Monday, November 5, 2012

6 months.. a month late.

Sweet Maeve,

Tomorrow you will be SEVEN months old.  How can his be?  In my mind, you are still around two months.  My foggy brain loses track of the weeks as they fly by while the afternoons before Daddy gets home seems slow somedays.  You bring so much joy to our family sweet girl.

 At 6 months you were around the 80th percentage for head, 60th for height and 30th for weight.  Your little 6 month picture never happened.  Mom fail.   I may just take a pic at 7 months with the six month picture for your baby photobook.  While you didn't get your pic made, your mommy and daddy bought our first house.  We were piled high in packing and moving.  Your room was just painting and I am ready to decorate it again!

 You became more talkative around six months with babbling.  Your most clear word remains "mama."  You became stronger sitting up and harder to nurse.  I am relying mostly on the pump to try to keep my milk supply up and keep nursing going.  You are alert and active with a laid back disposition.  You are my go with the flow girl. You mostly sleep through the night with some bumps and paci "plugs" along the way.  Sometimes I genuninely cannot remember if I was up in the night or not!  You have tried fruits and veggies this past month with he intro into solids.  You LOVE solids but your favorite thing is yobaby yogurt. 

Better late than never!! Kind of goes along with your entry into he world! Clearly we both share that trait!

Pics are on the camera and coming.. but for now.. let's just hit publish!