Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Maeve is 2!

Here's the thing.  2 years came and went so fast that I am just hoping to jot down and few things about our sweet girl before she's 2 1/2. 
Our sweet and sassy Maeve is 2 and what a joy she brings to our home.  I've often said I feel like I'm raising the baby version of Tina Fey because she's quirky little thing.  Maeve keeps us laughing and has proven to be just as strong willed as her brother.  We often say that she lives in a world of pink and purple.. her favorite colors and adores all things girly.  She may proclaim to you that she's beautiful and a princess if you stick around long enough.  Maeve is a fun girl to be a mommy to! 

She's a little picky with food at times and has earned her title as the best climber in the family.  She has a petite little frame and tips the scales at 23 lbs.  She loves big and her best buddy is her brother.  I'm so thankful that they play so well together.  She can often be found trying to swipe my make up, jewelry, and shoes.  She looks just like her Daddy and wakes up asking "where's my daddy." 

Sweet Maeve, 

You are such a precious gift to us.  You fill our days with laughter and give the best smooches.  We learned just after your turned 2 that you would become a big sister.  We are so excited to continue to watch you grow and love your big and little siblings.  We love you more than words and pray for you daily to know the hope of salvation at a young age.  Happy 2 yr old birthday bloggy style... better late than never!!! 

Love, Mommy