Sunday, April 29, 2012

life with 2!

Pumping on the way to church in the passenger seat was our first good laugh of the morning.  Thankfully the shirt above my tank acted as a cover when we pulled up the stop light next to the chic Mercedes.  I was not sure whether we should have a babies on board sticker or dairy cow.  We opted at church for a new church window sticker.  I didn't want to blow my cover! ;)

 Fast forward to this afternoon.. Ryan snuck away to a close by pond for a quick recharge amidst finishing school this semester, Maeve had some awake time, and Titus serenaded us both from upstairs while "resting" with his new song entitled "Daddy pooped." All-the-while I noticed I was leaking and quickly thanked God this didn't happen in the middle of church.

I secretly dreamed of watching Downton Abbey or falling asleep on the back porch while getting some vitamin D! Checking my phone, I realized my body clock was right and it was time to feed.  This is my new life with a 3 year old and a newborn.

Although someone or something pretty much needs me at every waking moment whether it be to cook, feed, clean up, clothe, change, pay bills, repeat I would not trade it for a second.  

Last week I thought, maybe two isn't so hard.  Then my help all went back to work and returned home and I realized it's sink or swim for me! 

It's true, motherhood is hard. Hard. Hard. Hard.  Motherhood is also rewarding.  Inexpressible joy.  It demands so much of me, yet I know there is no career, paycheck, or luxury that could offer what my heart receives as a mother.  Each morning in the shower I've been overwhelmed with the gift of my children and the opportunity to be the one to spend my days with them.  Thankfully, with the 2nd child the gift of perspective is much greater than with the first.  I am trying to savor this season, as I know these are the days I'll long for eventually..when my babies were little and new.   I am grateful for the gift even when the learning curve seems steep and an extra arm is needed.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

her day (part 1)

Maeve's birthday was going to be on April 5th but due to a scheduling issue, April 6th became her day!  The week of my due date it was decided that I wouldn't be going very far past my due date to try for a vbac.  With zero-nada-nilch progress and a good sized, very high baby the odds weren't in my favor to get this girl out conveniently.  So much prayer surrounded what to do and after my due date appointment, Ryan and I both (along with our Dr and midwife) felt like it was time to get this girl out.  We are so grateful for our prayer warriors and the medical team that surrounded the decision making process.  I was in great hands!

So on April 6th verrry early in the morning we headed to the hospital.  What a Good Friday it was for us to remember.  As I sat waiting for my IV, labs and doctor  I couldn't help but think about sin's curse (esp on women) and the REDEEMING HOPE and GRACE given through Christ not just for childbirth but for all sin.  I thought about how my sweet girl gets to enter this messed up world with the absolute assurance of a Savior who loves her and gave his everything for her.

Ryan quickly hopped in his monkey suit and my doctor came in ready to go.  I was strangely calm (thank you prayers) and pretty unemotional.  I only cried when I called my little guy and when my Dad prayed with me.  I knew in that moment Titus' world would never be the same.. for the good of course, but still different.  Titus has wore the Mama's boy role pretty well, and my heart hurt wondering what that would look like with a newborn.

I said goodbye to Ryan (they do the prepping first before he can come in) and walked into the OR with my lovely Rainbow flip flops on.  The team in the OR were FABULOUS.  Seriously, I was surrounded by moms of all ages from my nurse anesthetist to the medical tech and RNs.  They kept me talking and I felt so nurtured.  One of the medical techs even let me hug her and hold her hand while I got the spinal.  All my pride was out the window and I just rested in this ladies' arms.  The spinal was awesome.. actually my IV hurt worse!

Once they laid me back, my world became strangely dark and quiet.  My blood pressure was dropping and I was passing out.  The nurse said it went to 60/40, but thankfully they got it back up pretty quickly!  Soon my Dr and Ryan came in and things got started!

Friday, April 13, 2012

her name...

Maeve is a name I've always liked.  I heard it a few years ago and thought it was our style.  Call us crazy, but we always look for names that we've never met someone with.  Ryan liked it too and it was one of the only names we could agree on! We started out with our girl name being Maeve and then went through about 15 other names. Then we came back to Maeve with one other name sitting on the shelf.  When we saw her we knew she was our Maevey girl.  We will pronounce it MAY-V.  Sounds like Dave, but with an "M."  Titus calls her "Mavey" which we think is sweet from her big bro.  I'm sure she will get that a lot from our fam, actually.

Her middle name is one that is dear to my heart, Campbell.  It's my Dad's middle name which is from his Dad and also his grandmother.  This was my great-grandmother's maiden name.  Growing up, I have heard over and over about two Godly women in his life.  His Grandmother and Great Aunt.  Although,  I never met his Grandmother, I am so grateful for the influence she had in his life.  So much of his childhood reflects tragedy and brokenness, but I praise God that he saw a little boy he was going to use for good and began to make beauty from ashes.  God used those Godly influences in his life to impact him and now me.  It's an honor for me to name my girl after a generation changer.  We pray she would grow to be a Godly, strong woman that will impact generations to come for the kingdom.

If you haven't caught it, Maeve Campbell is a Scotch-Irish name.  Although we didn't necessarily plan it that way, we like that those are my roots reflected in her name.  The funny thing is that at this point, she doesn't look one bit Irish!  Her hair and skin are darker than her brother's and she has these dark little eyebrows!  And... check out those cheeks! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

our little girl

8 lbs 10 oz
19 inches long 

We are so in love!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This week, this month.

As much as I have known I'd be beyond ready to meet our girl by April, I've hoped she would hang on until then because our March is so busy!  I've loved the idea of her sharing her month with her Daddy and T sharing his month with me!  It will make for some extended and fun celebrating.  

BUT... it's April and time to have this girl.  I'm READY!!

Sweet Baby Girl,

Soon you won't just be a vision in my imagination but I'll hold you in my arms.  I CANNOT wait to meet you and snuggle you up close.  I can't promise this world will be a perfect place, but it will be worth it as we will show you our greatest JOY in life, our sweet Savior, Jesus.  

Your Daddy will be smitten with you and you will probably be able to get anything you want with your blue eyes (I think based on genetics, it's only possible for you to have blue).  Your brother thinks you are awesome and talks about you all the time.  He even has a nickname for you that we think you will hear him call you all your life.  Your mommy has longed for you from the moment I first saw the +.  We will have some fun times ahead and I am so excited to "learn you." 

Everything has been sanitized, your room is ready, your little clothes are washed and put away, the car seat installed, double stroller ready, and bag packed.... we just need you.  I'd love for you to come out the conventional way, but we are praying you will come in the safest way for us girls.  We already love you.  THIS is your week, girl!


Your Mommy