Saturday, June 15, 2013

update from the epp fam

So basically I have kept waiting for life to slow down.  It hasn't.  I would feel sorry for our little fam but I think I've pretty much decided that's just us.  We go go go with the things with love, value and have to do and then slow down when we need to.  Somehow God's grace has chugged us along, and after all... we make time for what we value (gut check, hello).  Please forgive the random notes below and feel free to skip.. just want this more for myself! ;)

Ryan finished seminary.  Seriously, THANK YOU GOD.  I think we were both beyond over school and are enjoying days without the dreaded paper.  

Titus wrapped up his first year of preschool and I finished MOPS for the year while Ryan painted the exterior of our house.  I know, crazy.  The boy has been wanting to do this for years and his biggest condition for buying was that it would be paintable.  I am loving it!!

As soon as the big project was done we packed up and spent the week at a family reunion.  We were in NC for this reunion and beyond grateful to spend time with Ryan's family on the beach.  There were a total of 24 people in a gigantic house with a pool. 

Since we have been back Ryan will be traveling two times for two separate family deaths.  Our hearts have been so heavy at the loss of our sis-in-laws father and now Ryan's grandma.  We are so thankful that these precious people are now in the presence of their Lord and Savior.  What a beautiful eternal hope we have!

My summer days are consisting of working out, and lots of playing with the kids.  We are loving the pool this summer and my goal this summer is just to be present and engaged.  Laundry can go, let's just have fun with picnics, pool and parks.  I am developing a love for hot days followed by fun meals.  My enjoyment for healthy cooking is slowly developing into a passion!  I'm excited!