from perfect, but it's safe to say it keeps getting better and better! 

Some things I love about my Ryan....

-He sacrifices any extra and takes on more himself so that I can stay home.  This is a huge gift for me...and a huge desire for him.

-He is wise.  He can put things together surrounding various situations that are beyond his years.

-He is a leader.  This is something he is passionate about and I love it.

-He is confident.  As he gets older his ego is being chizzled with God's work in his life and it is turning into a beautiful thing.  I love that he doesn't have an endless drive for affirmation, yet appreciates it when it's given.

-He appreciates healthy living and works hard to take care of his body.  He has this drive that I wish I had more of... it's the one that gets up at 5 AM to "ruck" with a huge backpack on his back or runs 6 miles.  Ryan will be the 65 year old who is surfing and biking whenever possible.

- He kisses me EVERY single night before bed and tells me he loves me.  He also gives me a kiss before he leaves each morning.. usually I'm in dreamland.  He's very affectionate!

-He's a great Dad.  Titus adores him.  I love getting to listen in on Ryan telling Titus about Jesus.  He loves his boy and will love this little girl.  I think that's one of the things I'm most excited about..watching  Ryan fall in love with his little girl.

-He thinks I'm beautiful..even with a big huge ginormous belly.

-He has the gift of faith.  His wife does not as much.
-He's not a complainer.  He may voice things to me, but he really is a positive guy.  It takes a lot to get him down.

-He keeps his word.  He promised over and over to get this wife back to the motherland.  Thankfully, he loves life here too and we pray we can stay!  Praise God that he has united our hearts on an area to settle. 

I love you Ry.  Thank you for being my best friend, the Daddy of my kids, the sharer of your last name, and the person I want to spend my days with.  You love me well.