Sunday, May 20, 2012

her room

Maeve's room was inspired by things we already had!  At first, I struggled to find a vision for it.  I was SO excited to get decorating though!  I wanted it to be a little modern/vintage/feminine but felt confused how to let those meet and still be clean and classy.  I first found fabric I loved and decided I would take on her bedding with my sewing machine.  Although it was stressful and I learned as I went, I managed to get it done! Not perfect, but hopefully it will work!  After I had my colors, I picked out some random pieces around the house to paint and put in her room.  I recovered the rocker, repainted the changing table and my husband worked on a dresser we found off Craig's List.  It was a simple spray paint, distress and add knobs project.  We painted frames, used a print we had, a map of Portland for one, two etsy printables, and then covered two canvas with the bedding fabric.   I have sense added her picture to the frame with flowers on it.

Ryan painted the walls gray and we deemed it "The Portland Room."  Using repurposed items, gray walls, and none other than a bird here and there (portlandia- put a bird on it anyone?) reminded us of the place our girl was conceived.  Fitting eh?! You'll see it's not perfect but we were pleased! ;)

What I learned from this project...

1.  Create a vision and a color palate.  My goal was to allow things to compliment without over matching.  I wanted texture and tried to incorporate that with the distressed dresser, minky fabric rocker, metallic spray paint and aluminum toy bin.
2.  Pick out some statement pieces and accent pieces.  Examples...statement-  dresser, bedding, and frame wall. Accent- rocker, toy bin, changing table baskets, rug and shelves.
3.  Go shopping in your own house and then use spray paint to achieve the colors you want!  I even spray painted a little bird to compliment the room (make sure you spray paint correctly... 4 inches away, thin multiple coats).
4. It has to be functional.
5.  Declutter and simplfy.  If you're type A like me, every last thing will probably have it's own place.   Sometimes less is more though.  My tendency is to cover every wall, but you really don't need to! For the random things a baby needs, use bins or put it in the closet. ;)
7. Just go for it.  It doesn't have to be perfect or even super spendy.

All in all.. using what we had and buying a few things  here and there we spent under $200 (this included buying bigger items like a new rug, fabric, and used dresser).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Month 1

One month has come and gone with our sweet Maeve.  If I don't get this up soon I'll have month 1 and 2!!

Maeve is absolutely precious to us! You probably aren't surprised as newborns are a little piece of heaven.  I'm nearly positive heaven will smell like a freshly bathed baby!!  Love it!  Although I say this with a grain of salt and thank the Lord in humbleness, she is a pretty laid back baby.  Don't think I get out easy.. the toddler years have been a challenge with the first.  She doesn't sleep all through the night or anything, but she has just gone with our flow.  It's a wild flow with a spirited 3 year old!  We were driving home this afternoon and got in traffic and she got hungry an hour before I thought she would and started crying.  It broke my heart to hear her really cry.  Titus and I were singing to her and she stopped.  He was SO proud that he got her to stop crying! If she is clean, fed and rested.. she's happy (usually)!

So far we have gotten a few little smiles from our girl.  She looks at me with these deep little eyes like she knows me so well.  She weighed at 4 weeks 9 lb 9 ounces and is 0-3 month clothes mostly.  She is pretty long, but I didn't get the length at the Dr.  She looks just like her Daddy too although her eyes might be rounding out more like Titus and I's.  Otherwise, she's straight Epp!  Forgive the lack of chalkboard on week 2.  I am annoyed I forgot that!

Maeve is a fast nurser, so I had her weight checked to make sure she was gaining.  Thankfully, things looked good!  Although she is pretty laid back, if the girl doesn't want to eat she won't.  10 minutes is usually all she does.  Granted, I think she is hitting a growth spurt as we speak and going longer.   I typically nurse 6-8 feedings and choose one (sometimes 2) of those to pump and then give her a bottle. The bottle feeding helps me feel better about making sure she gets a little more and also to help build some reserve in the freezer if I need to supplement at some point.  Since I struggled keeping a good supply with Titus, I am trying to be very proactive in keeping a good amount.  Geez I sound complicated!  ;)  Enough about that.. Happy 1 month sweet girl!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

her day (part 2)

I took a deep breath, or tried to at least.  I began shifting my focus on the fact that I would soon meet my little girl and not on how they were getting her out.  Once my blood pressure was up, I felt SO much better and was able to chill out. I also had this warming thing on me which was wonderful because ORs are cold.  The nurse anesthetist told me beforehand that she could give me something to help me relax if I started to freak out, but there was a risk that I wouldn't remember anything so I opted out.  Mind over matter was my game plan.

Soon, my whole body was being jolted and I knew my baby girl was on her way out.  I genuinely wondered how on earth this pregnancy was almost over.  It went by at break-neck speed and thoughts of.. am I really having a baby kept going through my mind.  I think I even said something dumb like, "I feel like I'm having a dog and not a baby."

So she's suppose to be coming out...except she didn't come.  Ryan chose this go round to not watch.  Good thing, because the vacuum had to make an appearance.  I know, who in the world needs a vacuum on a c-section?! This girl.  It's safe to say Maeve had NO intentions on coming out of me! Thankfully, that did the trick and she was passed off to the baby care team.  I was crying, Ryan was crying and we waited for Maeve to cry.  My tears turned into laughter when I found out she was 8 lbs 10 oz.  Basically a toddler!   She had great scores and soon she was in her Daddy's arms at my head.

Instant Love.  Those moments when I meet my children by sight are far too precious for words.  Something transforming.  It's a beautiful thing to look right into Ryan's eyes and know he's experiencing it too.  I will store those little treasures in my heart always.

Ryan headed to the nursery with her and they finished on me.  Very soon after they left, I was headed to recovery and she was joining me.  The first hour after birth, she nursed like a champ.  I
am so thankful I was able to nurse for so long and so soon after surgery.  She was wide awake and we were able to enjoy her and call family to share the great news! I was in 0 pain (thank you meds) so those after birth cramps didn't plague me.

About an hour later, I was taken to my room and my mom and Titus met us all there!  Although the recovery isn't super fun, it has gone really well.  Each day, I am gaining more strength and I def think my second c-section was far easier than the first! No crazy swelling (only slight), or no horrendous headaches.  The doctor and nurses at this hospital were stellar and completely on the ball.

Maeve is a heart melter.  She has these sweet baby rolls and these little pensive eyes.  Her cheeks beg me to kiss her all day long and my biggest challenge is keeping her brother gentle around her and getting her awake enough to nurse.  We are smitten!