Saturday, December 1, 2012

4 months before 4

My Titus boy.  Oh.My.  You are just 4 months shy of your 4th birthday.  This is so so hard for me to believe.  You are a ham and keep us laughing.  You have quite the opinions and I love hearing your confident spirit tell me all the things you are great at doing!  You told me the other day you are studious!

You love your sister and are a pretty big helper to me.  I ask you to do favors for me and you do them! Now, you ask me to do favors for you too!   You LOVE being outside and would dig in the dirt for hours if I let you.   You are very physical and we are constantly reminding you to be safe with that little body of yours.  You are lean and picky.  Getting you to take another bite is stressful at times.  You are a strong willed little boy.  I had an outfit picked out for family pictures and you insisted on wearing your tie so we improvised.  You find SO much joy in talking to the big kids on our street.  They are sweet to you as you talk their ear off.

You LOVE Christmas and we are jumping in with both feet this year!  We don't go crazy over Santa, however, you do.  Despite our best efforts, your little imagination runs wild with elves, and the man with the hat.  That's ok.  Honestly, there's magic in your twinkly eyes.  My hope is despite the lights we'll see and the funny things our little elf will do, you will look to the Christ child and understand what it's all about.   We are doing our best to point to that amidst the fun!

You love legos, your nerf bow, and the little Christmas tree in your room.  We find you sleeping on the floor next to it each night when we go in to check on you and unplug it.

Although you are B-U-S-Y, you still ask for me to rock you some nights. Truth me told, I treasure it.  You will forever be the best surprise of my life!

month seven

Maeve, you are seven (almost 8) months old.  You continue to bring us so so much joy.  You are a delight to my heart.  

This past month has been a stressful one.  We made your first ER visit after you spiked a high fever.  Turns out,  you had a viral infection.  During the span, you were monitored very closely.  Now you have had 2 ear infections and an awful cold we picked up over Thanksgiving.  Between checks and rechecks, we have visited your doctor NINE times.  I just want my sweet girl to be back to normal again (prayers appreciated)!  While being sick, all you want is your mama.  I am so thankful God has chosen me to be that for you and there is no place in the world I'd rather be than holding my baby.  You will be staying close to me in a bubble the rest of the winter I think!

Between moving/settling in our new house and buying a car that died 20 miles into driving it, we've been a tired bunch.  Weary, really.   God's grace is meeting us here too in our exhaustion.  

Although you've been a sick girl, you have perfected the art of the army crawl and have mastered waving Hey and Bye.  You have us wrapped so tight!  You are pretty much on a four hour schedule during the day and usually wake up by 5 AM to nurse.  Thankfully, you go right back to sleep.  This time around, I haven't pushed the sleeping thing.  Your daddy and I can't bear to hear you cry at all so up one of us goes to put your paci in or me to feed you.  It's a short season and my blood pressure goes up just thinking about you crying.  I am pumping about 5 times a day now to ensure you get full feedings and I keep my supply up.  I am pretty weary with pumping but will go as long as I can. I am praying I can have enough milk to get you to a year.  

You are a trooper and maintain a laid back attitude despite your brother's pinches and hugs.  I try really hard to keep him safe with you, though it's a bit of a workout.  He really loves you though!  

Sweet Maeve, we love you so much.  You are such a gift!