Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 months

Our sweet Maeve is 3 months old.  The time is flying with this sweet girl.  I find myself wishing I could freeze this stage.  The part where she will sleep anywhere and often falls asleep on me.  The part where she smiles so sweetly and watches the world with fresh little eyes.  I love babies!  Then I remind myself that each stage is really a gift and there are so many sweet memories to be made at 6 months, 1 year etc.  

Maeve weighs somewhere around 12 1/2 lbs.  She can roll from her tummy to back and loves to coo at anyone who will look at her.  She's an observant baby and seems to be a sensitive soul.  Loud noises make her turn that lip under and her brother can get her close to laughing.  She loves him.

She has started sleeping through most nights as long as I pump her last feeding to fill that tummy up (knock on wood).  I can tell she prefers the bottle, yet gets nursed most of the time (except for her last bottle before bedtime).   While on vacation I pumped more and I'm pretty sure she came back with extra chub!  I love that baby chub! Nursing is something I have to work hard at.   I find myself constantly working hard to keep my supply up and keep her interested.  All that while trying to keep her flexible enough to take a bottle!  She nurses best while using the boppy and being rocked! Oh my!  ;) 

Sweet Maevey girl, 

We love you so much.  I feel like I could hold you for a million years and your Daddy told me yesterday that he just has this overwhelming love for you.  He said he's sure he could figure out a way to get to the moon if you asked him to.  Just like with your brother, we are WILD over you! You seem to be a gentle spirit that watches people.  I feel like I know you so well already.  You have enriched our lives so much and I will be forever grateful for the gift of being your Mommy! And for the record... you look just like your Dad! 


Your Mommy

Thursday, July 12, 2012

beach pics

On a windy evening while on vacation I had the grand idea of taking some pics of the kids.  Ryan thought it was a terrible idea but I begged and pleaded.  After a yummy dinner eating our fav fish tacos, we ventured out.  I kept saying "we just need one" with full intentions of taking a few more.  It was quick and snappy but we got some pics I'll treasure for years to come!  The sister was happy to be and have someone to talk to her and the brother hammed it up!   

I've come to the realization of 2 things.. My hair cutting skills on Titus need some help from the professionals and I never knew how much I'd love dressing my sweet little girl in smocked dresses until I saw her in one.  Sigh.