Thursday, June 28, 2012

what our june looked like..

We went to Charleston while Ryan was in France.  It was so nice to not be on my own for those 18 days.  The beach was loads of fun too!  The beach is TONS of work to get there (with kids..esp a baby) but lots of fun once we're there!  Hopefully next summer will be a little easier with less "things" to take.

 We shared some good talks with Titus.  He's starting to ask lots of questions about God and how he can have the Holy Spirit.  I find myself filled with joy over this, but I want to be careful to explain things well.  I know these truths are shaping him.  Childlike faith is a beautiful thing.

We had lots of brotherly/sisterly love. I think Maeve is giving the!  I have to watch him like a hawk with her..

 We celebrated Father's Day at church and then a local park. Ryan did a little fly fishing until he wound back and caught me with the hook.  He learned quickly when I was ready to burst into tears yelling, "get it outttt!!!"  I was thankful we moved onto the playground after that and that he didn't catch one of our kids!  We are all in process I guess.

We played in the water!!! This might be minor for most but I have LONGED for HOT and muggy summer days where we could play in the kiddie pool, sprinklers etc.  I've eaten quite a few watermelons by myself and am enjoying a southern summer.  The south is my sweet spot and I hope and pray we never have to move away from it again.

We heard over and over how much this little miss looks like her Daddy.  It's true.  The only thing she has from me is a funky calic that will force her to part her hair on the opposite side of most! ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2 months

 Since she's close to 3 months, I better get on 2 months!! Will I ever be on time?! My brain is spinning and somewhere down there I feel slightly guilty because I know Maeve doesn't have as many pictures as her brother!  Then again, I'm pretty sure there's maybe 2 pics of me as a baby and I turned out ok, so between instagram and random other iphone pics, she'll be ok too!

During Maeve's 2nd month she...

- weighed 10 lbs 15 oz at her appointment.  She was in the 50th percentile across the board.
- switched from giving us little grins to big smiles.
- started cooing.
- gained better head control.
- wakes up once a night (the time depends on if I nursed or pumped on her last feeding.. she goes longer if I pump and give her a bottle).
- started paying more attention to her brother.
- went to the beach for the first time and was a good girl!
- got some shots and was a little more fussy and had a funny tummy (that was from the rotavirus vaccine which I am VERY thankful for her to have)
- can get pretty much anything from her Daddy.  He was going to buy her a $100 sun shade for like 2 days at the beach so she can stay nice and cool.  Thankfully I talked him into a much cheaper one.  He is puddy in her hand!
- is the sweetest, most laid back baby.  Her disposition makes my heart swell with joy.  I am so thankful God chose me to be her mommy!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Kids say the funniest things.  They really just do the funniest things too.  Ok, kids are stinkin' hilarious.  Esp once they turn 3.  They are still little but they have this personality that comes out from the perspective of a mini-person.  3 is hard too.. esp when the tantrums strike!  Since it can be hard too, I savour and hold onto the great!

Titus has been cracking us up recently.... 

He grabbed a jalapeno from Ryan's nachos and said, "Whoa, dats spicy.  I like spicy."

We went to the movies the other day and he talked the rest of the day about the "movie-ator."

I can't forget the little bottle of Purrel that sits in his car seat just in case he needs some "han-tizer."

He's a sweet boy that likes to tell us he loves us.  Medicine for the soul.  Today he said, "Mom when I get older, I will marry you."  I said, "but what will Daddy do since I'm married to him?"  No worries, he just said, "Daddy will go and buy us BOTH a present!"

When T wants to use something he says, "Can I lose that?"  It's so hard not to mess with him on that one!  ;)

His imaginary friends make a daily appearance at our house.  They have no parents and can do "anyfing they want."  My favs are "Panchi, Pink, and Plank."

I can't believe he's cruising through the 3's.  Although the first 6 weeks of his sister's life brought on some more interesting behavior from him, it's been a joy to see him love his little sis.  As she gets older and more alert, she is responding to him with sweet baby smiles.  I think she is going to adore him.  When we are at home and it's just us, he cannot keep his hands off her (insert multiple heart attacks from me)!  

Monday, June 11, 2012

miscellany monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

It's a miscellany monday at the Epp casa.  

1.  My man went to Portugal, England and France with the grand ole' Army for the last 18 days celebrating D-Day.  I headed to spend time with fam and missed him dearly. My fam is pretty awesome so I was thankful for the help and company.  I kept saying, "I better get a good souvenir!"  That was prob selfish but let's remember what he was doing while I was taking care of 2 kids!  He said he was still working but that included Normandy ceremonies, food catered by the Tour de France and sight seeing.  Hmmm.  I did love the souvenir and will enjoy drinking my coffee and eating my oatmeal with these.   The heart is because he loves me! ;) I love him too!

2.  He also brought me French biscuit cookies.  Excuse the blur. If I can't read the nutritional information, I guess it means they are free.. as in free points with Weight Watchers! HA! If only because they are delish!

3.  I love starting a new Bible study in the summer. Or Fall and Spring.  Ok, maybe I'm just a Bible study girl! I love looking at a fresh book knowing the potential to come. I started One In A Million by Pricilla Shirer.  It's going to be good.  Really anything that helps me to stay rooted in the word is a good thing.

4.  We are enjoying a Monday full of PJ's and getting back on schedules.  This missy has some shots this week and I have a mole removal surgery (non cancerous yet thankfully) ahead.  A quiet day is appreciated!

5.  He says he has lots of money. He doesn't understand the difference in play and real!  Geez, I love those babies.  Counting my blessings today and they start with the above and below.  The below can work his mother over-time but those sweet words, "Mom, I love you" melts me to pieces.  He may never understand how much I love him back until he has a little of his own!