Monday, March 3, 2014

Six years later....

This past Saturday we celebrated 6 years of marriage.  I'd have to say this past year was a really good year in our marriage.  Quite possibly my favorite.  Maybe it's the lack of transition we got to enjoy.. no babies, no moves, no major life stressors or maybe that it's that we are growing in our understanding as what a team looks like a bit more.  Who knows, but it was a good year and I can only thank God for his goodness.  Six things I've learned....

1.  You can't be proud, unforgiving or selfish and have an awesome marriage.  It just doesn't work.  It makes things pretty ugly pretty fast.

2.  Transition makes things a bit more challenging, but will make you stronger after the growing pains.

3.  Kids take lots of $, add stress, and take away less sleep but the joy they bring is unmeasurable.  Def a precious gift and so worth it.  We've def grown from becoming parents.

4.  Decisions should be prayed through and talked through together, however, as a wife it's freeing to know that Ryan has the final say.  I trust his love for us to make the best decision considering our family first.  (This has been one of the biggest things we'd say hindsight is 20/20 on).

5.  A Marriage will never be what it should without the love and support of a local church.  I repeat.. Your marriage needs JESUS and the support of a thriving local church.  I say this with the encouragement to leave the "consumer" mentality behind and get your hands dirty serving and committing to a church that is biblically sound.  Our pastor hit it out of the park talking about this here   from 3/2/2014

6.  Bring your sense of humor.  Laughter with your spouse is life-giving.

Now.. let's walk through memory lane....

Year 1- married, pregnant 3 months later followed by a 3,000 mile move to Portland.  Lots of transition that year!

March 11th of year 2 we met our first baby!! 

Year 3 Ryan went away to a 3 month Army school.  He flew in to celebrate our Anniversary and Titus' 2nd Birthday!

Year 4 we got pregnant again (Maeve) and said our goodbyes to friends and family in Portland and moved to NC

Year 5 we met Maeve and bought our first home!
Year 6 we began some fun home projects and started a small group in our house!

present- Disney World

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Hannah Buz said...

A lot of life in six years! Wow! God is good! I love you girl!