Monday, January 6, 2014

Disney Day 2

My absolute favorite place at Disney... or maybe anywhere is MAGIC KINGDOM.  I love it!  It's magical!!!  Day 2 this was on our agenda!

We got to the park when it opened and high tailed it in.  The guys picked up a fast pass for us and Mom Epp, the kids and I rode the Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland.  It was a fav for T.   Then we booked it to Fantasyland and walked right onto quite a few rides!  Titus did his first roller coaster.  Although he was slightly terrified of Goofy's Barnstormer ride, he did pretty well! :)  Then we hopped on Dumbo, the tea cups, carousel, Winnie the Pooh and a meeting with the evil stepsisters!

By that time, we were ready for a snack so headed over to chill with Gaston at the new pub.  Cinnamon rolls and a chocolate croissant were the perfect way to unwind.  After that, we rode Ariel's new ride which was a fav!!  By that time we were ready for T's long awaited hair cut at Disney.  I scheduled this a  few months back and that hair was READY for a cut.  He was in heaven with his faux hawk and pixie dust in his hair.  Maeve got some pixie dust too!! Then we were ready to head back to the condos for naps before going back for a late night!

My in-laws decided to party the day away at Magic Kingdom!! :)

That evening we ate an early dinner at the condo and then headed back. We began with Dole Whips (pineapple ice cream float) in Adventureland.  SO GOOD!!  After that we rode Pirates of the Caribbean (T's fav ride) and Big Thunder Railroad. Once again, T was terrified.  Ryan felt bad for taking him on it but ya live and learn right?! Then we danced with the Incredibles in Tomorrowland and T rode a rocket ride with Grandpa while Ryan and I rode Space Mountain.  We rode the train and explored a little more before fireworks!

T was getting tired.. a meltdown was pending but a sundae was coming!
 Then we got a spot at the electrical parade complete with Plaza sundaes (my fav).  That bought more time on the need for sleep for our kids!  The parade was beautiful and we were ready for bed! The day could not had gone better.  The Lord was so good to us and the warm sunny temps were icing on the cake!! We put the kids down just before midnight!  Our elf came to Disney with us and filled our Dollar Tree mail box with themed treats for the parks we would be going to.  We gave lots of treats for good behavior and used every last ounce of bribery.  It worked!  Praise the Lord for a great day!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Disney Day 1

Back in early fall Ryan and I began to think about our next Disney trip.  I came upon a great deal through a military resource for 2 condos just miles away from Disney.  On a whim, we asked Ryan's parents if they would want to meet us there for a week in December.  They quickly said they were game and the planning began!!!  (Sidenote- if you are military, be sure to check into all your benefits surrounding vacations and Disney.... major savings).   We pushed hard during the Fall knowing that once December hit, we'd be off the grid for a while between Disney and Christmas leave.

I began researching and praying that the Lord would give us an amazing week and he sure did! We decided that Disney is meant to have a pair of grandparents there with you so we hope to continue that trend down the road.  It helped SO much and it was super fun as well.

We went in early December crowds and that was so very helpful.  I'm pretty sure we didn't wait more than 15 minutes for anything.  We utilized fast passes and I researched where to go first.  The biggest thing that helped was that we were at the park gates when they opened!  Between friends and pinterest, I tried to research but be flexible.  I am not a pro at this but can I just say in regards to Disney... Attitude is EVERYTHING.  If you're excited and happy, things will be magical and slight meltdowns from kids won't be a big deal.. but if you're over it and "just doing it for the kids" you probably won't enjoy yourself nearly as much!  :)

Our first Day we headed to Hollywood Studios.  My little fam geeked out in Star Wars attire (even Maeve).  Funny bc I don't think I've ever watched an entire movie but our boy LOVES Star Wars (even if he's only seen the Lego version) and it was game on!

Maeve preferred to greet Chip and Dale showing her own belly button too...
  I knew that the Toy Story ride is the most popular ride and that the Jedi training show (with kids in it) was the 2 main things we wanted there.  As soon as we got through the gate, Mom Epp and I got fast passes for Toy Story and Ryan and Dad Epp took the kids to sign Titus up to "become a Jedi" in the Star Wars show.  We got both and met back up to explore the park.

My kids loved Disney Junior Live while Ryan and his Dad rode Tower of Terror.  Titus then had his turn to be in the Star Wars show.  Each child gets to fight  Darth Vador in front of everyone in a costume and holding a light saber.  I was POSITIVE Titus would cry, but knew we had to let him try.  There was smoke, music... and Darth Vador in full gear along with another creepy guy, but my boy did amazing.  Basically he thinks he's a real Jedi and you may get his supernatural arm thing if you cross him.  :)

fighting Darth Vador.. so proud!!!!

feel free to ask me how I WON a free turkey leg...

bless him... he's holding his hand on his heart.  Swoon. 

We did various other things like a Car show, Star Wars ride, etc.  We ended the evening with seeing the Osborne Lights and Ryan, Dad Epp and I rode Rock-n-Roll rollarcoaster (my personal fav)..  This is lights cover the America Street with music and fake snow.  It's truely unlike anything I've ever seen.  We left around 7 and our kids were tanked!  We were exhausted too... but slightly giddy because....

Next day... Magic Kingdom... my fav!