Friday, October 25, 2013

Maeve is 18 months

Maybe I should reintroduce myself.  I'm Jessica.  I once blogged updates about our life and then I had a second child and started to fall off the bandwagon of the blogs.  However, I have recently thought it's time to get back on the horse.  Maybe it's the guilt that Maeve has far less updates to put in a baby book, or maybe I just wanna, but I'm hoping to be more committed.

Maeve is 18 months.  See that cutie below.  She is a ham and we couldn't possibly love her or her brother more.  That pic was taken my a college friend who happens to be an amazing blogger/photographer, Carissa.  (It was uploaded from my phone so a little different straight from the source).

So here's some info about our girl.  Maeve is ALL girl.  She loves her bow-bow, sleeps with her Minnie always, and I feel confident her fav person is me her bubba.  She also really likes men that she doesn't know particularly well.  Lovely right?!

Maeve would prefer to wear her Minnie Mouse pjs all day everyday.  In the pic below, she went and found them and was crying to wear them.  Sometimes she wins.

Maeve is pensive at times, talkative, and loves to dance when she hears the slightest beat.  She also has a stink eye that can make anyone feel awkward.  Basically, you know where you stand with her.  There's her Minnie lovey below and yes, we have 2.

She likes necklaces and can be found climbing up my closet shelves to get into my jewelry.  See.. all girl I tell ya!  Notice her high heels below.  She prefers to be shirtless as well, but with jewelry.  Thankfully I only have 1 pc of jewelry costing more than $15.  It's never taken off my hand! ;)

I am grateful my kids love to be outside.  I will never ever take the gift of being outside all 4 seasons for granted in NC.  She has recently began asking to go "outdide." Park days are good for our soul!

Maeve, You are a petite little 22 lb bundle of joy.  You light up our days and have taken sleep from our nights.  You make me laugh when you "shake shake" and your love for cuddling makes my heart happy.  You have spunk and can hold your own.  You are truly the "one who brings joy (Maeve)."  I love you sweet girl.