Thursday, March 21, 2013

10 and 11 months with Maeve

Its hard to believe our sweet pea is just a few weeks shy of a year.  This past year has zipped by!!  Maeve is the sweetest little miss and I love being her mommy!  As with the 2nd... there are less pictures and less updates but the overwhelming love is the same!  Maeve has been such a delight and joy to our family, it's hard for me to imagine what life was like without her!  

At 10 months Maeve...

- got tubes for endless ear infections... and Maeve became more chatty... on the ride home!
-  decided formula was not the worst thing ever.
- ate avocados like they were going out of style.  This makes me so happy to see my kids eat these!
- began crawling on those knees.  She has army crawled since 7 months and I thought she would never switch to up on her knees.. but she did.
-  continues to nod to questions.. cutest thing ever.
-  follows Titus around and thinks he's the best thing ever (ok, we all do).
-  started showing off her dancing.  She does a mix between a head bob and body glide.  It melts my heart.
-  began pulling up on everything and can walk some with her push toy.
-  Is around 16.9 lbs.
-  still has 2 little teeth.
-  waves

At 11 months Maeve....

-  began not waking up for a bottle around 10 to 11 and started sleeping 12 hours.  Not all the time but more consistently.  We are late on all this but finally did some sleep training.
-  moves constantly.  She is a happy little thing to explore around with her toys but loves to put everything in her mouth and likes to quietly sneak to the bathroom or stairs.  She has to be watched 24/7
-  continues to love to play with Titus.  He is really a good big bro to her.
-  has food opinions and loves to wave her hand no in front of her face or shake her head no.
-  learned to give kisses.  OH MY... this is my fav! She even makes the sound MMMAHHH.
-  calls Mama, Dada, Bubba, and sometimes TyTy (or something that sounds similar)
-  is around 17.9 lbs.
-  typically takes 2 naps a day but we often miss one being out and about.
-  is a snuggler.  She is in full on cry when left mode.  I love my little attached baby!
-  hung out with her first non-family sitter.  It was so fun to have a date with friends but we missed our babes!
-  loves pasta, green beans, avocado and squeezy fruit.
-  melts our heart.  Ryan says every time he looks at her little smile he wants to cry.  THE GIRL has her daddy wrapped tight.  Us all, really.

 We love you Maevey girl, smoochy pants, lovey, Mae Mae! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4 Matey!!

It's hard to believe Maeve is just a month away from 1 (updates coming) and Titus is NOW 4!!!!

Sunday night I went into my little guy's room and snuggled him a little extra.  It was hard to believe that it was his last night to be 3!  We celebrated and celebrated this little guy!  Last year we had a family party here in NC so this year was the year to have a bash!

We celebrated pirate style complete with mustaches.  Including babies, parents and kiddos, our house was full with 40 people!!  Our little man was shining all day!! We played and searched for hidden treasures that led us to a pinata (Titus calls it a peeata).

Titus is a BUSY boy.  He loves all things superhero, sports, and Army (go figure).  He is independent and likes to be in charge weighing in at 34ish lbs.  He def has a similar build to Ryan.  Although he is super active and busy, he loves to snuggle and would prefer to sleep in our bed every night (although he has yet to sleep with both of us at the same time).  This past year has required a lot of patience on my part and consistency.  At times, I've really failed but I can really see the fruit when we have a daily plan.  He loves his little sis so much (sometimes too much) and I am grateful for the sweet little relationship that is forming.

Titus is growing in his understanding of God and I look forward to the conversations we will have in the next year.  He is a gift to his Dad and I am I pray that God will use him mightily for his kingdom!