Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Her name....

Our sweet third child entered the world dramatically on January 1st.  She won the award as the first baby of the New Year born in our town.  In case you're wondering, our hospital gave us a sweet gift basket full of useful treats!! So fun after a big scare... but more on that later!

My pregnancy with Adaire was a busy one.  With Ryan working away for 14 weeks, we didn't spend much time talking about her name.  It pretty much went like this... "Do you like the name Adaire, Ryan?"  He responded, "Yea, I think I do, but I'll let you decide this time as long as I like it."  THIS was NOT typical in our previous naming of children as we mulled through SO many names previously.  

Obviously, our naming style is different.  You know that... and that's just us... hence why we don't really share names until they're here.  But, we genuinely hope our kids will love their names and I've carefully thought about the meaning of their names before they are born.  

I knew Adair (spelled without the e) is a popular surname in the UK and holds a Gaelic meaning.  Maeve is also a popular Irish name, and my redhead roots from those parts loves that for our girls. Random, but I had a professor in college that was my very fav with the last name of Adair.  In a hard season, this professor gave me some wonderful advice that ultimately led me to Ryan.  Major win.  I also have always had a love for surnames for first names.. so another check for Adaire.  Her name holds a few different meanings-- "by the oak grove, noble and glimmers of light."  

The beginning of my pregnancy as we prepared for her brother to go to school, I camped out in my bible study in Psalms and Proverbs.  There were many prayers prayed for him that encompassed Scripture from those books.  One of my favorite Psalms for my kids is Psalms 1, which talks about a "tree planted by streams of water that yields fruit."  Knowing her name had similar meaning, settled us that this could be her name.  

Her middle name is Ellington, after my mom, Ellen.  When I think about my dreams for my girls, I see my mom.  Hands down.  She's a Proverbs 31 gal and noble is certainly what comes to mind.  I could literally write a book on this woman, but I'll hold off for now! :) 

The week she was born, I started having "name cold feet."  I thought about how she might get countless dares of be called dare devil her entire life.  One of our friends knew what we were planning to name her and had a friend with that name who is her youth minister's wife.  The day before she was born we had our friend contact her and find out her true thoughts on her own name.  Weird.. but I felt a little desperate.  She talked about how much she loved her name.  Yes, she got a few annoying kids growing up but it wasn't a big deal.  She also shared the meaning of "glimmers of light" and the compliments she gets on her name.  Phew.   

After her traumatic birth one thing was FOR SURE.... there was glimmers of light (Jesus) all over her entrance into this world.  In fact, in the moments after she was born as we waited to hear if they got her stable, I felt Jesus SO very close.  I felt a peace that passed understanding.  Not that everything was going to be ok, but that Jesus was with me.  After she was brought in and stable, the believers in the operating room were praising Jesus right along with me and giving him all the glory.  It was like a mini-worship service.  

So once she was in my arms, Ryan looked at me and said, we gotta decide on her name.  We both knew she would be Adaire Ellington (with an e).  It was a fit!

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