Friday, March 28, 2014

And now he's 5...

It's hard to believe that my little man is now 5 and heading into kindergarten next year.  How is that possible?!

I'm not sure how to sum up Titus is a little blog post because but here's a few things....

So here's a tidbit.  He's strong willed, witty, and a love bug.  He's a people person and perceptive, yet a little mouthy at times too.  He's a little creature of habit and loves to be outside.  His days are good or the best ever!  His favorite activities include riding his bike, digging in the dirt or playing with legos.  The boy has energy coming out of his ears! He loves to spend time with Ryan, and for that I'm so thankful!  He hasn't been super interested in school but he's been pretty pumped to start learning to read.  We have a workbook we use each night and he is working hard!  Since he hates bedtime, he will do anything to avoid it a little longer so our lesson is perfect during this time!

Titus is the best big brother to Maeve and really has become my little helper.  She's wild about "bubby" by the way.  These two play really well together (mostly) and I hope will continue to have a sweet relationship over the years.

I often hear people say Titus looks like me (and Maeve Ryan) but who knows.  He has his Daddy's build, even now, which is pretty awesome for him! :)  As he approaches kindergarten, here's really no place I would have rather been the past 5 years than home with him.  I'm so glad we took the minialist approach with preschool and many other activities.  Our time has been such a blessing!  Happy 5th (a little late) smoochie pants!  You're my fav little boy in all the world!


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