Saturday, April 20, 2013

1 year


YOU ARE ONE!!!  Happy Birthday sweet girl.  You have been a complete joy and delight to us this past year and I feel so incredibly blessed to be your mama.

Each time I drive by the hospital I had you at I stop and dream a little about the day we first met.  Somehow and somewhere in my sleep deprived mind, I remember it to be like a little vacation with your Dad and you.  Yes, I was on heavy medicine so the memory of laying in a bed after surgery may have been lost somewhere.  Really, I just remember your fresh little eyes just entering the world and that, my girl, is a treasure.

But now you've grown and move around, laugh and play.  You are quickly becoming a little girl that dances when she hears music or calls for us to come get her.  You are learning to walk and watching you tremble to take your first steps makes me think some days I'm right there with ya.  You give sweet smooches and have your little Minnie lovey tucked under your arm most of the day.

You love your brother and try to sneak off on adventures to the bathroom and stairs with him.  You love to have your teeth brushed and can't help but giggle before I start.  You even have a skill to get some baby plug covers off in our house.  You are observant and shy, but smiley too.

I have loved dressing you in little girly outfits and putting big bows in your hair.  It's really be fun for my girly heart.  You usually sleep through the night and take 11/2 naps a day.  Sometimes just one.  We celebrated your big day with friends and family at a park in Charleston.  We picked some favorite colors and went with that as a

I pray this next year is a growing and thriving year.  I pray that as God shapes you that you will come to know and love him.  I pray that your Dad and I will be the forerunners in your relationship with God and will model a love for him in our family.  

Happy Birthday you 17 lbs 15 oz/16th percentile little sweetness.  Your mama sure does LOVE you!