Saturday, February 23, 2013

the witching hour

Ya know the hour right before your husband gets home?  Nap time is over (or at least the possible battle of rest time for a certain almost 4 year old) and it's time for dinner.  The dinner that is not pre-planned and yet to be pinned on pinterest.  You resort to spaghetti, again, and hope your husband doesn't notice that it's been on the menu for.. um.. weekly.  You have once again your mom uniform on and you are waiting on the call saying he's on his way.  Praise the good Lord.... HE'S ON HIS WAY!!! No need for a white horse because that little red truck that pulls into the driveway carries the man of my dreams.

If you're wondering what the Mom uniform is.... please please... take this as your preordained prompting to get in touch with a young mom and bless her.  If you don't know her well and she would not be comfortable leaving her kiddos..make her a meal!

Granted some days you feel like superwoman thanks to a 4 ingredient crockpot recipe that makes your husband think you are Rachel Ray.  The miracle of 2 kids napping at once happened and you actually had time to think clearly and get into the word.  Makeup was applied and hair was straightened.  Gosh, I love those days but I am sick of allowing myself to feel like a failure on all other ones.  Measured check lists are not where our identities are found.  Jesus is.  He's the only one that whispers to our confidence to work hard and love them well. We can do it!

So back to the witching hour.  I haven't found a full proof way to get through this but have found a couple things that help.

1.  Run upstairs and throw some bronzer and mascara on.  You may need to redo your messy bun.  It's all the rage so you rock that uniform, girl. If your neighbors see you and they don't know about "it".. they may think you exercise a lot in your home with the blinds closed.  I have yet to make peace with Jillian Michaels here.

2.  Get your kids having fun.  I know some people say pick up the mess, so talk to your husband, but mine appreciates a controlled fun atmosphere.  If he's not in the military, you may be able to remove the controlled part!!

Our go to plan right now is easter eggs on the floor and WORSHIP MUSIC BLARING.  I am loving Pandora Hillsong Kids channel.  It gets us all moving and smiling.  Even my sweet Maeve loves it and has some moves that could point an awkward teenager in the right direction!

3.  Get cooking with one eye on your kids.  Feel free to occasionally run in and begin a mosh pit with jumping and fist pumps. Your 4 year old will think you are spiderwoman with the web throwing move, so def include that!

4.   Embrace the witching hour.  As cheesy as it sounds, my goal is to turn it into the worship hour.  If you struggle with this hour, try it for a week and see if it is something that works for you!

5.  Maybe just maybe, Matt Maher's song "Your Grace is Enough" will come on and your will let that grace fall on you anew because motherhood is so stinkin' hard but so worth it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

9 Months

Maeve will be 10 months tomorrow which means I need to get one her 9 month update.

Wow, what a busy month!  We began this month with more ear infections and scheduling tubes.  The past 3 months have made for a lot of doctor visits with this little girl.  If you've ever had a child with chronic ear infections you know you go for multiple checks and rechecks.  The more we went to the doctor, the more we picked up other things which continues the vicious cycle! With this being Titus' first year in preschool, he has had his own sickness to share! We are overjoyed that we have made it 3 weeks post tubes without a visit to the doctor and regular sleeping through the night (someone pound on wood)!

Prior to the ear infections Maeve was babbling quite a bit.  Once the infections started, she stopped talking as much and just would nod her head.  Bless her heart.  Now she is back to babbling.  The funniest thing is when you put her in her high chair she will start saying "mmmmmmm mmmmm." She won't stop until she has her food! At 9 months our girl was 17.2 lbs. She is over the 75th percentile on height (really?) and still has quite a dome!  I am working hard to bulk her up more!  Although she does not love her formula, her new teeth coming in are helping her munch more table food.  She loves her solids!  Yup, she finally started cutting her first teeth!!

 This month Maeve finished nursing.  I was sad to do so, but my lack of milk became such a joke.  I know my time is ending when I pump for 30 minutes and get 1 ounce.  Maeve continues to only army crawl but has learned to go from tummy to sitting.

She is pretty attached to her mama (me) with a close second being her brother.  She loves her Daddy too though!! ;) Titus makes her laugh and she is starting to respond to him and follow him around!

Maeve has the sweetest little personality.  It's unlikely for her to be sad and she has recently started dancing when we turn on music.  I just can't help saying it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Although it was a busy month with life stressors here and there, we feel so blessed to have these kids and this life.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Maeve, you are a gift.