Sunday, August 24, 2014

The first days of Kindergarten.

When you (Titus) were 18 months old I quickly learned I was parenting a strong willed child.  I bought all the Dobson books we could afford as seminarians and your Dad and I thought our dominant traits were working their genetic magic as our parents whispered, "told ya so."  When BOTH parents hear their entire life how strong willed they were (or are), this was not a surprise.  Truthfully, your Dad and I are a lot alike.  It makes for a "fun" first year of marriage and then a dream team begins to form.... or so we like to think.

After deciding you were strong willed, I was happy for us. And you.  Why?  I knew if Jesus would become your first love, you'd change your world.  That's been my prayer.  

Right now, we're in the trenches and a strong willed child combined with lots of energy sometimes looks like a frazzled mom who may lose her mind if you backtalk or wrestle one more time (when we've asked you not to).   Other times it feels like we're making progress... like when you tell on yourself because you know you hurt someone's feelings even knowing you will have to apologize and make it right.  Your honesty is something I praise God for and I pray he only continues to sow the seed of truth in your heart.  Either way, I see glimmers of the man you are becoming, and my sweet boy, you are going to be like your Daddy.... and Your Grandpa, and your Papa, but most of all like Christ... the one you placed your childlike faith in last year.   

So... as I send you out into your first days of Kindergarten know your Dad and I are camping out on Psalm 1 and Proverbs 1 and praying a few specific things for you this year...

1.  Self-control-- That God would continue to develop the ability to think first before you act.  
2.  Leadership- That you can influence your friends and show them Christ instead of following someone into trouble.
3.  Christ-likeness-  That God would continue to work in your heart and that it would come out in word and deed. 
4. Protection from evil-  For your own safety to the scary influences of public school we pray Christ would stand guard over you.   
5.  Understanding-  that you would learn to read.  Seems simple but it's truly a gift.  Yes,  I'd appreciate the break (for me) of you being able to read star wars comics,  but I pray more than anything that you will be able to read the Bible and understand God's word for yourself and you would begin to hide his word in your heart.  Our pastor spoke about helping your child memorize scripture so that one day when hard times come, YOU will bleed the gospel.  Bam. our goal. 

And can I just say....aside from anything sentimental, it's stinkin' time.  I'm sure I'll have a good cry at some point but don't take offense if I high five your teachers on the way out.  I can see those little birdie wings starting to flutter and I'm so happy for you.  So here's the thing... you go fly, my sweet baby boy, but I'll be close if you need me... as in like 2 minutes away. As in... I'll think about you constantly and stick figure people and hearts will fill your lunch box notes until you can read.  As in... I love  As in... I'm so glad I got to be the one to spend my days with you the past 5 years. 

And spoiler.  #You'renotridingthebus.  

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